My 2nd rejection


sry guys - was really drunk when I wrote this - I’m losing the fight against pfs tbh

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Hey man, I’ve been fighting this shit for 7 years now and I’ll tell you it does get better. What are you struggling with currently?


The same here, it really get better.


Would you like to put some detail back in your post? People might like to offer some advice if they knew what you are specifically looking at.

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Thanks for the replies guys - I just had another night of not being able to perform even with Viagra with a new date. It doesn’t always happen but when its the second date in a row you start losing your confidence entirely. I have to be pretty drunk nowadays to even feel comfortable around a new girl. If I am sober, I just get too nervous about pfs acting up or basically have no libido

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I happened the same to me, I used Cialis and it didn’t work, Total impotent, no able to reach an orgasm. 0 Libido, I know it fell just horrible, I spend yeas like that (2012-2014) 2015 just a little tham 2014 better but no much . just be patient.

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