Moisturizer skin

Quick question: Is this safe to use?


Somebody recommended vitamin E 200 IU softgel capsule. What do you think?

Lol, you took a picture of the ingredients that is too blurry to be sure of what it says.

@Greek LOL. Thx :joy:

I’ve had a look and I don’t see anything that I recognise as being bad, but I don’t want to say go ahead.

Anyone else?

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Palm oil is bad for some check the derivate. Body shop body butter is the best/safest

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I believe butyrospermum parkii is shea butter, that might be worth looking into as I think I recall once reading it has anti-androgenic properties.

Be sure to look that up though and don’t take my word for it.


Thank you guys. It is rather good or bad as far as I researched here. The results are mixed. I will go on with this product since it worked very well for me.

Have a nice evening.