My post-pfs world is mostly fantabulous

This is my last post this year but I wanted to inject some much-needed positivity and optimism here before I ride off.


Contrary to common belief PFS recovery IS possible. The best PFS source states:


As I have recounted many times here I 100% naturally recovered from worst-case scenario PFS in three years, including total loss of emotions and sexual functions and horrific body feminization, hallucinations, “unreality” etc.

But I have only partially recovered from profound sleep dysfunction independently caused by 15 years FiN use. After 7 years it is tolerable and partially controllable by sleeping pills and physical exhaustion.

Unfortunately I cannot explain why I have 90% overall naturally recovered. It just happened without special diet, attitude, or exercise.I foolishly tried very seriously to commit suicide several times but survived by pure dumb luck.

See my prior posts for more details, including my lawsuit against Merck detailing foregoing.


So hang in there and don’t forfeit the possibility of recovery, however traumatic or long the wait. The post PFS world is mostly fantabulous - chasing ladies, ragtopping in my BMW, arguing politics, pumping iron at gym. Dumb fun stuffz😜

I recommend you maintain a normal social life and seek counseling while stuck in PFS world. PFSFoundation offers free counseling:

Second chances are a beautiful thing. Hopefully you’ll get one….


Congratulations man!

If by free counseling from the PFSfoundation you mean Philip telling you that you basically turned yourself into a pseudohermaphrodite, they hardly have any money for studies and that this condition is a nightmare. Then I guess you’re right lol.

How has your experience of PFS influenced your outlook on life now that you’re recovered? Does it give you greater clarity on things or do you feel bad about it?


First decent response to this guy as opposed to the usual ‘go away loser’ routine.

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Did u have severe muscle dysfunction?

That’s what I was thinking …each time i see abuse against him I’m like , you know what - this is Mels Story not yours. You can’t tell him what his story is supposed to be even if it doesn’t tie in with your experience with PFS. That’s the whole point of a forum , it’s a free place to come and let your voice be heard .
I’m pleased for Mel @anonymous1968 and enjoy reading his posts . Best of luck with your continued progress !

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They should really edit that stupid paragraph on the PFS foundation site.

Congratulation, man. I’m glad you’re doing ok.

It’s a fact that they have mentioned, no need of a edit.

It’s not a fact.

Some people recover.

And the last thing a guy dealing with sides needs, is to be told there’s no way to recover 100% after the 3 months mark.

It’s a lie.

Yeah every sexual symptoms guy says this. Look, pfs is not just sexual ok, pfs has a very severe impact on physical aspects like Muscles and Bones, which seem to never cure even after a decade. U mild sufferers believe that pfs is just sexual dysfunction, u guys don’t know shit. So yeah no need to edit that fact.

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@FinDestroyedMe let’s not forget the physiological warfarre either. Due to the lowered beurosteroids which also link into the physical decline

This is the only thing you got right.


Except when it doesn’t… certainly not the case with me and many others. PFS presents itself in many varied ways, what’s true for one person isn’t true for another. That’s what makes it a hard beast to pin down and I think our biggest challenge moving forward will be to find some common mechanism which underpins the vast spectrum of differing symptoms people experience.

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I don’t get what’s the matter with you all naysayers.

You complain about doctors not recognizing this syndrome as real, and yet you bring the same attitude when it come to recovery stories.

All the bullshit you say about “real PFS” and “not real PFS”, is like saying stage 1 cancer is not “real cancer” because there’s someone who has it at stage 4. I’m not saying this attituide is the reason why we don’t have more of those positive stories, but damn it doesn’t help for sure to be labeled as a liar or an hypocondriac just because you got better.

I really don’t understand this mindset. This is a dreadful condition, and you need to make it even worse.


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This "when it doesn’t " people are not the ones who commit suicide. Obviously the symptoms that can force someone to commit suicide must be limelighted, u people have made this entire syndrome revolving around sexual issues, and how “trt and exercise can cure u”. Bs.

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Just move on with ur life instead of saying “i can’t get it up”. There are far more bigger issues people suffering here than this bs.

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Which is not an answer.

I’m not doubting the varying levels of severity of PFS, with the more serious cases have a higher likelihood of suicide. But to say that PFS is ‘x’ which encompasses ALL possible symptoms implies that if one doesn’t exhibit all symptoms one doesn’t have ‘real PFS’.

@FinDestroyedMe With the sexuall symptomes you can live. The Muscle wastage makes you unable to drive a car for a long distance anymore. Than you cannot stand up from the bed anymore. Or does IT Stopp at Baseline after some time?

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That i don’t know sir, i am 14 months off and i am still experiencing severe wastage and muscle weakness, now the joints have started to pain as well. I am only 23.

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