Needacure update

I have used rogaine, SP (Prostex UK brand) and accutane (10 mg every other day) which caused sexual sides - that waa 8 years ago…


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I have seen my doc again after sometime…
He had a younger urologist in the clinic who examined me. They consulted together. Then I spoke to both of them with my doc over facetime. This was a model doc created himself because of Covid. Strange times, strange measures…The good thing is I had two urologists involved in the session.

Younger doc was wondering why I was there initially. (T 350, LH2.5, FSH 2.5was normal to him.)
I explained my concerns with testicular shrinkage. He examined me he was surprised I was complaining about T shrinkage and that if there was any abnormality it is not that they were shrunk but them being quite large!
I am not sure if I am going mad but I am sure they are 60% of what they used to be. Still trying to make some sense out of this. He was ok with them not hanging as they used to. The older doc 6 months ago told me all is well with testicle size too…

Then he questioned me for ED.

To cut it short, they suggested a new protocol…
(It seems my penile doppler was showing minimal leakage back in 2014).

After a new penile doppler (which I hate doing)…

1-penile shock therapy
2- X2 weekly injections - cant recall the name of the medicine but they suggested this helps with tissue recovery and stem-cell generation.
3- 25mg/day clomid
4- 5mg cialis/day


What is penile shock therapy?

Did anything improve symptom wise with the clomid cycles?

I’m interested in this And Stem Cell as well
While not a cure I advocate that these things can help some if not many members here with STRUCTURAL damage to the penis

I.E blood vessels and nerve regeneration

Did the doppler…5th grade erection but there is leakage. (Same as the one done in 2014).

Starting LIST X2 and Jectera X1 per week…
Along with clomid 25mg/day + 5mg Cialis /day
Total 8weeks…

(Doc explained LIST stimulating stem cells from bone marrow to arrive to the penis fixing the structural damage to the smooth muscle and neuropathy if exists.)
Nothing too intrusive to fix low T until the baby.

Just going on with what they are saying as per the stoic way of handling disease. I am no longer obsessed about ED, would prefer a non-TRT hormonal recovery.

Started 18 hour fasts/day and 40km/week runs and HIIT sprints again -targeting 20kg loss. Will add strength training too.

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Had my first “Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy (LI-ESWT)“ + the injection afterwards. Very easy process for the patient, nothing unpleasant…

Good thing is during the treatment you can chat with the doc. I am convinced now that he doesn’t believe in natural recovery of testosterone levels e.g via intermittent fasting weight loss, weights etc. They are waiting for my IVF’s to succeed to suggest TRT. When I said I do not want to go onto TRT he just said “you are right”.

I will complete the 8 weeks and see if the mechanical issue is fixed. Also go on with 18:6 fasts to boost HGH and lose weight to help with T levels…
Also taking 25mg clomid + 5 mg cialis daily as part of their protocol.

After the third shockwave session, started waking up with consistent morning wood for the last three days. That hasn’t happened for the last 8-9 years even during other times while I was taking clomid + cialis.
I am also doing 18:6 fasts and started running again.


Are you doing pelvic floor therapy in addition to shockwave?

No…Nothing else than what I have covered in the thread.

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Shock therapy is finished a month ago. Erections are back. Doc asked me to stay on clomid + cialis for 3 more months for the healing to continue.

Today we learnt that the 2-month IVF pregnancy is not developing correctly although embryos were genetically tested.

Very upset, as I am not sure what else we can try after the 6th IVF trial. This time we even tried a clinic in Spain, flew there during covid times…
The best my doc does is give me clomid. He doesn’t put me on TRT since I am trying to have a kid. (I hate the idea of TRT anyways- another story.)
I am not sure if I will ever have a kid. (I got my then gf pregnant once before this condition).
Nobody says anything being wrong which makes things impıssible to fix.
I haven’t heard any pfs/pas sufferers not being able to have kids so a bit hopeless…

Really sorry to hear about this buddy. Do the doctors have anymore options for you? Is there anyone else you can approach for help? Try to stay hopeful :slight_smile:

Thanks mate. Trying to be hopeful. :crossed_fingers:

I have been following doctors guidance for another 3 months of clomid+ cialis and have started having high high BP issues and recently numbness in hands and legs - which I think is related with Hypertension. After a couple of tests I am convinced it is clomid causing this and stopped the drug. Unfortunate I can no longer tolarate it, possibly water retention caused hypertension. Cardiologist confirmed no such side effects reported but he also said it could be the drug.

Went to a neurologist for face, limbs numbness fearing the worst. She thinks I am having panic attacks, also attributed recent hypertension attacks to anxiety. Prescribed me an anti anxiety drug and reduce stress.

Not considering taking the drug but Happy it is something that can be cured.
The latest made me realise how important it is to stay stable, accepting sides that are difficult to get rid of. Otherwise anxiety makes things much much worse.

Wanted to share we had our healthy boy after years of IVF struggle this weekend. Still feels like a miracle. I have had ED / testicular shrinkage and low T following SP + accutane use almost 10 years ago now. Wanted to give hope to any other sufferers trying to have a baby…


Congratulation, man :slight_smile:

I have a question for you: can you recall the name of this medicine?

Again, congratulation to both of you :slight_smile:

Also, could you explain a little bit how “bad” were your ED problems and for how long you had it?

You said “erections are back”, but few posts earlier you said you had a 5th grade erection.

Could you please help me understand?

Ay God Bless pal!

Beautiful miracle to hear.
All the best to you and your new family

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Congratulations great to see good news on the forum. Your lives will be enriched. Get ready for some Insomnia lol. Congrats again

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