Ncsugrad's PFS diary


What’re the bloods at ? Free test and SBHG specifically ?


Haven’t taken them again yet as I’ve been having to pay out of pocket.

Free test has been low every time I’ve had it checked though. I’ll post the numbers later tonight


Free test on my last test (after being off HCG about 10 days) was 4.1 with a reference range of 8.7 to 25

I had it tested months ago and was about double that back then, but my total test was sky high then too (1100’ish) where 980 or so is the normal max

I may break down and get some more tests done soon just to see if I’m trending up or down or what. All my thyroid stuff came back normal and just doing test and estradiol tests aren’t that expensive.


No luck in finishing tonight, but, it was the least amount of numbness that I’ve had in a very long time. How I can have a lot of sensation back but still have issues with the ending is a mystery to me, but is what it is for today

(But I was good for Friday, Saturday and Sunday… so I guess I shouldn’t complain)


Felt pretty good yesterday but significant other was sick so no luck in trying to confirm if I feel any better numbness wise. I feel pretty good though. Balls hurt in a I want sex or I’m going to have blue balls kind of way, which feels pretty good considering.

Anyways. Otherwise I feel good.

One oddity is my nipples itched like crazy out of the blue yesterday. Not sure if it’s estradoil related or just coincidence. It was short lived and hasn’t repeated so could just be a random itch


Nothing much new. Don’t feel great. Tired and cold. Not sure about the sexual sides at the moment as it’s been a few days.

I’m at about day 11 without HCG. Hopefully I’ll get to test out the sensitivity this evening. I did have some pretty nice morning wood and nocturnal erections last night but no idea if that’s just coincidence or related.

Plan is to do 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off and see how I feel after all that.


Sex was a success but numbness was really bad today. Usually after 4-5 days it doesn’t matter but it did today.

I’m looking forward to resuming HCG. I just hope it doesn’t stop working soon.

If this doesn’t work I’m going to try something else. Between Tribulus and Bethanechol I have some other things to try, after some more research.


I’m on antibiotics and Sudafed (PE) for some sort of sinus infection thing I’ve got going on

Weird thing is sensation today is actually pretty decent… way closer than normal than usual, but it’s next to impossible for me to “finish” when I’ve taken Sudafed, so not working out today.

Very strange. Not sure if the improved sensation is from being off HCG and going through that whole cycle or from Sudafed or the antibiotic or just complete coincidence? Who knows. That’s my update for the day though.


Not a good weekend. Friday couldn’t ejaculate. Saturday turned into a marathon and had to be totally exhausted before I finally did, then Sunday was a no-go as well. Very very frustrating. It was like nothing felt… “good” for lack of a better word. Still no issues with erections, though, so I guess I should call that a positive.

I’ve been trying pine pollen and feel like a short tempered maniac of some sort. I don’t know that it’s directly related but yeah, going to stop taking that for a bit and see if I calm down. I haven’t taken anything else new so I think it’s that.

I’m considering trying CDNuts method (very common on some other forums) to see if it helps. It’s basically paleo or low’ish carb diet, a bunch of supplements, working out and cycling some prohormones to try to get everything back to normal. All 3 of those things seem common in recovery stories so I think it’s as good a shot as I have. HCG might have been able to make me feel better for a bit, but I don’t think it’s the answer nor do I think it will work long term. I could be wrong, I don’t know.

I’ll post more details on what I decide to try later


Took 1 Tribulus and 10mg androsterone last night. Feel pretty good. Libido is way up today. And sex was reasonable last night. I was really getting concerned after this weekends marathons.

I’m still a little down from being a crazy person Sunday night but feeling a little better.

We’ll see how sensitivity is tomorrow.

I’m learning about the diet requirements of what CDNuts says to do and should have all the herbs shortly as well. Then I’m going to try that and see what happens.

I’ve also been reading a lot on other forums lately that are trying to explain why his methods work and some of it seems to make sense, but it’s over my head biology wise. I don’t fully understand it but see a lot of common things between what some theorize needs to happen hormone and blood chemistry wise and what a low carb diet and cycling herbs / prohormones can offer. I also have some r-andro on the way which is supposedly good stuff. I’m supposed to wait a few weeks (actually a month or two) before trying those but I’m not sure I can be that patient. We’ll see I guess.

edit: forgot to mention I’m having a lot of hair shedding the last few days and my scalp is itchy as hell. I’ve read this is common w/DHT increases but who knows. Feels weirdly normal though?


Keep at it


Strange night last night, but somewhat good, I think.

Sensitivity was… different? Very hard to explain. I wasn’t remotely normal but didn’t go full numb either. It was a new sensation but felt good. It was also literally the quickest I’ve been able to be in a good 6+ months, which, while it sounds weird, was very nice after all the 30+ minute marathons I constantly try to avoid.

I’ve had a weird tingling on my scalp, legs and “junk” for the last day or so. Not sure if that’s from more DHT or test or what but I’m not complaining. Going to keep doing what I’m doing.

R-Andro will be here today. Not sure if I’m going to start it yet or wait a while and finish a cycle of Tribulus first. Haven’t decided.


R-Andro came in today. Took 1 for the hell of it but I’m leaning towards cycling herbs for a few weeks first before I try R-Andro. I’ve been eating a lot better than normal but still nowhere near good enough.

I still have this tingly feeling all over since I started taking Tribulus… it’s really weird but feels…good, I guess? Makes me feel stronger or something, I don’t know how to explain it. I bet it’s the increase in DHT but who knows.

I feel really good libido/being able to get the job done wise which is a nice change. Sensation is still an issue but I still feel good about it which helps me feel a lot better about myself


Well, I hope I don’t jinx it, but I’ve felt quite good the last few days, at least sexually. There’s definitely a difference when taking Tribulus/R-andro vs. not.

It’s hard to explain without getting into a lot of detail but the sensitivity issue is “improved” in that it doesn’t get worse and worse throughout sex. It isn’t perfect to begin with, but it doesn’t go downhill from there, which makes a big difference. It’s kind of middle of the road–still not as sensitive as normal, but I haven’t been getting worse from there. Normally after 10 mins I’d be just about fully numb, which obviously makes things a bit difficult.

Wednesday, Friday night and Saturday morning I was able to be quick about things, which has been literally impossible for close to a year now. ESPECIALLY in the morning. This is super awesome because I felt like I had control of things again for once. I didn’t try to slow things down so it ended up quick, but I could have if I had wanted to. Try having 30+ minutes of “ok if I do this exact thing exactly right then I MIGHT be able to finish…” over and over. It’s extremely frustrating and makes my girl feel like something is wrong with her when it’s really me.

I’ve been taking 1-2 r-andro’s the last few days as well so I’m not sure if that’s helping or if it’s the Tribulus or what. I’m also not sure what I’m going to do longer term… switch back to just Tribulus or go full out R-andro cycle for 4-5 weeks then back to Tribulus or what. The patient answer would probably be to cycle herbs for the next few weeks first, then do R-Andro only for 4-5 weeks straight, but I’m not sure I’m that patient.

Most people say the biggest improvements happen AFTER a cycle of R-Andro, which kind of lines up with some of the stories here of people feeling better after each cycle of Tribulus. I’m hoping that’s the case for me too and I end up feeling even better once I stop what I’m doing. That would be awesome.


Not a lot to update on. Feel pretty good. Libido was doing quite awesome this morning. No sex in a few days so nothing to judge there. Will find out tonight perhaps

Switching between different herbs most days then have been taking r andro on top of that

I’m considering going backwards and doing the real cdnuts protocol which is means herbs only for a few months before messing with prohormones, pretty strict diet, cold showers, etc.


Well, nothing good to report after last nights “activities”. Sensitivity/numbness during sex is back to baseline.

I’m trying to decide whether I do just a Tribulus cycle or if I cycle herbs such as tribulus + R-Andro for a few weeks.

Tough to say which would be potentially more effective. I’m leaning towards continuing R-Andro for a few more weeks


eh, well… guess I can’t complain. Managed sex twice yesterday, first time in a really long time. Haven’t taken anything in 2 days or so. Second time wasn’t easy but whatever works.

Think I’m going to just stick with another simple Tribulus cycle or two and see how that goes. The original improvements I had 2 weeks or so ago were after I started Tribulus, so I think it was that more than the R-Andro. I’ll try to cycle R-Andro later.


Libido was/is insane last night/today. Feel OK otherwise too.

Going to start another Tribulus cycle on Friday. Not sure I will have a lot of updates between now and then but yeah, can’t complain at the moment.


What brand trib were you using again?


Mediherb. Supposedly it’s the good stuff