My physical-muscular change (in 6 months)


If you want to post photos you too.


I haven’t yet posted in these forums, but I just stumbled across this post. I too have been extremely frustrated. I feel that my intense workouts do almost nothing for me. I spent the last 3 weeks off work and just focused on getting my muscle back. Almost like angry workouts like im trying to fight the PFS out of me. I feel like stomach looks like someone who barely works out and I barely fill my shirts out anymore. I feel like a little ***** around my friends with how my shirt is baggy. I also worry that I have mild gynecomastic but I am not 100% sure. I just know it doesn’t look manly like I want it to. It’s pissing me off. Is this is in my head or is this PFS physcially destroying our ability to build muscle (to go along with the persistent ED issues)


Damon - would you say you are working out with about the same intensity/consistency as you were before? You say it is a 6 month result - that is probably including a few months of depression… as we all went through when we first noticed WTF was happening to us and obsessively researched… So you may have been losing sleep, not eating right, and not focused on workouts.

Just saying - that may be the main contributor to the physical changes. I definitely feel PFS has a negative effect on our ability to workout. It’s pretty damn depressing. Especially because it seems like most of us that have PFS are hard working, good people. Now we have to work double just to maintain where we once were and who we are meant to be. The sad fucking part of is - we have no choice. We can either sit here and accept being losers and hide away, or we can work twice as hard as the average Joe just to be average Joe.


Everything… I had really bad muscle loss, all good now.


Good news @tisho1012, could you write up your member story? I’m sure lots of people would be interested in your symptoms, improvements and the timeframe.


I will! When I get my day off I will find time to post my story here. Cheers!


I agree, would be extremely beneficial.


Thankyou @tisho1012 :slight_smile:


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