Mifepristone worked

Yes you do have a point, what is the link to do the survey or is it in the homepage ?

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Its at the top of the page, im using a Ipad, when i try to click into the link it does not work, is there another way ?

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If you are new you should always start here: New user? START HERE

The survey can be accessed on your right corner, it’s the graph icon.
But if you walk through the new user thread everything is explained.

Thanks for understanding.


Below are the details of where I bought it from.

  1. I had water rentention and sometimes had stomach cramps, only slighty but noticeable.

  2. Yes it did, I felt pre PAS, I could not beleive it, becuase months later I still felt good I thought I had reset something or unblocked something that was giving me symtpoms, but after about 6 months my mental side effects returned (sexual positives still remain), so its something that sort of been reset but with the mental sides, possibly inflammation or some other mechanism is bringing me back to PAS symtpoms. I think for 7 days at 700mg can solve the sexual sides.


A member story is a prerequisite for triggering survey availability and now a requirement for all members regardless of whether they wish to participate in the survey.

After you post a member story with completed brief symptoms checklist, usage history, and symptom timeline, following the links to the bar graph should take you to the actual post-drug symptoms survey.

‘’'just for confirmation, how long did you have PAS before you tried mifepristone? Were your symptoms of PAS persistent until you tried the mifepristone?

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One thing about @Ronnie99 and his experience with mifepristone. You can disregard it or not trust it, which is fair enough. I personally think he seems legit and I believe he did try mifepristone and gain some benefit from it. Of course, these benefits may not apply to everyone and it is possible that he had a less severe form of PAS but ultimately if he did in fact have some degree of PAS and gained some tangible benefits from mifepristone. It is very useful information to have as it can give clues as to what is happening in full blown PAS. As ultimately, even less severe forms of PAS are likely caused by the exact same underlying biological mechanism.

Moreover, given the incredible number of random protocols I have seen people with PAS try on various forums. It seems crazy to me that so few people with PAS appear to have actually tried mifepristone, with any kind of significant dosing regime or over any significant time period. Given the fact there are several very plausible lines of research/evidence which suggest mifepristone could and can have significant effects on Isotretinoin related side effects.

Additionally, something to note about PAS, given the fact this is very likely located in the brain, any treatment which is tried, will likely have to be tried at a high concentration or dosage. This is to ensure that a significant concentration actually reaches the brain. If someone claims to have tried mifepristone but took a tiny amount over a few days, it is highly unlikely they would gain any benefit from it even if the mifepristone actually worked. PAS is clearly no joke and is a very entrenched syndrome, thus any treatment will likely have to hit it very hard.

It should also be noted that @Ronnie99 did not use the same source of Mifepristone the second time, so it is possible (though unlikely) that the reason the mifepristone had less of an effect the second time relates to the source and quality of the mifepristone.

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@Ronnie99 how much did you pay for mifepristone from vendor you mentioned ?

I think it was 80 usd plus 30 usd shipping.

I had PAS for 18 years before I tried it.

My symptoms are pretty bad, and in no form a mild case of PAS.

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Yes, the second time I had to get it from another source as the first source did not have any stock (even today), the second time it did not work even though i was experiencing the same side effects from the Mifepristone like water retention and slight stomach cramps.

The second source has good reveiws and a established company. Either the quality was not good or my body somehow did not allow it to work a second time.

All, please mind the risks here. Transient improvements have been noted before.


I just completed the survey, is there anything else to be done ?


Yeah keep us posted :smiley:

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is this your first order or second order ?

What do you mean ?

Is the product in this link the first product you used or the second(didnt work) product?

The link is for the second. The company is highly reviewed and I beleive it is Mifepristone. But in January I will be doing another 7 days from a third company to make sure.