My brief Proviron run experience

No I don’t plan on doing that. That’ll suppress my own testosterone. With grad school and such I don’t need that in my life. Additionally, the original poster of that 200 mg regiment wasn’t my inspiration for taking it. I had it laying around the house so I figured I’d take it. We haven’t heard from @pal in a long time and never heard from him before, so with respect to him, I take his approach with some grains of salt.

@Jaime Yeah probably a smart thing to do, better safe than sorry.
But I just can’t shake the feeling that maybe he was on to something, because you also improved a bit (also still wondering why)… oh well, I guess time will tell.

I think most people (whether or not you have PFS) will initially feel good on Proviron since it immediately acts on the androgen receptors. But yeah as you said, time will tell.

I plan on running mine in a tapered up approach, starting at 50mg and working my way up to 100-200mg. When I start feeling like shit, that will be just the right dose to stay at for the duration. All the while earning a grad degree as well…this time it will be earned properly - shut down af so it will be more of a challenge. Another added benefit will be sayonara remaining hair. Man, I’m so looking forward to this. Eye of the tiger.


Yeah good approach, keep us updated on when you start and what it’s making you feel like. I’m very curious :smiley:


Maybe because proviron has a short half life. Do you have low DHT?

@Jaime how have you been man? Any updates you haven’t been on here in a few months.


Imagine a miracle happened and he is fully recovered with Proviron now :joy: That would be a good to hear.


@jamie are you ok? you still on proviron?

What the hell happened to @Jaime ???