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ED - Loss of Libido / Sex Drive

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ED - Loss of Libido / Sex Drive

non greasy hair

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ESTW shock therapy
TRIBAC(MACA - ginseng)

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before drug

we’ll have a test this week

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for now my hair does not fall out and does not get oily

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Hello to everyone,

My English is not very good.

After my tests in April, I started using 1/4 proscar daily, everything was fine for the first 20 days. sexual desire and erection were normal.
After 1-2 days, when I got an erection, I lowered the dose. I used it for another 3-4 days and cut it completely off.
It’s been 40 days, I’ve been going to the doctor for 10 days. I started using herbal pills containing ESTW and MACA. I get an erection in the morning but the level is too low. I’m not all day. I get an erection while watching porn but the hardness level is low.
While using it, I gained 4-5 kilos and became fat.
I was using cipralex antidepressant, which I continued to use before, while using this drug.
The weird thing is, when I put my hand on my hair right now, my hair doesn’t fall out and my hair doesn’t get oily at all now.

I’m going to do a hormone test this week.

I have started diet and exercise now. I hope I’m not pfs. I am scared.

Hi @Mrtksn and welcome to the forum!

I’m really sorry you’re going through this.

Can you please put a checkmark next to the symptoms you’re experiencing? We require that every new member fills out the member story completely.

Okey thanks:)

It’s been 40 days, what are my chances of correcting them?

Many guys who used the poison and developed symptoms had a profile here and than disappeared after some weeks or have had a recovery story.

They only had the normal side effects and went back to normal in the first three months.

interesting thing is my hair does not get oily and does not fall out?

I don’t know about finasteride for hairloss I used it for my prostate. Same mistake.

I get it, take care of yourself. I would be glad if someone with knowledge can write.

Hi @Mrtksn,

I’m sorry you’re going through this, I know how distressing the symptoms you describe are. PFS is generally defined as side effects which persist for more than 3 months after stopping the drug. It’s quite common to get side effects whilst using Finasteride which resolve within 3 months of quitting. Given that it is less than 2 months since you quit the drug, I would try not to worry too much yet. Try and live a healthy, low stress lifestyle and hopefully you’ll be feeling back to your normal self soon.

Keep us updated with how you get on.

Hi, of course i will keep it updated.
shit situation…

Hello again everyone, today i am in my second month of PFS syndrome. My erection is around 60-70%. Morning erection 50%. Libido is still quite low. I was examined by a doctor working in the PFS field. He told me to stop taking antidepressants and told me to have a Hormone test. All tests are normal. Doctor prescribed ovitrelle injection and testogel. After 1 month, he asked for hormone test again. Has anyone used these and survived?I’m afraid of using them and getting worse.

Has anyone used them before? :confused:

Ovitrelle is HCG or very close to it.

Both HCG and testo gel been tried many times with varying success. If you do some searches I’m sure you’ll find people’s experiences.

This Turkish doctor is one of the few doctors in the world who do PFS research. At first he didn’t believe in irwig’s research and pfs. However, when he saw Irwig’s research, he invited Doctor Irwig to Turkey.
The doctor said that there are 3 medically prescribed drugs related to PFS. He looked at my hormone test and approved these
I do not dare to start these drugs because all my tests came back normal. I’m afraid something bad will happen later

And the doctor said, of course, this filth disease will be solved. :slight_smile:


It’s good to hear that some doctors are optimistic!

You’ve only had symptoms for a few months. I would wait a bit longer before trying anything this drastic. As you said - your tests are normal.

Mr. M_C

I agree with you anyway, erection problem is not a problem while having sex. It is around 70-80%… just low libido. morning erection 50-60%

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Hi Murat, nasilsin abi?

When you had your hormone test, did it test for dht? Because i saw many members here had blood test, including Testosterone test, and it came back normal. But the people that had test for DHT it comes back low. This is why your hair loss it not so much anymore and hair not greasy. I am the same, I stopped Propecia 2 years ago, and still have some sexual side effects (no morning erections) and my hair loss is slow, probably because of low dht.

Propecia it works by being an inhibitor of 5α-reductase enzyme Type 2, so it inhibits the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is what gives us our male sexual functions, and dht is what makes us lose hair.
Now for some reason, even when we stop taking Propecia, it messed something up so maybe we still cannot produce DHT properly, and this might be the cause of the problem.

Talk to your Doctor to have a test for your DHT level and let me know what is the result.

my dht level is normal

That’s interesting. I never measured my dht so I don’t know if my dht is still low, but all the problems I have are the symptoms of low dht.

For example, lately I never had any morning erections at all, and it was more difficult to get an erection lately. So last night before bed I drink 1 cup of milk with Creatine and L-Arginine, and today I wake up with an erection. It wasn’t 100% erection, maybe 60%, but still it’s better then no morning erection.

Abi let me tell you, when I first stopped taking Propecia 2 years ago I had all the erection problems, and after maybe 8 months I found something by accident that helped wake up my erections again. I started drinking 750ml of cow’s milk every day, and I noticed it seemed to bring my erections back to life (not 100%, but still better then nothing). I wondered why did milk help me? And I read online it says Drinking Milk significantly increases IGF-1 serum levels, and IGF-1 stimulates the activity of the 5-AR enzyme. Testosterone converts to DHT through IGF-1.

Abi try drinking milk everyday like I did and see if it helps you. For me when I first stopped taking Propecia 2 years ago my dick didn’t work at all. I had no erections at all and it was very hard to even get an erection, I could only get an erection by rubbing for long time. But many months later when I started to drink 750ml cow’s milk everyday it woke up my erections. My erections never become 100% but at least it started working again.

Right now after 2 years, I still don’t get morning erections very much, and when I do get morning erection it is only maybe 60%. Right now if i drink Milk with Creatine and L-Arginine it helps make my erections better, but when I don’t drink them my erections are worse. Also, when I eat foods like Avocado (which is a natural DHT blocker) my erections get a lot worse. Any food or supplement that is a dht blocker, or increases Estrogen, it makes my erections not work.

One other interesting thing I noticed when I stopped taking Propecia 2 years ago. I had no erections for many many months, and one day I read on here that someone had results with meditation and exercise. I tried the meditation where I focus my mind at my forehead (where the pineal gland / pituitary gland is), and the next day I woke with an erection for the first time in a long time. I thought this must just be a coincidence? But when i never did the meditation I never got any morning erection, and always when I did that meditation at night the next day I wake with a morning erection. It sounds weird to me that a meditation can help with morning erection, but I read online that there are DHT receptors in the Pineal gland or Pituitary gland (i forgot which one), so I think that meditation where we focus our mind on our forehead area is stimulating the Pineal or Pituitary Gland and helping to give an erection. I think this is why people that take Propecia have problems getting a morning erection, night erection, or spontaneous erection, because these erections from the mind (without rubbing) are connected to the Pineal / Pituitary Gland, and it seems that Propecia has interrupted the DHT receptors at the pineal / pituitary gland in some way. I am not a doctor or a scientist, but from my experience it seems the problem is at the Pineal or Pituitary Gland. This would make sense if our DHT levels are normal but we are still having problems.

Try drinking 750ml milk everyday and let me know if it helps you.

thanks for your advice. There are 2 ways at this point. using either the hcg protocol or low-dose hardener(lifta,cialis etc). The doctor says this. told me to quit smoking…I didn’t do any.Now I’m tough enough to have sex.
morning erection 50%.just my feelings are not the same.i will try milk. :slight_smile: