My head hurts like hell, is ibuprofen safe? [pinkiller general?]

Since I wake up today my head aches terribly, but I don’t want to take anything, I really don’t want to get worse in the long term and I read ibuprofen messes with your hormones; my cognition has just recently started to improve, I don’t want to go back to where I was.
Is there anything else I can take to calm this pain? I literally can’t move or my head starts hurting.

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Also, before I wake up with the terribly head ache today, I felt like I couldn’t breathe while I was sleeping, maybe that’s related to this situation.

I need help, i’m in the brink of tears from the pain, I can’t do anything. I’m also home alone.

Some of my worst headaches can be tamed by “Migraine Relief” OTC pills, which are simply a combo of aspirin and acetaminophen with a bit of caffeine. The caffeine supposedly helps the other two work harder together than either would separately. Just my experience, not giving medical advice.

Hoping your pain abates soon, Jim

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The “safest” pain killer is acetaminophen (Paracetamol). It’s not 100% harmless but it’s the lesser evil among pain meds.

Also as @JimWildman pointed out, caffeine can help in some cases. It’s actually thought to help with migraines due to vasoconstricton in the brain. I used to have migraines and always felt like a regular coke could take the edge off. Something with the sugar and caffeine combo.

Other than that, laying in a dark room with shut eyes usually works to minimize the pain. In my experience it always go away after sleeping and / or after resting in said room for enough time.


Thank you so much, i’ll keep it in mind.

I’d give it a day, I usually feel better after sleeping it off. Hope it gets better.

Is it a burning, sharp, or throbbing pain? Is it in the front, back, or sides?

It was a pain in the whole head, whenever I moved it or moved my eyes.
It was probably a side effect of the keto diet, I looked it up and it’s common if your body is not used to ketosis:

Welp, such a shame, I think keto was helping a lot, but seems like I won’t be able to follow it strictly anymore.
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Never mind!

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I’ve been taking ibuprofen for over a year for my chronic headaches. For me 800mg has helped somewhat, anything less barely did anything. They have become a crutch in my life as the headaches always comeback.

Be really careful with that. Although Ibuprofen might be OTC is not safe to consume in those quantities for that amount of time…

If you have that kind of headaches you should really try to find any underlying cause.

Ibuprofen and other drugs in its class only mask the pain; they don’t actually treat the cause. If you step on a thumbtack, would you swallow a pain pill or pull it out?

I wish I could, I went to a neurologist and took an mri and it came back normal. I never got a real diagnosis and the doctors just tell me that I’m just stressed or it just in my head, it fucking sucks.

He probably means specifically the headaches.

Anyways, I like the idea of the thread being used as a general for the discussion of painkillers in relationship with this disease. I think it’s useful for everyone to have a space of discussion for it.
Regarding my headache, it went away on its own after starting eating normally again. This time I did not use any kind of painkiller, but next time I repeat the diet I might consider it if it reachs suchs levels again.

Never mind!

So do you recommend keto or not? What did it help with and what did it not help with? thanks

Well, I would of course reccomend you to try it out, but firstly, I can’t guarantee any positive results and secondly, you risk the possibility of suffering the same headache I did, which you might look out after.
That being said, in my personal experience it did help a little bit with my symptoms, which are mostly mental, but even (and excuse the indiscretion) my genitalia kinda looks more healthy and not so shrunked now.
This keto diet idea was not mine, many here say that it has helped them with their condition; honestly it seems like the closest thing we’ve got to a therapy, along with excersise. I belive I mentioned it in my member story too, if you want more details.
If you try it out, be aware, your family will think you went nuts, lol

I kinda already have a headache at the moment so i don’t think it can get much worse.