Melatonin safe? DO NOT TAKE MELATONIN!

Anyone familiar with melatonin safety with PFS?

I had to get up real early this wednesday and I used 0.1mg of melatonin.
All of my symptomes seem to have flared up since. I hope to will settle back.

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Bro I speak about my experience in the first time a got spf I take melatonina end valeriana for sleep I take this for 7 months. For me it’s a good job.
For you I don’t know

thanks brother, good to know it had positive effects on you.
I cant say for sure but I was doing better and now Im experiencing a flare up.
Only thing I did different was use melatonin?!

I don’t think bro. Go wolking. Relax… It’s to hard I Kwon… But one day all thing finish.

It hurt me too

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It is working well for me I am taking 10 mg extended release.

did your symptoms flare up as well?? were you able to get back to baseline?

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I had kidney pain, tremors, sweats, drooling and excessive urine. Things settled after a week

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brother I got the same, fricking sweats and tremors, it feels like some fever. Thanks for confirming this for me.

I thought I was going insane. my symptoms flared up big time… have to wait it out.

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The prescribing doctor and endo treated me like a lunatic when j told them. Do you have food intolerences and unable to take supps? That seemed to be the turning point for me with all this shit

Supps seem to make my symptoms worse

I havent used any supps for a while and seemed like I was improving.

Until I took a dose of 0,1mg melatonin this tuesday, because I had an appointment very early in the morning and couldnt sleep.

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They’re are very damaging for some of us. Early PFS years they didn’t trouble me at all. The last 6 years really on an ever increasing basis. I only found out i had PFS 2.5 years ago Hopefully you will improve soon Casual

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Hey @LazarusRy your case sounds so complicated, if you had the ability to fund the trip/medical bills have you considered visiting doctors abroad who treat difficult cases like Mayo Clinic for example?

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It’s getting to the point where I don’t know if I could navigate a trip like that my brain and related function has deteriated and I can’t step out of the house some days because of the emotional fallout and fog. I’ve had a few near misses outdoors. An American doctor has been suggested. Do you know anyone at the mayo clinic? My symptoms seem irrecoverable outside of gene therapy which isn’t on the cards. I thought about stem cell but think it could give PFS more power. Thanks

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@LazarusRy Yes I see that sounds difficult perhaps you could liaise with the institution you’d like to visit and organise a minimal effort transport plan, there would be plenty of sick people visiting those kinds of clinics from far flung locations with special needs (just an idea). Do you have any family members who might assist a potential trip?

No i don’t maybe your previous endo has some contacts? Or maybe your endo could send an email to someone at Mayo explaining your illness history? I believe @anonymous1968 was treated at Mayo, shoot him a message.

I think a problem with the UK health system, which is similar to the situation from where i am (Australia), is that there’s not always a will to investigate complicated cases due to bureaucracy and excessive regulation irrespective of context. Perhaps a trip is worth considering. Obviously such a trip won’t be easy to organise maybe it’s worth reaching out to someone close to assist.

I truely wish you all the luck in the world mate.

*also telemedicine is your friend maybe a remote appointment would be worth doing for a second opinion

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Cheers whathaveidone4669 ,

I’ve messaged him. I’ve got a sister who lives in South Africa which makes that a struggle and my estranged wife would be too afraid in case of upsetting her folks who curbed me big time since PFS took hold. Your quite right about the UK. I’m really so far down the road with this it’s destroyed everything that was once me so really appreciate the words of support. I hope things improve for you too mate and thanks again.

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It’s not over until the fat lady sings, don’t give up just yet.

Thanks for the kind words also v much appreciated


almost a week later and I feel a bit better now.


I felt like a trainwreck for the past week, straight crashed and burned after a 0.1mg dose. All symptoms flared up, had zero energy and was very depressed.

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Melatonin inhibit androgen receptor

Why do you always say things that you are convinced of, but that are not scientifically proven?

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