My post-pfs world is mostly fantabulous

My right calve ist atrophic from an old Achilles tendon ruptur
There muscle wastage Starts. But my question! After 14 Months of muscle wastage, are you able to Walk Out of the House / flat to the Supermarket or do you have difficultys? Stopped IT a little Bit in Progress?

That you are only 23 is like a child getting cancer and an other one gives parties with 80. This ist why I don’t belive in any god.

That you are 23 is like a child gets cancer an it’s grandpa getting healthy 99
So I don’t belive in any god.

Are you Able to leave the flat / House to Walk to the Supermarket, or are your muscles to weak after 14 Months.

I feel Like an old man after 2 Months allrady.

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Laying 2 Months depressed in my bed was’nt a good Therapy for my calves. The last days I make a walk through the forest, or just around my Village

None of this is God’s doing we are in this horrendous situation because of uscrupulous system abusing criminals.

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