More bloods out of range. Please help!

Hi all,

For those that dont know me I believe I got “pfs” symptoms from a extreme diet 1400 calories a day mostly vegetables , 3-4 cups of black coffee and extreme cardio training.
Symptoms are no libido, numb genitals, no morning/spontaneous wood ,no feeling in ejaculation, low semen volume and force.

Here are some more bloods I got that seem to be too high or too low.

LOW DHT 220 (300-850)
LOW e2 12 (11.5-45)
HIGH dheas 12,51 (4,34-12,2)
LOW shbg 19 (18-54)
HIGH prolactin 285 (86-324)
24H cortisl Urine 77 (12-486)
HIGH Erythrocytes 5.77 (4.34-5.72)
HIGH ALT 62 (12-48)
HIGH GGT 78 (11-55)
HIGH Billirubin 21.1 (3-20)
High Cholesteral 7.1 (0-5.0)
HIGH Ldl 4.90 (<–3.0)

Dude hate to say this but if it is the Syndrome of pfs blood levels have nothing to do with it.

Very little…My test was low before I even took the drug…

Its epigenetic and changes gene activity in the body and is currently u detectable by modern methods or so far as we know…

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The epigenetic theory is not proved yet as far as I know? Prove me wrong. There is ongoing studies on this matter but they are not completed yet.

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My DHEA is also high, it’s strange… wonder if anyone have any theories about it…

I did not take stupid fucking finasteride, it was extreme under eating that caused this. Guys the 3rd endo I went to told me that my "carriers"were low , to come back with new bloods including proteins and I should get trt . I came back and he told me I should see a sex therapist.

Looking back now at the proteins in the blood. I see that my ALBUMIN is elevated 54.3 (42-50) High ALBUMIN occurs with hemoconcentration (loss of fluids from the tissues, resulting in increased concentration of cells and solids in the blood.

Also have elevated billirubin and liver enzymes, as well as erethryocytes. Something is going on guys.

My guess thats why guys that raise their DHT still do not get a relief of symptoms, as they did not tackle the actual cause.

Why didn’t you test T and Free T? The rest of your levels aren’t really enough out of range to explain your symptoms in my opinion. In the PSSD forum there is quite a bit of discussion of Trauma and related C-PTSD as an explanation for these symptoms. I recommend taking a look at that just as an idea.

Total Test is 650
Free Test is in upper percentile

Starving oneself is a surefire way to shut down your hormonal and reproductive systems.

In women, this is why many who have eating disorders stop menstruating, and or they cannot conceive, and or the fetus ends up in a miscarriage.

I read something online about this and it had something to do with the key hypothalamus substances/secretions being shut off and if that gets shut off, the pituitary and the downstream endocrine organs shut down too.

yes but they always recover…
I have never heard of someone going on a diet and getting permanently screwed up…

Maybe too much vegetables gave me copper toxicity? its not unheard of for vegetarian diets to give you copper toxicity…

Maybe rapid weight loss caused issues with bile flow? Its known to give you gall stones rapid weight loss.

Maybe. Anything is possible. You can get your gallbladder checked with an ultrasound. And you can get blood tests for copper and other things.

I had an abdominal ultrasound down. It was fine… It was noted I had narrow walls but that was it… Also I had my copper , ceruloplasmin checked but have no idea how to analyze it?
Copper is in range, but ceruloplasmin seems low.

Are you sure you didn’t take any other supplements/meds that may have caused PFS? No minoxidil? anti depressants? blood pressure medications?

I had a fungal rash on my thighs/buttocks all my life. It was like a scaly rash. Doc said it was a fungal rash and gave me anti fungals… Took it ever since I was 10-12 years old. I never was abe to get rid of the rash. Now ever since I crashed in 2016 the rash has been completely gone!

What was the antifungal medication and have you stopped taking it?

First you said that you think you may have copper toxicity from vegetables, and now you are saying that your blood test for copper was low. It’s either one or the other.

Have you been googling all this stuff a lot? I tell other PFSers that looking everything up online can make things worse.

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blood tests are basically useless I have heard… The body keeps minerals in the blood in the normal range, and pulls them from the tissues when you dont have enough… If you had a mineral deficiency in your blood you would die right away…

Actually that is not true.

Quest Diagnostics and the other laboratories have blood tests where they check the levels of what are called heavy metals. These are the ones you do not want to have in your body! Mercury and lead are good examples.