Mifepristone worked

I don’t think so, I’d be very interested. Have no idea on a reliable source though.

@Belikewater used another antiprogestin and said it worked well for him. He’s banned now unfortunately.

This is someone knowledagble thinks about what happened to PFS. screenshot below

I understand your valid points, but in my case they have been courteous and friendly, and my oackage arrived as they said.

if you dont buy it from them, please find asolid pharma source.

you dont have to get it from them, but it will be nice to get a few guys get it from my source so we can compare the apple for the apple.

but get your source if you fell more comfortable , just make sure its the real thing in date and quality.

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It’s just proper follow up to keep sales coming and growing. had this with an Aliexpress seller of peptides as well, I see no wrong with it

Don’t be shocked an anabolic androgenic steroid company shows a fake address dude.

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the one and only way to make sure it’s real is to send a small sample to the lab for testing. There is no guarantees any of the source, including yours, is legit until it’ would get tested by anybody.


Where is a place we can test it. im all for it. Im after the truth.

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I ordered mine, but unfortunately didn’t find a place to test it in UK/Europe, but it’s easy to find in Canada/USA.

For example this lab testing drugs for free, I had some chat with them, they would be able to test pharma compounds too, but they have quite small reference database. I asked them if thye would be able to identify mifepristone, will see what they reply. Thats their previous reply:

It is possible that that the expected substance is not in our database, in which case we wouldn’t be able to identify it. If we knew the substance prior to testing we could check to see if it’s in our libraries. Otherwise we could determine the fillers and possible contaminants which might lend a clue to what we’re looking at.

It would definitely help to know what we’re looking for in advance.


Curious man. Love to hear your results.


Good stuff brother, love the diligent homework.
seems were going in the right direction.

ye but seems need to look for other lab.

Unfortunately we do not have either of those substances in our reference libraries. This is an issue that happens with a lot of the more novel and/or rare steroid-adjacent substances, as there doesn’t seem to be a lot of technical support or information around those in regards to infrared reference spectra.

fair enough

The difference between you and @Ronnie99 and @slick1 is that you are PFS from dutasteride when the two others who had lasting improvement are PAS.

Not only accutane and fin could have methylated different genes but from my understanding if you have AR issues regarding these substance in most cases PAS have downregulated ARs and PFS have upregulated ARs. So if what has been written about the impact on ARs of mifespristone is correct, (that it upregulated ARs) it is normal for PAS to improve with mifepristone. For PFS youi might upregulated them even further. It’s a bit like taking fin again, some feel some improvement for a bit and then feel worse.
This just my logic with the current info I have, I’m sure the mechanism are more complex.


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The only way to figure it out is by seeing the results on another, remember PFS doesn’t make sense anyway, so there’s a fair chance that the cure also won’t make any sense :joy:

Good question.

Please read the study below, and it shows what it done to bio markers in the brain loke you said. Its main mechanism of action is on the glucorticoid system and progesterone receptors.…including the fox O which is important in any person, and a few others, please have a good read.

If anyone has a truly legitimate source, we’re all ears. This stuff is impossible to find, much less a reliable source.

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