My skin video showing how messed up it is

Sharing cause idk why. Here is my skin

This is all over my body.

Here’s a link


Video doesn’t work for me.

Link posted

Wow man,

How long has been happening this to you?
what is the ‘derma diagnostic’ beyond Accutane?

It’s been a drastic decline the past 3 or 4 years but had prior to that. Needless to say I’m past the point of no return on this.

I have the exact same issue due to PSSD. Sucks so bad.


My Dr says I’m a hypochondriac

Not that it’ll help you but I have the exact same skin. Especially noticeable around the upper arms and neck area. It’s not so bothersome because unless I pull it, it looks fine.

Not sure what’s up, but I don’t think it’s all in your head.

Do you know if you ever been hypermobile, but asymptomatic?

Just wondering because I know I’ve been slight hypermobile all my life, but never had any issues and my skin wasn’t like this. But I can’t shake the feeling that I was genetically predisposed.

@hippydoof Thanks for sharing


I’m not hyper mobile although my joints are now totally fucked. It’s absolutely not all my head man. If i wanted to get graphic i could show the deep gouges and break down of collagen. I don’t know anyone else with skin like this and it’s getting worse. It literally feels like I’m wearing a rubber suit it’s not nautral or normal dude. This is just my skin too. My gums are also fucked and who knows whats happening to my actual organs. Anyway just thought I’d share cause ya this shit ain’t right.


No prob dude. I posted this in a way to help me come to terms with the fact my skin is royally fucked so I better just accept it

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Thanks for sharing this Hippydoof.

My skins the exact same but I’ve also tons of paper thin tear stretch marks body wide and lipedema like fat.

Sometimes the fat feels like I’ve glass underneath the skin like it’s very inflamed, my thighs are quite chunky for a male and my fat body wide is quite painful, if I grab it you can see the lumpy texture underneath, it feels like the connective tissue is completely messed up along with penile tissue which is scarred and painful.

I also have a little sagging under my arms too, you know when you’re old and the skin loses elasticity and your under arms sag, I’ve a little bit of that going on, my facial skin has also sagged a bit which you can notice when I smile, it’s just very doughy so the strength is definitely comprised, it was like this after accutane and right now I’m only 24 so.

I’ve been referred to a rheumatologist to check if it’s ehlers danlos syndrome, the fact I’ve everything else wrong with me post Accutane leads me to believe I don’t have EDS and this rabbit hole will just go deeper.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep you updated when I visit them and see what they have to say, my hope is they can guide me in some direction to what’s going on as the mental aspects of this have been really hard to deal with at times.
When I showed the doctor images and what I could do with my skin on video she seemed pretty freaked out by the whole thing, in a good way she clearly saw something was not right and was kind of shocked how bad the healthcare I’ve received currently was.

I’m sorry you’re also dealing with this too but at least you’re not alone in regards to this.

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I’d be interested in this update. One pattern I’ve noticed with doctors including a rhuematologist is how convincing they are in the initial visit that they see the problem and have a comprehensive plan to tackle it. Then when the bloodwork comes back normal I get referred back to my GP with a ‘no problem found’ form letter. If I follow up with my GP it’s like ‘oh you again’.


Yeah I’ve had that exact issue with psychiatrists, I’ve probably been on every type of antidepressant under the sun and nothing really worked.

After explaining that some of the pills made things worse permentantly me worse permentantly and the whole accutane thing enhancing it, they litteraly advised me not to use any again and gave me like a legal disclaimer, essentially saying yeah you’re on your own now good luck.

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@hippydoof brave video.I hate to say it but my skin is the same. It’s like playdo across the fully body… My gums are gone too, loss is replicated on my face and I see people double taking and staring at me when I’m outside. I’ve posted pictures of myself in the past for the same reasons. For some sort of weird acceptance, validation considering we get fuck all from the medical world.

One key point is that we all know that this frankhenstein shit is reversible as we can have brief reprieves in different areas aven for a moment. When the master switch is is discovered and fllicked we’ll be back online. I don’t believe for one moment that this is permanent.

One thing I notice you seem to have put weight on since your original loose skin photos.

Your not alone in this my friend


Same here, what saves me to some extent is the fact that I try to fill that skin with muscles. Kind of works if I really beat the shit out of me. However I have tits, I mean real glandular tissue and fat deposits under my nipples. Somewhat worse than yours. This is really fkn embarassing. I am trying to beat that too but I think I’m going to get surgery one day or another. In your case it seems like if you grew in weight and them your skin didn’t keep it’s elasticity. I actually took 10kgs when I was under Fin

It’s truly horrendous bro what this shit has done to us. I actually weigh less than I did back in 2019. My skin has just puffed and detached. I was also taking ashwaganda back then which firmed up my muscles some but ultimately crashed me bad. Sodum butyrate exploded my skin. Idk what to even say anymore. All my joints hurt. Even standing is taking its toll on my ankles and knees. I don’t digest anything I just compact it into a brick or I have acid diarrhea. I’m fuckn 37. I’m truly going to hell. I hate my body and my life

I’m crashing hard tn. Who knows why. Maybe too much sun. I feel abosolely horrible. Mind and body screaming. fucking hate this what a fucking joke


I’m so sorry @hippydoof I’m doing dry fasting 1nce per week for 48hours and it seems to help with the inflammation and the constantly distressed intestinal system. The pain I was In was so bad, it’s still there but not as acute. I’m also having colonic irrigation on a regularly basis to help with the compacting as I don’t go to the toilet anymore. Rifaximin did help with this (sibo) temporarily and I put 5kg on over the space of a few days unfortunately it fell away on cessation. Dark urine also stopped and the inability to tolerate virtually every food also improved. Unfortunately my chest became very flemmy for a while. FMT remains a consideration. Our bodies are in a state of chronic unflammation which is causing all of this damage. For the likes of us what we putting into our bodies is a huge trigger, which is almost everything. Autophagy can help reset this with time and has many benefits against diseased cells, tissue etc . Its the best and safest option for us. Hope this helps mate. :pray:


Brother If anyone deserves a break from this it’s you :heart:Not to compare pains of others but i feel our cases match in a lot of ways and are quite bad. This makes me so happy to hear man that something is helping you. It gives me hope. I am doing very bad right now. I have crashed hard. I have so much shit to do this week too I am dreading.
I am going to commit to fasting the same as you. It has to happen. I can’t sleep when I fast but I’ll have to deal.
I absolutely agree fasting is the best defense against this hell. And inflammation is what is punishing us. I ate a tiny bit of hot sauce. Maybe this is whats crashing me. Serves me right for trying to inject some flavour into my daily life.

Sorry I am rambling i laid my head down at 5 am it is now 10 and I have to leave for a road trip. We were going to go for a small hike but not happening today anymore we are going to an antique mall. I hope they have a couch section I can sit in lol. Fuck man


I’ve had 3 drs say they can’t help me anymore. It really sucks man