Anyone knowledable? please

Alright so as some of you may know, I never took fin/prop/accutane or ssri. About 2.5 years ago I was working my first job at 21 years old on a construction site. I decided to go on a caloric restricted diet to get lean for the summer. It ended up being an obsession and lasted for 6 months until I realized what happened to my body.

I ended up with no morning/spontaneous erections, numb/ rubber like unresponsive penis, cold tip, lack of sweat and body odor and dry tired eyes, I also have low semen volume and force. No pleasure in orgasm as well. Abnormal blood tests…

billirubin 21.1 (3.0-20.0) HIGH
glucose 4.1 (4.2-6.0) LOW
uric acid 507 (182-403) HIGH
cholesteral 7.1 (0.00-5.1) HIGH
ldl 4.90 (<3.00) HIGH
alt 62 (12-48) HIGH
ggt 78 (11-55) HIGH
shbg 19 (18-54) LOW?
e2 11.9 (11.5-47) LOW?
prolactin 285 (86-324) HIGH?
dhea-s 12.51 (4.34-12.2) HIGH?
dht 220 (300-850) LOW

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What’s your total test and free? Low E2 is a reason for your symptoms

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I can assure you that the problem is not E2 o DHT. If this were the case with the intake of a phytoestrogen or an estradiol or DHT cream you would solve everything. Prolactina is high. SHBG is perfect. Cholesterol, LDL and DHEA are high, I too, are signs of the syndrome as detected by Melcangi.


i have normal-high e2 and i had some of those symptoms like no morning wood, numb/rubber like feeling on penis etc.

Then i quit dut and recovered on those particular symptoms

@Demon What Im trying to rule out is hypogonadism by low free testosterone/low testosterone.

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I would say no

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Thank you, I agree with you and that should be okay for him… Are you still on a restrictive diet, @joey10 ?

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All of this from a normal diet? I feel sorry for you. This is so weird… Did you crashed back then or it happened slowly, day by day?

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This could happen, calorie restriction is an ancient method to reduce sexual desires. Your condition seems on extreme side, you can try increaseing your calories above average, maybe force yourself to eat more, high carb high protein diet.

Try it.

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The only non-pharmaceutical advice I can give you is pretty much broscience, but I’d recommend eating a fuckton as Sunny suggested. Use my fitness pal to track calories and eat above your maintenance level. Go to a website to calculate how what your TDEE is, and then eat 300 calories above that daily.

Workout as you do it and lift. Maybe once your body has a caloric surplus it can work properly again… Again, this is broscience but it’s what I would personally do in your shoes.

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Damon, I think you are wrong here! I have been drinking soy milk lately and for some reason my e2, went down even more, It used to be 13, now its 11.9. There are plenty of men on trt who say that low e2 can cause 0 libido and numbness. I have never taken any propecia/accutane etc… so I think fixing those would fix my issues. Now in your guys case maybe not, you would have to look at neurotransmitters being scewed.

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Soy is antiadrogen

and antiestrogenic

If it’s like you say, why sorry, do not take estrogen?
Also I did not take Finasteride but I have the PFS.
You have also.

You dont have pfs if you didnt take finasteride! just like me, I dont believe these people with this “syndrome” are some uncureable aliens. The drug altered there hormones… I can show you countless posts on different websites with people going on TRT and having no libido , numb genitals. Many claim they have only had libido for 2 weeks and then it went away again. It is all due to estrogen being to high or low I think.

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But You’ve never done TRT!

exactly, so why is my e2 low, with normal/high t?

genital numbness is thought to be a common symptom of LOW testosterone, however it is stated that many low testosterone symptoms are actually symptoms of LOW ESTROGEN.

low estrogen causes males to lose sensitivity in their genitals as well as have not enjoyable orgasms. I can post various links of people claiming to fix this by raising their estrogen…

Low E certainly can cause that same symptom… but that doesn’t mean it’s our issue. It could be though. Maybe that’s why a lot of people have good results initially with TRT/Clomid/HCG then maybe it gets too high?

I highly doubt it’s that simple, though. That would have been figured out by now

I guess in support of that… my estradiol results showed me on the low end of normal, which is lower than most would target and sensitivity issues are my main issue.

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yes, and also many complain that we are not doing right e2 test. We need the sensitive e2 testing where our results would be even lower…

I did the sensitive test.

I think my result was round 11, which is considered normal but on most of the body builder forums I’ve seen people say mid 20’s was better


thats right with the genital numbess! but my hormones are normal. it has to do with androgen resistance