Ncsugrad's PFS diary


Also, has anyone noted an Iodine deficiency? I’m just starting to look into it but my body temp is low… like peaks at 97.4 and gets to 96’s at the lowest. I’m almost always cold, eyebrows are thinning (gf has pointed this out multiple times lately). It matches very well to some of the things I have going on.

After going through all the salt I’ve been using, I found that all of it is Iodine free, so doubt I’ve been getting any in a while.

It’s probably a long shot… but super easy to test, so I’m going to give an iodine supplement a shot and see what happens. Should be here tomorrow.

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Start very small


Will do


Still def a bad time for me lately. No go for finishing tonight. No go last wednesday too. Nothing in between. I should have been dying by today.

This really sucks. Not sure what to try next or if I need to just do nothing for a while. Started a new Tribulus cycle yesterday which made me feel awesome the first time. Didn’t seem to do anything this time.


Have you done thyroid labs yet?


Yes. TSH was 2.5, which is normal by lab standards but it really should be closer to 1 supposedly. But that’s just going by internet science… not sure it’s true or not


That could be clinically significant man! You do free t3, T3, and T4 too? You need those because TSH alone doesn’t tell you if you have sufficient thyroid hormone.


I had free t3 and free t4 done, haven’t researched those much yet to know what’s good vs “normal”

Both came back normal as far as the lab ranges go. Free t4 was on the high side, free t3 right in the middle


Well, had a successful round 2, so I guess that’s a plus at least, lol


Any thoughts on cysteine (NAC) and histidine? Seems to be some other forums are looking at that (as well as a few people here)

Quotes, from another forum:

When I gave cysteine to Scenes , he felt recovered within days.)) And tons of other people reacted to NAC the same way.

Cysteine is needed to make zinc finger, connect AR to ARE. without cysteine there is no connection.

this is why when you took tribulus you felt bad. since it increased your 5AR by increasing NADPH

and since you dont have cysteine, this caused oxidative stress and less cortisol availability.

the minute you added Cysteine, cortisol started to work, and increasing 5AR was ok.


I tried Histidine without any positive or negative effects.

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Thanks, good to know. I’m going to give it a shot… figure I might as well at this point.

Update wise: pretty much the same. I actually feel pretty good as far as mood/depression go but sexual issues are unchanged. No erection issues, just can’t finish in less than like 30 minutes lately. It isn’t as awesome as it sounds.

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Damn that sounds awesome! )))

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Haha, I promise it isn’t. I’d gladly trade it for some PE for a bit lol

Going 30 mins because you’re holding off is entirely different than having to be totally exhausted before it’s even possible. It gets very frustrating

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I’ve tried histidine with no progress.


Ah ok. I’ll keep expectations low then for that one


Who is ready for more sex updates? Haha.

Thursday was a marathon but worked. Friday wasn’t a marathon, and worked

The weird part about Friday is sensitivity was awesome in the beginning. Damn near normal actually. But as usual it went downhill after that and made things more difficult. Surprised it didn’t turn into a marathon but I’m glad it didn’t somehow.

I’m not sure what it is about fridays but I seem to always be good to go then, lol

I’ve decided to stop taking any supplements/prohormones for the next few weeks so I can have TEI do a hair analysis. Others have had luck long term by going through this process several times and living by their recommendations for vitamins/diet.

I’ve also found a couple of new ideas on what causes this disease that I am interested in. Some involve 5b instead of 5ar and others are immune system/inflammatory response related. I have no idea which is correct but hopefully it gets figured out soon

I’m still hopeful the Baylor study will shed some light on it for us.


Ty for the sex updates. I’d be very interested to hear how you feel after a while off supps too - I thought it’d be dreadful but a couple days in I’m actually a little bit better for it.


That will be interesting. I’ve had that happen before where I felt better after stopping than I did while taking them. Not sure if it was some kind of rebound or if that’s truly how I felt before taking them.

Saturday was no finish x2
Sunday was no finish x1

Didn’t try long either day, and was also very hungover Sunday, though sometimes that seems to help things?


I haven’t updated my log / accidental “sex diary” in a bit… so let me go back and try to remember the last week or so:

Monday was like 50% numb but it didn’t seem to get worse as things went on… things ended normally. I was very worried since I had literally tried 3x between Saturday/Sunday with no successes. But I didn’t try very hard either, didn’t want to destroy the gal.

Thursday I don’t really remember but I think it was about the same. I know I was able to finish at least without a marathon

So, what have I been doing lately to try to help with PFS? Not a lot. I took a high dose iodine supplement for a little over a week, so I should be good on iodine now. I’ve been trying a low dose T3/T4 supplement but I haven’t decided whether it helps or not yet. My body temperature was getting down under 97* in the mornings and peak would maybe get to 97.4, so that’s why I started looking at Thyroid stuff.

It sure would be nice for my hands and feet not to be freezing all the time. I’m considering bumping the dose up slightly on the T3/T4 stuff to see what happens.

I am also taking Betaine and I’ve tried Histadine a few times–a link has been found between levels of histadine and premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation. High histadine = PE, low histadine = DE, so I figured it was worth a shot to get more towards the high end. I may be the only guy on the planet that would love a few rounds of PE right now, haha

Betaine has helped with sensitivity to some… so also figured it was worth a shot. Nothing negative to report, but nothing hugely positive either thus far.