My physical-muscular change (in 6 months)


My physical-muscular change (in 6 months).
Before 2018, May. Now. Different person.

For some strange reason I have increased the hairs, then are sent to fall.

I lost muscle mass TOTALLY. (12Kg)
Vascularity, bone. From a model, I became a shit.

A change of only a few months.
PFS totally DESTROYED me physically.

PS. I was natural.


@gents93 @lowe2sucks @axolotl also you?


WTF! I’m not anymore!


Thats extrem! For me it almost the same. Its really sad and unbelivible


Absurd that a shitty drug can make such a mess! I COMPLETELY DESTROYED, physically, mentally, sexually! This is a shit nightmare !! My doctor must die badly!!! Fuck Bastard!!!


I understand Youre anger! This things shouldent suppose to happen! For me i take one day a time otherwise i become crazy! If you need/want to talk send me a pm


Ok @Patrik82 thanks my friend


Yeah. The same thing happened to me.
I had an amazing body shape, huge chest, wide shoulders, flat abdomen.
Now no muscles, thin arms and neck and huge pot belly.
It’s simply unbelievable.


Yes. My body was beautiful, I had an incredible muscle mass, I was as hard as I was in steel, now I seem to be made of marschmallow! Arms, legs, everything disappears, as if it was eaten by something mysterious. We must find a damn cure! I wonder if CRISPR can solve our problem …


Like a marshmallow.
Fuckin’ right.


I have send a damage rapport to the swedish medical insurance company. Its going to be interesting to see if they will reconase that my damage comes from propecia. I proberly will get an answer during winter


Weel. Let us know! I do not know how I can do it legally…
but I would love to kill my doctor. I’m honest.


OMG. That terrific. I have the same problem but not so much as You.


I think every country should have this insurance system because then you dont need to go to court and there only have to be a very likely chance that it is the drug that made the damage for them to approve it!


Yes. In January, after 7, I will be visited by Daniele Santi, a colleague of Roberto Cosimo Melcangi that studies the syndrome PFS for the diagnosis. I keep updated. In the meantime, I update my story ,.


Even If it wouldent change my condition it would give me some kind of recognition


I’ve managed to recover my weight completely…


Weight and muscle @tisho1012?


You @Greek lost muscle?


yes i’ve lost 9kgs. but i’ve also gained water and lost muscle and gained fat. so my body composition has changed pretty drastically.