My story with topical fin

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United States

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Google Search: PFS
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Age: 21, height: 6’0, weight: 154 lbs

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topical spray

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male pattern baldness

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3 days
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Oct 25, 2022

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Oct 28, 2022

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Cold turkey

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2 days

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penile shrinkage, pain in penis, low libido, ed
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supplements, exercise

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I ordered the topical spray from Hims in Oct 2022. I used it for 3 days. 2 days in I noticed severe pain in my penis. I went to urgent care and they told me to stop using the medicine and that it should subside within a week. It seemed like it was getting better for about 3 months or so. Then last week happened. I completely crashed. Severe depression, memory loss, crying, etc. I feel like a shell of my former self. I am currently doing school online, living at home with my family. Having trouble moving forward. I want my old self back.

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Sry for my english…but since u crashed i wanted to ask you if were taking any suplement…Or using other things like champo for hair lose/Minoxidil, etc

I Hope you recover and improve fast, man!

I’m taking Zinc, Pregnenolone, Vit D3, Ashwagandha. Trying to eat clean and exercise daily, as well. Nothing for hair loss at the moment. Don’t really care about hair at this time, honestly. Just want to feel better.

Sry if i didnt was clear, i know.that a pfs sufferer doesnt care about his hair annymore. But some ppl keep taking Minoxidil or other things and they dont know that its also harmful thats why i asked, trying to see if there was something there that made u crash again.

Sry if my msg was not well written, and you get better!

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I’d be careful with these. Zinc is antiandrogenic, ashwagandha can cause PSSD etc.

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As a newcomer you get then through all the other chats and groups in panic, hear the “absolute true” and “only” theories about microbiome disbiosis and allopregnanolone deficit, ace2 autoantibodies like long covid and pfs is an autoimmune disease, hormon axis and hrt, neuroinflamation and laking zink and D3 as anti inflammatories and all the recovery protocols, maybe you feel forced to act and to do something, but as the others said some substances can be dangerous!

And it’s not to late to give up hope, I know a similar case who recoverd. And as I said to another newcomer in this club, no one wants to be on the guest list, there are first year recoveries documented.
But no guarantee.

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I’m new to this, can you please explain what you meant by feeling better? Like your sexual side effects were all gone and then all of a sudden after 3 months you became impotent again?

There have been a really similar case. Im going to contact him.

Forgot to update this.

Little to no improvement in my symptoms as of now. Taking it day by day but it’s very very difficult. The anhedonia is the most difficult thing right now. It’s hard to cope when my old passions don’t really give me any sort of spark.

Gonna keep pushing and fighting.


Basically, after I stopped the medication things looked to be getting better for three months or so (nocturnal erections, morning wood, etc). And mentally, I wasn’t great but I was functional.

In January my sexual symptoms got worse- any sign of improvement was gone. My mental/cognitive state also deteriorated

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fwiw, my PFS onset in a similar time frame. things have improved with time for me and I’ve also gotten used to managing my symptoms.

you jumped into taking a lot of supplements very quickly. I’m not sure if you’re working off of a doctor’s recommendations here, but I’d caution against doing too much too quickly.

also, it may comfort you to know that a lot is being organized behind the scenes to better understand the condition.

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yeah, I’ve eased off on the supplements and I’m going to let time (hopefully) do it’s thing.

any tips for dealing with symptoms?

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unfortunately not. everyone’s different. for some exercise helps and for others it makes them feel worse. it’s frustrating but you kinda have to relearn how your body works.

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Some slight, marginal improvements this week. Some of the anhedonia has lifted, as there’s some small things I can get enjoyment out of. I went for a walk today and I think that helped a bit. Still can’t enjoy music and other things I used to love, though.

And god, I really miss my sexuality. Everyday I’m kind of in denial about that just being ripped away from me.


Yess!! Thats It. Step by step. You Will improve my friend, keep pushing, stay as healthy as posible and be patient.


Thanks HH. I hope you’re well man!


Wait you crash three months later, is that possible?

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Three months is the longest I’ve heard of, but it seems like lots of people had their crash after they quit. My understanding is that fin permanently binds to 5ar which takes months to regenerate. We all were DHT depleted for a long time after we stopped.

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Not sure if I crashed three months after, or if I hadn’t realized what had happened until three months after. I had sexual symptoms right off the bat, but the mental symptoms didn’t kick in immediately. I was already depressed due to the severity of the sexual symptoms, but I remember one day just sitting in my room and it occurred to me how bored, beat down, and anhedonic I was, all the time. I probably crashed much earlier, but that day was when it truly set in, I guess.

Thought I’d provide a little update. Little to no improvement with any of the symptoms. However, I’ve established a bit of a routine for myself and that has been helpful. One of the challenges right now, apart from the symptoms themselves, is the sheer trauma of this experience. Not to sound dramatic, but I’ll hear a song from my “pre-fin” life, and it’s just like a punch to the gut. That trauma follows me everywhere.

There are some little moments I appreciate, though. Today I caught up with an old friend and saw the new Dungeons & Dragons movie. I highly recommend, by the way. It truly took my mind off of this shit for 2.5 hours. It was hilarious and thrilling. I think I’m going to try seeing more movies in the theater. It’s a good distraction.