Muscle twitches are driving me crazy

I know it’s been discussed countless of times but I wonder how do we know if the drug left the body? Does the blood recycle itself? Maybe it’s still a small amount. Maybe our body couldn’t clean it off for some reason. I know I may be talking crap but it just feels the same way since the first day now. Maybe we are those guys whose bodies couldn’t cleanse the blood.

I wouldn’t really worry about the muscle twitches but don’t take my advice. I had them before propecia for years now I have them more frequently but when you start thinking it’s MS or some messed up thing then it will get worse. I even had the twitches on my cheeks :laughing: .

Just ignore it if all your tests been normal. Go to a neurologist I did he told me to ignore it .

My neurologists also told me it’s normal to feel some tickling and weird sensations all around the body from time to time.
If you search the internet, you will indeed find most information about nutritional deficiencies. Most people seem to get help with Mg supplements and you, nate99, certainly are getting more Mg with your new diet. I have been taking the supplements for a few weeks now and haven’t got better, but I may be taking a shitty supplement.
Anyway, I don’t see much people talking about muscle twitches in the forum, so I doubt it’s actually related to finasteride. If we questioned everyone here, we would probably get only a small percent with this symptom just like in any other population. However, we are severly stressed here, so that certainly contributes to it.

That’s a good point, I didn’t think that maybe just the increased vegetables could be adding Mg to my diet and be stopping the twitching. However, I will say that I was definitely eating a lot of vegetables before this new diet so i do think that cutting out sugar and grains has at least in some way stopped the twitching and it has definitely eased up the indigestion symptoms

I have to disagree, I think there is no question the twitching is related to whatever finasteride did to many of us. Maybe it is just a result of what finasteride did and it is not related directly to finasteride, but that is just a matter of semantics. I never had any twitching issues before or during fin or dut, only some time afterwards as all of my symptoms got worse. In fact, I never connected that it was related to PFS in any way until I read this website and realized that many other users were going through the same thing. It was exactly what I was going through (not localized to one place, would especially happen when i was falling asleep, etc.).

Many users may not be talking about it right now, but i think this is mostly because it has already been talked about with no answer for years. Check out how many views this thread about muscle twitching has gotten, more than 1000. It is also one of the first symptoms listed under the description of “physical, none-sexual” symptoms. I’d be willing to bet nearly half or even more of sufferers go through this.

This is wrong. I have random muscle twitches all over my body. I NEVER had a notable problem with them prior to quitting finasteride. The twitches were worse immediately after quitting, and were extremely bad when my insomnia was through the roof. I still have them now, but not as bad as when my insomnia kept me up for days.

In my opinion, this particular symptom is the one pointing most obviously to this all being a neurotransmitter (or other brain related) disorder.

Finasteride caused these twitches in me; there is no doubt.

I agree. I was very stressed with school and work before finasteride and I never had these twitches. Now I have constant twitches all over my body. Finasteride definitely caused these.

“Finasteride caused these twitches in me; there is no doubt.”

Yes sir. No doubt in my mind either.

Of course fin caused it, and yes they are worse with the downswings. I get them mostly in my calves which are also much smaller since I got off the drug. Horrible twitching began 3 days after my last pill. Never had it for 9 years on pill

I had the twitches before fin bu fin made them a lot worse I think. Truth is the other symptoms are so bad I don’t even pay attention to them even though they are more frequent.

I’m sure though this isn’t dangerous but who knows.

It’s not dangerous, but it can be another piece of proof that fin does affect the CNS. And every little twitch is a reminder of that.
Anyway, my Mg levels are normal, but Ca is a bit low, so perhaps that’s what causing it. There are some people who say Mg in serum doesn’t show Mg in cells. My doctor, though, said she could prescribe me a drug meant for Parkinson’s, but in a very low dose that would help. That would be the last thing I want, I think. If no other supplement helps, I’ll try antidepressants first, because the depression you get from happily buying yourself problems in the form of a finasteride pill is uncomparably bad.

We should really try to make statistics. I wonder how many of us really have this symptom.

I think you can make a poll, but who knows how accurate it will be. It’ll just give you an idea of who has twitches from those who choose to answer the question. I’ll bet there are some people who have the twitches but don’t really think about it that much so might not even notice them. That was how i was for a long time.

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I do have twitches somewhat rarely in different parts of my body. It’s not a big problem for me, I have other conditions to deal with before that. However I remember that when I was on finasteride, my eyelids twitched very aggressively continuously. And this surely was related to that poison.


Is it getting any better for you?

The most painful problems I have currently are

  1. Insomnia (Not even able to sleep for an hour…I better say, I have not slept in the last 4 days)
  2. Muscle Twitches: the most scary part. Its happening through out the day. However, I notice it in the night almost every minute.
    I am into PFS for the last 7 weeks, It started with arms and now there are no twitches on the arms and it slowly moved to triceps.

Thanks for starting this thread. I could not bare this pain and tried to find some medicine to relive this problem. Looks like none of our forum members had this resolved. Lets hope for the best.

How is your mood? Do you have overwhelming feelings of sadness? Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

These are intolerable for me.

Far worse at night whilst trying to sleep

Happen all over my body and very visible.

I can even point them out to my family who see my arms and legs twitching

Neurological in origin without doubt

It’s the same for the jolting feeling I get as I try to drop off to sleep

yes I had these horribly after crashing, mostly my legs and calves. They have been diminishing each month

My biggest scare is Propecia has given me Parkinson’s disease. I have NOT been diagnosed. I quit 8 months ago. The twitching in my hands and forearms was really bad and yes was worse as I slept. The type of twitching I had was my hands would suddenly shake for a moment as I slept and my shoulder, lower back, or leg would jolt. Those decreased a lot over time and the shaking hands during sleep is totally gone. Now I am suddenly getting muscle twitches all over my body day and night, and once in a while I get that “pill rolling twitch” that is known as an early sign of Parkinson’s disease and it really scares me. It’s not constant and only happens for a min or two every couple of weeks. My hands and feet hurt like they have arthritis. My forehead gets greasy from time to time as well. I am terrified. My forearms, wrists, and hands always feel weak. So weak that one time my right hand started shaking just holding a beer. Another time my right hand started shaking while I had it leaning against a laptop, below the keyboard.

Other than that I can deal with the rest, my penis functions just fine. In the beginning I had reduced semen but that appears to be better now, even though my wife has had 2 miscarriages since I quit. I did get eye floaters, that really sucks but I can deal with it. Sometimes my eyes get stabbing pains.

The list of things that has happened to me over the last 8 months seems endless. In the beginning I had a very scary situation with my throat. It would start involuntarily swallowing in my sleep. In addition I would start taking a sudden involuntary deep breath during sleep. The swallowing thing went away and the sudden breaths got much less frequent and sever however once in a while as I sleep the involuntary breath will still happen on a lesser scale. At one point when I dried my left ankle after a shower the towel felt like it was ripping off my skin. At one point I had moments of sudden tingling running through my head, down my spine through my feet, itchy skin, I would get hot flashes down my right leg. Those all got better though. In the last 2 months I developed tinnitus (constant ringing in my left ear) but that now is starting to get less, it comes and goes. In the beginning I could not sleep, I would dream non stop and hear song lyrics playing over and over in my head. One time I woke up from a dream where my head felt like it was exploding. I would have light flashes in my closed eyes as I slept. Those have passed as well. However I still dream all night but I sleep well. I feel like it is much easier these days for my arms to “fall asleep” when I sleep. I’ll wake up and my hand will have partial pins and needles that go away if I reposition of shake it off. I can cause my biceps to twitch if I flex them really hard. After I flex, they will twitch for a couple of min. Another thing that comes and goes is I’ll feel like more should be coming out when I take a crap. I don’t feel constipated, but just feels like there should be more. I have high blood pressure and have gained 30-40 pounds cause I am too depressed to work out anymore. I try very hard to remain positive and every time I get a new side I stay positive that it will pass like most all of them have. I tell myself this is just another thing from PFS and I don’t have a deadly disease. Ultimately I am just terrified that I have early onset of Parkinson’s and that’s what terrifies the most. I keep telling myself in 5 years this will all be in the past.

Do you really have to post the same story in multiple treads? Once you notice these neurological problems its a bit to late in the game. If they go away count yourself extremely lucky.

Posted in multiple threads to get the most out of feedback. No bad intent.

Has anyone come up with a solution for these twitches? I started getting them 2.5 months after quitting Fin and I still have them today, 2 months later. They’re driving me nuts too. Never had this before. Not even during my 4 years of usage