My Proviron Protocol (Cooper)

Hello guys, it is really enough for me to wait to recover while getting worse each year. Finally im going to start Proviron to see how i react on monday. My goal is to increase my Free T and lower the estrogen (30pg/ml) a little bit. I had 450ng/dl of total T which is low for a 21 year old male.

  • I will split my 25mg tablets (12.5mg) for the first 5 days (?) and then increase to 25mg a day. Any recommendations about the dosages and diet etc?
  • Also are there any risks of crashing or lowering my baseline more? I hav never seen bad post about proviron here.

(My main symptoms: low semen volume, penis size decrease, no morning wood, numb orgasms, somewhat weaker erections and a little libido+ mental arousal loss.)


Wish you all the best and keep us updated.


My advise is to sleep early 10pm max. Sleep an good 8 hour sleep every day. I recomend water fast and intermittent fasting.

Good lucky into your recovery. Keep us update.

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Now that fast is kinda interesting. Would that be ok? I can do waterfast easily, i don’t feel hunger a lot. But maybe on Proviron eating good proteins and calories would be better? Never heard a fast while on a drug treatment before…
Im taking my first 12mg dose this morning. I will sleep at 2pm and wake up at 10 A.M and will take it at 11 A.M i guess.

I think is better to get into water fast before any drugs.

A little update: I jumped to 50mg a day today. One 25mg at 1 a.m and one at 1.20 p.m. I will use it for a week and taper off and quit. I can’t say anything is changed clearly for now, but i have noticed some things:

  • My semen volume might have finally increased after 5 years! The reason im not clear about is that, (i ejaculated when it was dark and accidentally… lol. I was doing no fap and couldn’t control it. So i noticed it was much more but i will do it again in daylight and report back.)

  • My premature ejaculation is disappering! (When i tried to edge with masturbating, i could last longer and that weird uncontrolleble urge to let it go was gone. I can control pc muscles more easily now.)

Apart from these nothing else is going on. Sometimes i feel better mentally (never had mental sides due to pas)
a hour after i swallow the pill. Proviron seems like a very safe drug, wish i did start this way earlier. Im hopeful.


Only one week? A typical cycle is 6/8 weeks. It takes time for your hormones to adjust.

But anyway, sounds good man!


Wow…i was waiting for this update. Will u plz write how many doses have u been taking each day since u started this protocol? How long are u going to continue proviron? I have high hopes on proviron.


Dude that is awesome looks like it’s working well for you!


Hello guys, just a little update before i take a few weeks break from the forum if nothing major happens. Bad news first, i ejaculated today and my semen volume was very low (not that it is even lowered from baseline, maybe just a bit), few drips of watery semen came out. I don’t know what to think about it, so i didn’t think about it. But i feel a little bad and unmotivated now. I just want this 100% recovery to happen but even with Proviron, effects seem underwhelming. I just hope the best now though. Trying to stay positive.

Now, good news. My premature ejaculation seems to be in a better condition now. It feels better. Generally, i feel good. I feel calm and collected. My libido seems unchanged if not improved a bit. That’s all i can say. The things i want to ask.

  • Should i stay hopeful for improvements after quitting this cycle? I hope my semen volume increases somehow. (My Proviron pills end on Friday. 3 days left.)
  • What else you guys can say or recommend? Are we feeling Proviron less due to unworking Androgen Receptors? Anyone has any theory?

I will report back if anything happens. Goodbye for now.


"Are we feeling Proviron less due to unworking Androgen Receptors? " that’s what i’m thinking , you could try to use both proviron and mediherb tribulus in your next cycle , i think it could be a nice combination , i’m planning to do the protocol but i need to up my low test level first ( in the 300s )

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How long did you stop propecia?

The first few years I had this watery low semen volume, but after a few years i recovered.

I think we need to wait at least 6 months to see results with Proviron. Doing 2 months cycles and get off Proviron for a few weeks.

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How long was your proviron cycles?

I have been using it for 2 weeks. I bought one pack which contains 20 pills. Should i expect improvements after quitting this Friday? @Das

@backfromhell it’s been 5.5 years. I only got worse with time.

2 weeks is really nothing especially at 50 mg. Would be surprised if you feel better from such a weak cycle.

Normal cycles last atleast 4 weeks and go up to 8 weeks or longer.

Try pal’s regimen next time.

8 weeks non-stop ? or week on , week off ? @Das

Non-stop. The offical prescription i have recommends 90 days of 50-75mg a day to treat fertility. I just said f*ck it and took one more pill which will make 75mg when i take my third dose tonight. Then i will wean off the last 3 pills.

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Do you think full 100% recovery is really possible? After 6 years of having PAS i honestly forgot how good sex feels. How was the sensations and what was the size of my penis when erect…

After reading a lot of 100% recovery stories i tend to believe them. But im also in doubt if 100% recovery is even possible. I hope we can make it real. Maybe long cycles really bring everything back to normal slowly? I wish i did have an one night instant recovery to see thay it is really possible. Anyone experienced this kind of a thing please PM or respond me i need some hope that there isn’t any permanent damage, thanks.

Yes, I believe 100% recovery it´s possible. A long time ago I had a temporary full recovery. Nothing is broken.

The best results i had was into water fasting. I don´t know why.

I´m on proviron and i´m not forcing my self to recovery the next few weeks. I will let go without stress. Sleeping early every day.


It’s a slow process , as a severe case if i recover 70%/80% of my sexual capabilities it’ll be enough for me