My body is falling apart


I lost my eyebrows. My body is falling apart.
I lost hair everywhere … Who else has this?



Why does this happen?



I think that eyebrow loss relates to thyroid problems. A doctor should spot that immediately.



why the thyroid? i would have said is an autoimmune thing.

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Absurd that the PFS also causes disorders to the thyroid :persevere:



damon, i don’t have that, but my eyebrows and hair have become grey.



PFS is really a damn fucking nightmare!!!



My beard turned red, I had it black. Hair is thinner and dry.
The genital hairs have become white !!!



what :joy::joy: sry but i dont get it. do you want to proof that all people of propeciahelp are crazy or are you serious ?!



What the fuck are you saying?



my eyebrows, beard, nose hair, and ENTIRE scalp is falling out as well. my body hair grows just as fast, except it has thickened and some hairs do not not grow anymore and remain as little stubs. my hair is literally like dry straw and has decreased in quality. NO ONE in my family has MPB and i would even venture to say our hair is one of our strong points.

i would bet anything this has nothing to do with the thyroid. i have great energy, sleep, and my cholesterol values would not indicate any kind of thyroid abnormality. my thyroid values are the exact same as they always been.

my body is basically falling a part as well and it has everything to do with a lack of receptor signaling. Damon is not crazy, and those who are not able to picture this, believe this, or relate to this simply don’t have these symtoms or understand how variable this condition is.



i liked that and im sry. i dont have the physical sides luckily but i couldnt believe that a black beard turns red. im sry



my beard was extremely black before, it’s a bit lighter now i’d say a really dark gray almost.

i would like to add i have never had a single hair noticeably shed from my scalp before and had no signs of impending hair loss. this all began happening on May 23rd, 2017 and has progressively got worse, in addition to the other 20+ side effects that i have

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This is an autoimune issue. You can go to a dermatologist, he will put you on corticoids, topical or pill. Maybe you even get better on PFS, some guys improved with corticoids.

It happens also to me, i felt like crapp inside and then also outside. The corticoids cured my areata and i do think also improved my PFS.



For me eyebrow loss is thyroid related. It was my first symptom 11 years ago (MANY years before PFS).

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eyebrow loss is certainly a hypothyroid symptom. and may be the cause of your hair loss.

however, i know for a fact my thyroid is not the reason for my symptoms and id probably say the same thing for damon.



Your thyroid test is ok?



I’m waiting my tests…



my thyroid has been worked up extensively with no signs of hypothyroidism or sub clinical hypothyroidism. i have the same values as i have always had.

like i said, i have great sleep, good energy, good bowel movement schedule, and good cholesterol. if my issue was thyroid related, at least one of those would be adversely affected.
and notice i said that my hair still grows just as fast, i would even say more rapidly than it ever did. except some do not grow anymore. thyroid issues result in slower and finer growing hair. mine has thickened and become more coarse and grows very rapidly.

i would bet my entire career that i worked extremely hard for on the fact i no longer have estrogen hormone signaling and this is what is causing my symptoms.

i believe disruption in androgen signaling causes similar issues and that is why you are experiencing similar symptoms. a guy with the username robbo experienced similar symtoms to what you are.

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It’s ironic but my 23andMe health report said I was unlikely to have MPB. Wish I knew this before taking fin. May have stopped me.