Mifepristone worked

Hi Guys, the closest I ever got to a cure was taking Mifepristone for 7 days in a row on a average of 700mg a day. Two weeks After my last dose I felt normal again mentally and physically, and this lasted for 6 months and slowly I regressed again.

I tried a second 7 day window but it just didnt work the second time around, could the body have developed a anti body to the Mifepristone or something similar ?

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It helped with Anxiety, libido, erections, energy, brain fog and well being.

To be honest I still have the libido and erections still working, can get aroused pretty quick around females.

But the anxiety, well being and brain fog has returned, its like it reset the HPA axis but after a while something keeps blunting it causing it to again dysfunction.

Were these poor or non-existent before taking the RU-486?

The libido was not really existant before, but I did have erections before Mifepristone, but now they just seem harder and thicker.


So libido returned and stayed?


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Try to cycle it. Any supplement you take will create a tolerance. Take it a week on and off. Or every other day. That’s my advice.

As much as i hate conspiracy theories, i feels little bit inclined to say, that you joined this forum 6 days ago, didnt have any sort of introduction, and already posted a possible cure and some questions about starting fin again…Im not trying to discredit you, but some more information about you would be nice


This is very interesting. Mifepristone blocks progesterone but some people have reported good results from taking progesterone. Maybe it just goes to show how fucked our condition is.


I didnt cycle it all I done was 7 days in a row of 700mg and thats it.

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I joined the forum to share this news and open a couple topics but have been reading and following this forum for the last couple years and decided to participate.

Mifepristone did work for me for 6 months and still does for my libido but the well being and anxiety has returned, its like a mechanism causes the HPA to dysfunction and cortisol to desensitise the glucorticoid negative feedback.

I will write a formal introduction in the next few days, but my intentions here are genuine and truthful.


Why did you decide to take 700mg? And why 7 days?

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I took Accutane and Finasteride previously, from this one study and some guided support I decided to try.

It started working after about 2 weeks after my last dose on day 7 and the effects lasted about 6 months, but what is still working to this day (about 11 months later) is my libido still very horny when seeing woman around and harder erections.

Study link below.


DId you have genital numbness as well, or was it just libido issues?

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Just libido.

How did you get a prescription for Mifepristone? This seems like a difficult request without being a pregnant female or having Cushings…

I got it froma source in China, they shipped me 5 grams.

I got it from a source in China. They shipped me 5 grams.

Why did you only take it for 7 days? Just curious what the theory was behind taking just one short course of it rather than taking it long-term. Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

Well based on the study I followed it and took it for 7 days. long term I would guess would have a somewhat negative effect on your liver or kidneys, as I experienced water retention a few weeks after stopping.