Methyl steroids as a treatment for sexual symptoms


I finished a couple days ago. Nothing worth mentioning. I know the dose wasn’t nearly as large as OP but if this was a step in the right direction I feel that I would have noticed at least a 1% change in a positive direction but that was not the case.


Unfortunately my neurologist JUST informed me that methyl steroid treatment “100% DID NOT help” with my total recovery from impotence.

So this thread should be deleted


Oh a doctor? Well then its 100%


If I may ask, what are you still seeing a neurologist for?


Because multiple members have participated in this post, it would be highly disruptive at this point to delete any content that might destroy the context of the conversation, and quite frankly, it would be unfair to others who spent their time contributing.

The thread will remain for reference in the event that others consider similar treatments. Now that you have stated your neurologist’s determination that the treatment had nothing to do with your recovery, future readers can take this into consideration.

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If you wouldn’t mind, could you explain how your neurologist reached this conclusion?


Did your neurologist suggest any other contributing factors to how your issues were resolved?


Nobody understands nothing, that’s for sure!

My neurologist says I am a “zebra” case - a “medical mystery”



Crazy, you’re not far from me. I live near concord mills


I’m in Raleigh, lol


have you been to duke urology? my hack urologist in charlotte referred me to them but when I called the nurse had no idea what finasteride was so I hung up the phone mid call


No, haven’t been there


@trav @ncsugrad

If you’re both near each other, you have the opportunity to consider seeking help together. I don’t think that there’s likely anything they could do for you, but if you present together, you at least might get taken more seriously.


I second this, strength in numbers.


Can’t say I disagree, but at this point I don’t really know what any doctor can do. We just don’t know what the answer is to this disease, prescription or otherwise, or we would have done it already


I agree, I just thought I’d suggest it if you collectively did want to seek medical advice since it sounded like it was being considered.


Great! If you’re near Charlotte NC, shoot me an email - maybe we can get together.

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