Need help with insomnia

Hey guys. how do you deal with insomnia? I’ve not been able to sleep properly for a year. I can feel tired and sleepy but my body won’t go to sleep and when it does I wake up after 2-3 hours.

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Try (not all at the same time):

-Magnesium glycinate
-Yogi Soothing Carmel Bedtime Tea

Also make sure you sleep in a room that is 68 degrees or less, and no electronics 2 hrs before bed


Trazodone is a drug that will put you to sleep, however it will make you gain weight.

You could also try benzodiazepines and something like Ambien, however they are controlled substances and might be hard to get.

Another good drug might be Rozerem. It’s not a controlled substance but you need a prescription.

cause me havoc now, the likes of trazadone can be very dangerous for some 2 pills nearly out me in the grave. I developed new sides which remain today. Mindfulness, calming strategies, reading, potatoes or turkey can help out you out. CBD oil gave 8 hours zzzz but crashed me same with melatonin and only 2mg stay safe

Also check out what you’re eating as it can play havoc with symptoms

I’m not condoning its use because I know AD can be dangerous as Lazarus has rightly warned. With that disclaimer, mirtazapine has been a lifesaver for me.

@LazarusRy when I was on trazodone I gained a lot of weight. I was also drowsy the next day. But if you can’t get to sleep, trazodone will definitely put you to sleep.


I was on that drug for a while, I gained a ton of weight unfortunately.

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I would do some research on the drug Rozerem. It works on melatonin receptors in the brain. Unfortunately melatonin supplements don’t work for me.

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It didn’t put me to sleep and it brought new permanent sides. PFS isn’t a one shoe fits all

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