App ‚Yuka‘ iPhone

Hi guys, this could be very helpful in finding the right cosmetic products! If you scan the barcode of the product with the app it will show you a score of 1 to 100 (1 is the worst and 100 the best). I asked in this former thread if the moisturiser I was using is safe:

btw: it’s NOT safe, it got ‚phenoxyethanol‘ which interrupts your hormones, thats what we need the least. And here the scan of the product with the app:

As you can see the score is very low. It will show you the ingredients. You can click on every ingredient and it will explain every single one like this:

It‘s so amazing and I think it will make it for us so much easier to get the ‚good‘ products!

I hope you guys can use it as much as I will use it for myself. It works for food aswell!

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The app:

nice one thanks