My brief Proviron run experience

I bought Proviron a while ago and decided to run it this last week very briefly. It’s important to note I ended up on this website because I took an aromatase inhibitor. So maybe the pathophysiology is different between propecia users and me. Who knows.


Day 1 25 mg Higher energy noted right away. A little increase in libido. Emotions felt less blunt.

Day 2 50 mg Wow, I felt a very high libido at one point in the morning. I haven’t felt that strong of a libido in 3 years. My energy was very high, and working out was fun (cardio + whatever weights I have available at home) and more explosive. I felt much more assertive. Blood pressure was a little high 130/80 measured over several times of the day and I felt a little nervous about that. My heart rate was high at one point, too (100 BPM). I scaled my dose down after that.

Emotions felt awesome today, and I felt clearheaded. I felt way more connected to friends. I felt happy and sad, unlike the anhedonia that leaves me feeling very flat and neutral.

Day 3 25 mg Woke up with a strong morning erection, albeit it was painful. Skin was more oily. Libido was higher, but definitely not cured or normal. Scrotum is still tight. Emotions felt good, and sleep felt deeper.

Day 4 25 mg Skin is even more oily. Painful morning erection again. Now, I’m starting to feel tired and a little bit cheeky. My mood is okay, but I can sense a crabbiness. Libido is still higher than normal, but nothing like PFS baseline. Towards the end of the day, I feel anxious and heart racing. Sleep was good.

Day 5 25 mg Morning erection present. Woke up fine, but felt things coming to a halt. I felt really uneasy and anxious at one point in the day which made me end the trial. My libido was was higher, but emotions felt all over the place in a bad sort of way. Energy was starting to feel low. Since I was feeling the positives come to an end, I stopped it.

Day 6 no drug Morning erection present. Felt tired today, but still a residual libido leftover from the drug. Energy was okay, and motivation was poor (could be quarantine though). Emotional clarity is reversing unfortunately.

Day 7 (today) no drug No morning erection. Libido was actually high in the morning which was nice. It’s only 3 PM right now and I’ve been doing some work, but I feel okay energy wise and motivation wise. I basically feel a little bit above PFS baseline.

I may randomly take Proviron for a couple of days on and off and I will update this if I do. I decided to take it because of the Proviron trend going on in the forum. Overall, I got fast benefits from it, but felt poorly after a while. It’s important to know that Proviron binds SHBG and aromatase which can quickly cause changes in your hormones, especially if you’re using it without a testosterone base. I had high (55) SHBG tested a year ago. This will cause more free T, and also more free estrogen. However, since Proviron binds aromatase, less estrogen will form.

I don’t think this caused me any long term harm, but I stopped taking it because I was afraid it might if I continued. Especially since I had been feeling side effects from it. I might cycle it in the future by taking a pill for a couple of days in a row in the future and then stop.

Anyways, use at your own risk! Don’t go into Proviron blindly thinking it’s not going to hurt you. It could, or it could not. PFS and supplements are a gamble. I may be an idiot for trying things out, who knows. Most of the anectdotal reports online are with people using TRT or steroids at high levels and want to add Proviron to this mix. I found hardly any stories of people using Proviron by itself like I did. Using Proviron by itself probably has a different reaction than using it with Testosterone and other steroids.

Thought I’d share my experiences cause it’d be criminal not to.



I’m wondering if pairing proviron with TRT would do the trick, since proviron inhibits aromatase and when I use T I have a problem with my estrogen going up. Also if I’m not mistaken proviron can’t crash your estrogen like AI can it??

It’s really a crapshoot
Some ppl are extremely sensitive to estrogen
Others can do TRT without any AI
Some can get away with Masteron or Proviron
Won’t know until you try it

I’m happy your experience with Proviron was good
I took Masteron with TRT
But I used a lot
Made my libido go pretty high I’d say


I tried to find this out, and got no definitive answer. Not sure!

Just right in time Jaime! I was thinking to use Proviron too. Hope you feel a tad better now. Did you experience any other thing about your orgasm intensity or semen volume? Also were your erections felt like pre-pfs like erections?

One more thing, if you certain about your problem being the silenced AR, i was wondering what will happen if one run Proviron without quitting and maybe on even higher doses. Just like how @ pal did and got cured. Interesting stuff.
I wish i could risk it now and try it on myself, but im a very mild case. Guess i will wait little more. Wish i could try and end this nightmare though… thanks.

Two major things that I think are worth pointing out again…

  1. Your symptoms are from taking an AI, which very possibly means that you do not have PFS. You may have some symptoms similar to PFS but the pathology behind it could be a variety of things.

  2. You are not taking Proviron the same way the (11 years cured) guy did.

Regardless it seemed to have help some so far. Proviron will lower E2 so it will be interesting to see if this exasperates your issues. Keep uppdated as you continue.


The volume and intensity did feel a little better, although the above weren’t really big problems. My erections are normal and have been, albeit I don’t get them until sex. My libido is the worst problem of the above domain.

I’m not certain that silenced AR is my issue. I don’t know what my particular issue really is. I was just trying something to see if it would improve my situation.

With respect to @pal , I wasn’t trying his protocol at all. I didn’t want to risk such high doses. I was conservative.

I also want to state that I don’t claim to be at a higher baseline or anything yet. It’s far too early to tell. But my experience was overall positive. I stopped cause it was going downhill and didn’t want to push it.


Yep. I pointed that out.

It’s helped, but it’s also extremely early. I’m not celebrating yet. I wanted to take it easy cause low E2 is already problematic with me. So I most certainly was not trying what @pal did. I’ll update as I go along though!


hi, could you tell me:

what is the dose of masteron and testosterone?

and how long did it take for benefits to emerge?
I’m thinking of testing.

At baseline do you have genital numbness? Just curious if you might have seen improvements there as well or only in libido.

Yes I do have genital numbness pretty badly. I’d say I improved 30% from baseline on the day I took 50 mg of Proviron. Right now, I only feel 10% better from baseline in regards to numbness.


My Test dose ranged from 500-750
Yes I know that’s a lot
And it was real stuff
Masteron Prop was 200-300 twice a week I’d say
It was a while ago

Did it help? Yes
But my concern was I was on so much stuff that I should’ve been locked in a cage for being such an animal
I told Dr. Jacobs and he had no answer

My thoughts were there was some kind of AR insensitivity although not completely
I did get stronger and gained lean muscle
You only ge so big on test alone anyway with orals but that’s neirher here nor there
I was able to go 2 times a night especially if I used Cialis

Point is I had to use all this stuff to be how I would’ve been had I not taken the poison Fin.

Anymore questions I’m here

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thanks for the answer, i will try to take this combination to try to recover my libido, i would be very happy if it works, i saw other cases of improvement with masteron in propecia help

Did you use 500 to 750 mg of testosterone per week?

And masteron (twice a week of 200 mg each dose?) Or (twice a week of 100 mg each dose?)

I’m trying to build a protocol for my use based on your experience,

How long did you stay on that dose? do you still take testosterone and masteron?

First of all PLEASE be careful with this
I’m not a doctor or dispensing and medical advice claiming to work or guarantee safety
I’m only telling what I used
Keep in my it may make you worse

TRT should really be a Hail Mary when all other options have been tried

Did you even get blood tests before you try this?

I’m already on testosterone, prescribed by a doctor, but with few benefits,
so I thought about masteron when I saw his report, my doctor doesn’t know what to do

Hi bro, can you please give some details about your sexual improvements? Did your orgasm intensity and erect penis size improved too? I have semi-dull and mentally less exciting orgasms… i hope this is reversible. Both mental and physical with the PC muscles.

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I would say yes those two qualities improved.
Size seemed to improve. Bare in mind I was also taking cialis or whatever I had on hand.

And I think orgasm intensity increased somewhat too. My confidence was higher and I felt more sexual so it improved on that end. What I mean is, because orgasms are in part a mental mechanism, that part was heightened. They were most high when I was on everything while having s good week and I was with a girl that particularly turned me on.
It was like the planets had to align but it did improve.
I think it was the Masteron that was the kicker
In my opinion.


Are you cured now?

Definitely not. I’ve taken proviron on random days since my original post. Each time, it makes me feel really good mentally and physically for a day, and then I start to crash. About two days after taking it, my chest burns a little bit. I wonder if the proviron lowers E2, and then it raises again causing the chest burning.

@Jaime Are you going to try the 200 mg/day protocol? Or do you think that’s maybe a bit too risky?
Or are you going to try something else (combined) with proviron?