My symptoms have made me suicidal and propecia caused this

Propecia killed me. I am 20 years old virgin. I am having problems with erection because of propecia I will never know what its like to have sex. And this is the reason why I will kill myself. For me a life without full sex is meaningles and just constant suffering. And I never ever had sex. This is not a suicide. Doctors who made propecia should be judged. They literally destroyed my whole life. This is a murder. They murdered me. I will die while they are making money. I hope after my death someone defends my rights as a human being and stop this drug. I would never kill myself If I never took this drug.

Edit: now I feel better. I guess I won’t kill myself and I will try my best. Wish me luck.

Hey, life can still be very meaningful even without sex. I’ve had PFS for > 10 years and I’m starting to be able to pull things together and have a good life. I know you feel completely cheated because of this, and you are absolutely right to feel that way, but it is definitely not enough of a reason to take your life.

Plenty of guys lose their sexual function naturally and they are frustrated probably but still live a life worth living. I think you may be feeling tremendous anger from the system betraying you, and that is a worse feeling even, but that too can be overcome. Don’t do anything without thinking this through. If you want to talk send me a DM and we can do it.


All I ever wanted was enjoying with a girl in a normal sex life. I think life is worthless without this pleasure. My existence is a jail now. I can’t live without that. I am only 20 years old and I will never know what real sex is.

There are still many other things that give you purpose in life like making friends, helping others, pursuing hobbies, having a career.

I know it feels like your life is over but you really just need to adapt and find a different way to live your life until you get back on your feet.


How long have you had PFS for though ? You are still under a year right ??

If you cannot cope with this situation any more, I recommend you to try as much treatments as possible before killing yourself. At least try.


As you say you are only 20 years old. Yes, finasteride has harmed you, but you are also harming yourself with your absolute, rigid thinking. A lot of things can happen in a few short years, never mind the lifetime that is in front of you. You absolutely won’t ever experience being with a girl if you take your own life, which at the end of the day, despite the harm Merck has done, is still your choice to make and not a fait accompli that they have an active hand in. If you do this then that’s it, no sex, nothing. If you don’t do it and allow for time then I am absolutely positive that things will improve for you, and you must start to challenge your thinking on this: acknowledge the damage but work on finding short term resilience. Nothing is black and white but you have determined it to be so. Your death will mean very little in the grand scheme of things with Merck as who will drive it when it comes to a fight back. You are the master of your own fate and if you stay alive you can make a contribution, rather than a tragic footnote, never mind experience so so much that life still has to offer you. Even if your desire to end things is still incredibly strong, try pushing it back at least a month and seek therapeutic help as it is your rigid belief systems along with what has happened which are further harming you. I hope you can allow yourself to see things differently.


You have an entire lifetime ahead of you. At 20, you’ve lived maybe a quarter of your life, and I’m sure within your lifetime, there will be a cure, because the longer an issue continues, the closer we are to a solution.

Don’t lose hope. You have so much life to live, and I’m sure anyone else here would want to trade places with you because you have the most valuable commodities-youth and time.


If you are only having sexual symptoms then you are lucky. We already PMed about the worst case scenario you can get an implant to “cure” your ED. So why are you so willing to give up?

trust me on this. Sex is not the end all be all. When you are young it feels as such but after you get older, often you care less and other things give you pleasure.

the first 1-2years off the drug is easily the hardest, you body and mind often learn to adapt and things usually do get at a minimum partially better for most people.

Please PM if you want to chat more. Dont make the mistake so many have been in your camp and have come out of the hole glad they didnt make any sudden decisions.

i am by no means cured but i am so many years removed from ‘d-day’ and life is ok. im happy and you will be too again one day.

Please tell me I can recover %100. This is my only hope.

It started new. Less than few months.

Can I recover %100?

Implant not gonna give me full pleasure of a real sex. I have only one life and if I don’t recover %100 I will never know what real sex is.

The problem is if I can’t be %100 normal I can’t decide whether sex is good or bad because I will never know what real sex is. This is the problem.

It’s all relative, my dude. Everybody’s experience is different.

My favorite quote is, “Comparison is the thief of joy.” If you just let your experience be your own without comparing it to other people, you can lead a happy and fulfilling life. Hit the gym, work on you. Get some Cialis. Do what works for you and try to focus on bettering yourself and improving your overall quality of life. Control what you can while we all work to figure out what this syndrome really is.


Have you tried? At least try

I feel very suicidal. I was already depressed before fin. Now I am totally broken. I need to recover %100. Or I am going to kill myself. I am sure about that. I decided. I also have no friends and I can’t talk with my family. I am all alone.

I can’t tell you that you can recover 100% but I can’t tell you that you won’t either. There is every chance that you will, especially with youth on your side and also the lack of other side effects, and that you can also see improvements in time, but you have to stay with us for that. Thinking of you. Look after yourself and keep both hope and faith in a brighter future. As the old saying goes, it is always darkest before the dawn.


Oh ok. I am a loner so it much more difficult for me to deal with negative emotions so I post my feelings. I hope I can heal %100 this is my hope. I will stay. Yes I am young. I am also obese and have low testosterone. I need to fix those as well. It would be great if I had a friend on this forum. I am using antidepressant and seeking therapy but I also need friends.