My head hurts like hell, is ibuprofen safe? [pinkiller general?]

Does Keto help with headaches and inflammation etc? were you reacting badly to specific foods, was there a reason you went on it?

Ha! Today I was talking to some people and it seems we have an epidemic of some sickness that produces headaches, among some other things I also suffered from, so maybe it was not the keto diet after all and was part of that illness that seems so common (we are in winter here); though I also suffered from an awful taste in my muth while I was passing through that headache, which is another posible secondary effect of the diet according to many sources. Mmhhh… very strange, very strange…
That being said, no, I don’t think it can be used to treat headaches, in my experience it just helps with mental clarity and sexual symptoms a bit, though I have no long term experiences with it.

i take ibuprofen and tylenol when needed without a problem. that said - you might not have the same success so be careful. i dont see a reason why it would be harmful though

i do keto diets from time to time and i have a few tricks to ease into it without going into a full blown “keto flu” that you experienced

  • electrolytes and water. lack these and you’ll have more reasons to get a headache and fever while doing keto

that being said, keto adaption itself brings the symptoms so for that:

  • ease into the carb reduction OR staggar the carb elimination

for example:

easing carbs:

day 1: 150grams carbs
day 2: 100 grams carbs
day 3: 75 grams carbs
day 4: 50 grams carbs

note, when you go sub 100 grams carbs, you’ll start to be in ketosis at a mechanical level (no you dont have to be extreme with sub 20 grams per day only, thats for optimal fat loss or something, and not sure how true it is)

staggar carb consumption:

day 1: 20 grams or less
day 2: 150 grams carbs
day 3: 20 grams carbs
day 4: 100 grams carbs


you can experiement with both methods and find your sweet spots. once you ease into it youi’ll be able to either get rid of carbs completley or be very low carb as youd like without experiencing the flu

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Woah man, very useful post, thank you!

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