Muscle and Skin Softening & Burning

Figured I’d start a topic for this specific issue, would be interesting to see if anyone else can relate even if it’s in the future.

All muscles have turned into mush, flex as hard as you can and it’s very soft, can press them right down. Frequent burning of skin, exercising causes muscles to be abnormally sore and tight, and they burn badly for days after. Burning surges throughout skin periodically.


I had this thing with the muscles before, now it is way better, I used to get extremely sore muscles even from simple walking, some days waking up with muscle pain, like I’ve been running all day long the prevoius day. One thing helps me in this department. Drinking in the mornings 1Tbsp organic apple cider vinegar with 500ml of water, on empty stomach, you can get second glass of that solution at night too but you should not exceed 30ml of the cider vinegar per day, so probably stick with one glass in the mornings from the beginning. Nothing else has helped me on that one, just this solution, and it will take a month and a bit more for your muscles to ease up. Now I am dealing with joint issues as I took the wrong supplement in order to combat PFS, but the muscles are in way better condition, even some days I feel like if my joints were fine I would have felt in a proper decent shape, but not in this life peobably…
Oh, one more thing… What is that burning feeling in your skin? Is that kind of hypersensitivity like feeling? Because I am dealing with that issue too, even now some times I still get it.

what is your diet? what are you eating/ not eating?

I think with pfs, body doesn’t absorb nutrients that it needs some get very sever side affect. try eating meat chicken or beef and see if that helps.

My diet is mostly meats, green veggies, berries, some almond milk, almond butter, local honey every now and then, sweet potatoes rarely, sometimes some eggs. It’s all whole foods, nothing crazy.

I’m not sure, it’s a sensitive, hot, burning in my skin. When I crashed and my skin completely changed, got pale, soft, and lost all the color in it, it burned severely all over. Now it’s periodically in my arms, my legs, sometimes my nipples. It’s just this fucked up burning, like if I stayed out in the sun too long and got a sunburn.

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Exactly, you described it perfectly, I would add and when on top of the sunburn the skin is dry from the salty water of the sea. I got the same feeling and when I got it, believe me, I prefer to stay naked, as the clothes on my body make the feeling even worse. I got it mainly on my legs, it is not as severe as it was before tho.

What supplement did you take that messed you up worse and gave you joint issues?
My skin is extremely dry and rubbery, like it has the texture of an old person’s skin. See “photos of body changes” for my video I posted. Also, the hairs on my body have all changed texture, gotten very thin and wiry, and lost color. Can you relate to any of this? You’re saying it did improve?

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I suspect that it was Vitamin K2 as other guy got severe joint issues because of that vitamin… Frankly, while trying so solve my issues I took so many herbs and vitamins that it could have been something else along with the Vit. K2. When I crashed for first time I had only the flu-like muscle pain, some ED, not that bad tho, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, the anxiety and the insomnia got resolved within a month after the crash. Got inspired of CDnuts and all those recoveries from taking herbs and got worsen. Now my life is gone, can’t build any future plans in this condition. I am proper fucked.

I saw your posts, this disease is a plague. My improvemnts are mostly in the brain fog department, also I have 99% of the time morning and night wood, a lot of days erections when look at a girl, my muscles are not getting sore now as they used to get before, I recovered my weight as when I crashed I went down from 72 to 56kg, now I am back to normal. But my joints are clicking and super dry, even in my hands, probably I have OA, not diagnosed yet, working on that one as I am visiting the GP for further investigation.

I have very soft muscle too, I actually have very good mass but if I flex my bicep I can push down with my finger and it’s like mush like you describe. It’s also hard to workout because I get very bad fatigue in the days after a workout

Which herbs were you taking? If you’ve had improvement in brain fog, why can’t you pursue a career/school? I have horrible brain fog man, It takes me forever to read what’s on a piece of paper. But I can’t let this condition let me be homeless.

My skin also does not tan the same. It is extremely pale and only gets partially tan. The tan doesn’t really stay and is more of a grayish darkening.

I am pursuing a career at the moment, I had this in my mind before I took this poison. Wanted to go to college and study networking. I was a Chef at this time, now I am Network Engineer, and I love my job, I got this what I aimed for. But man, I cannot enjoy what I am achieving, along with that wanted to have kids as well, but with this joint issues, that won’t happen. Too risky to have a kid when you don’t know whether you will be fine tomorrow or you will get worse. As I remember I took bunch of stuff at this time…
Vit K2+d3
Boswellia with Turmeric and Ginger,
Vitamin B1
Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus Alatus
Lions mane
Mucuna Pruriens
And probably some other…
All of these, not even didn’t help but it made me worse. Probably Vit d3 would be good to take tho, if you don’t have access to sunshine, but in small quantities and not with Vit K2, it is poison!
When I crashed, I was not able to read for a while. I would look at the sentence and nothing would get into my head, whitin the time the brain fog turned to drunk/drugged like feeling, even now I got it some times, but it affects my vision mostly and I am still capable to perform my job. Most of the time I don’t have it. Before I used to kill them all, multitasking at work and running like horse, now if my head is clear the pain in my joints will let me down and I will never be capable to relax and do, whatever I am doing, as good as I used to…
Even if your head is fine, and if you got someting else severe, you will not be the same person anymore, doing something really good requires you to be calm and relaxed, which is not possible with PFS, no way.

When you said homeless… I am living in London, UK. A lot of young homeless people here, that make me think, how many of these guys got PFS…
When I got my CCNA certificate I took it with brain fog, half of the days I was in the college. It is tough to study like that, but not impossible…

The brain fog you described, it is like that for me all of the time. Bone broth and Betaine HCL have both made it much worse, like I’m almost just out of reality, like I’m looking through a fish bowl. Everything is so fucked up man.

I am having trouble with my breathing, this has been gone on for a while. It is like I have to mindfully breathe deep, as I have constant trembling anxiety. I have a shake inside my body and inside my brain, and it is involved with my breathing some how. It is like even when I breathe as deep as I can, it doesn’t feel my lungs up adequately like it normally would, I don’t know how to explain it man.

Yeah, another proof that the supplements make the whole thing worse. Are you cooking your own bone broth, from organic bones, or you are buying normal bones? It could be the case that inside in this animals bones have bunch of chemicals and stuff they feed them, you know… All the food is poisonous nowadays. Do the stuff I am doing and drop all the supplement. Organic Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar, 1Tbsp in water, like 500ml water on empty stomach on the mornings, don’t touch the bottled water, it is poison, go Keto or some other healthy diet. Give it a month and a bit more, you will see improvements. After my first crash that gave me almost full recovery, now this helps me with my legs, don’t have anymore this stuff, standing up of the bed really fast and the legs muslces are sore like I’ve been running 20 miles nonstop, WTF. This disease is a plague! IMO if you keep having the brain fog, that means you are taking something wrong, I noticed a lot of the supplements I used to take were giving me increasing of at least one of the sides, like if I had legs relief, I would get worsening of my brain fog and vice versa.

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It was Bonafide Farms frozen grass fed, organic bone broth. Anything that messes with my stomach makes my brain fog much worse, even the apple cider vinegar.

That is not good man…

It’s fucked up man. I haven’t had a moment of clarity since 10 months ago when I took that pill. I’m constantly detached from reality. All my feelings of excitement, confidence, happiness, calmness, they’re replaced with darkness, fear, anxiety, and overall doom.

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