Muscle twitches are driving me crazy

I can’t concentrate and feel normal at all. Muscle twitches remind me all the time that something is very wrong in my body and that makes my school performance very low. Doctor Internet explains:

Can anybody make any further connections and conclusions?
The most popular solution for this problem is Mg intake. Has anyone tried this? I’ll certainly do it, as it’s the coziest.

See a neurologist.

I have same twitches and have seen 2. Here is last update from those visits: … 4662#14662

Have you tried curing them with extra Mg intake? It seems to be the first and primary medication for this problem.

I still have it, but it doesn’t seem commong enough among us to relate to finasteride, I think. The doctors keep assuring me it’s stress and stress only. I and surely many others here definitely do have stress…
I once saw a neurologists about it and she said it wasn’t a problem worth worrying. Today I can’t even get to a neurologist with this vain symptom.
What to do? Start antidepressants and relieve stress?

when i started using finasteride, i began having severe muscle twitching all over my body for the first time in my life, and this has continued to this day … this was brought on my finasteride, not by stress

I’m not sure when exactly this started. Probably a few months after fin. And you’re having them nonstop?

non stop … no

daily … yes

it is all over my body, and not specific to any one area

I also experienced body-wide muscle twitches while on and since quitting Finasteride. Still present to this day.

I have these as well. Without a doubt, they are more frequent when I sleep poorly. It’s almost certainly messed up brain chemistry; hopefully the neurotransmitter study gives insight.

it might be because of low Testosterone. I know a guy who never used Fin/SP or steroid but has pitutary tumor. his prolactine is through the roof (400) and total T is only 2. He told me he has twitches every where in his body.

completely agree with the sleep thing. they still happen to me though less frequent. i thought it was funny though cuz i slept terrible last night, woke up with an incessant muscle twitch in my arm and this was the first thread title i saw.

once i was able to take a nap - the muscle twitching mostly stopped.

Has anybody tried taking more magnesium? Or antidepressants?

antidepressants arent going to fix our woes man, come on

Antidepressants can be just as dangerous as Finasteride. … re=related

very, very similar issues to ours

That’s because she has depression like we do.
Of course, antidepressants are the last thing I’m gonna take, but if nothing helps, they are my only choice. I just need to get rid of those muscle twitches.

I also have muscle twitching. It’s definitely not body-wide though; it seems to be localized to my back, quads, hamstrings, triceps, and my butt muscles. I have never gotten twitching above my neck, or on the front of my body.

I first noticed the twitcing shortly after I ‘crashed’ like 3 weeks after stopping fin. It seemed to go away for awhile then came back in about 6 months. I haven’t really noticed any changes in frequency; the twitching happens regularly throughout the day.

I have muscle twitches but they have mostly stopped since i cut out grains and high sugar and have been taking anti-fungals. I’m not sure at all how it is related, but i think, at least for me, there are certain foods now that I cannot digest so easily. Grains, high sugar, and certain meats or perhaps high amounts of certain meats lead to itchy skin, abdominal pain and lots of twitching. These twitches were not localized to one place, and they would most frequently happen as i was falling asleep.

In the past 4 months I have tried to fix a lot of the digestion problems, because I was really sick of the burping and farting for hours and hours after eating, the itchy skin, and the bloated stomach. In addition to the aforementioned diet changes, I started taking some digestive aids. They had a decent effect, such as overall feeling better, a little better sleep, and lessening of all indigestion symptoms, but ultimately I didn’t feel like they would lead to any long term change so I stopped.

I started taking antifungals, like oregano oil and some probiotics in addition to diet changes. I can feel the twitches still, but they are very small now and much less frequent. I’m not sure if it is cutting out certain foods or if it is the antifungals or what.

I had a piece of bread the other day, first one in months, for hours later i was burping and farting, don’t really remember if i was twitching though.

Oh and nothing I have done so far has had any effect on libido, it is most likely that these measures are treating symptoms for me and not the root cause

I have this but dont pay any attention to it. Is it possible that the drug is still in our bodies for some of us? I feel the same side effects. that I did in the beggining…maybe it didn’t leave our bodies.

brice, that could be the case but I doubt it, some members have been off the drug for years and years with the same symptoms

muscle twitches seem to be a symptom of digestion, either the correct amount of nutrients are not being absorbed by the body which can cause twitching, or i think i read somewhere that insufficient stomach acid can lead to protein not being fully digested, which leads to some of it getting in the blood or something, causing more acidic blood, leading to itchy skin and twitching…I can’t remember where i read that but i’ll search

of course, some doctors have said that it could be neurological, and i think some members have done a nerve conduction test, but i’m not sure what the results are