Maximum milk thistle

does anyone know the web url for natural wellness. I want to get the exact same one as joetz or maria.



Ii is:

I just ordered a 3 month supply for about $85


I would be careful which one you try and stick to the one MARIA and JOETZ are using, just to be on the safe side and to avoid any bad side effects. Just some friendly advice.

If you take 4 pills of maximum milk thistle it’s the same thing as taking three pills of ultra thistle. Purchasing either one is fine


How are you feeling? Have the positive effects worn off at all or are you still going strong? Good luck!

This is available in the UK. Anyone tried it?

Nature’s Best is not the same compound. The one I and Joetz are talking about is called Maximum Milk Thistle. In Europe you can only purchase that particular brand through The Nutri Centre. I buy mine in their London store. Otherwise you must call them and order it as it doesn’t appear on their website. I know they sell it though.

That’s the one!

Count me in. Just ordered mine. Should be here in 1 week. Will report results in 2 weeks.

Just about my initial experience with Maximum Milk Thistle:

In the beginning when I took MMT, I would sometimes crash in-between the doses. I take 3 capsules/day. However, these fluctuations/crashes vanished with time pretty fast. MMT makes blood plasma glutathione (a major antioxidant) levels raise sharply within 2 hours of taking it. I don’t know but I am guessing that these crashes had to do with building a reserve of glutathione. Now it never happens anymore. One way I avoided these crashes was to take the full dose right before going to sleep. That way I also noticed that I had MUCH better sleep, began to dream once again and I woke up refreshed.

I have taken MMT since April and I still benefit from it.

Has this helped anyone with shrinkage and specifically testicle shrinkage?


do u take all 3 before bed then and still doing so. do they need to be cycled at all?



Yes, I take all three before bed because it has such a good effect on my sleep. I have not tried to cycle or anything. I may raise the dose to see how it works.

joetz are you still having good effects?

About to join this small experimental club - my order has shipped.

I have long thought I needed something to help liver - the liver clears the body of excess hormones and in my case is having problems clearing estrogen. Milk thistle should help this although I have also read that it can have an estrogneic effect - GULP.

Has anyone using had any progress with shrinkage???

Good to see people coming together and trying something with potential

Still awaiting my bottle. In the meantime - does anyone know if this is alkaline or acidic. There have been suggestions that by raising pH of the body, this will allow the liver to do its job better, raise body temp, etc. Perhpas this is the mechanism for why this seems to work?

I don’t know if MMT has an alkaline or acidic effect on your body’s PH level. But lately I have experimented a few times with drinking about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of baking soda mixed with water before going to sleep. It is very alkalizing for your body. It helps me have a better quality sleep. But if I take too much (>1/2 tsp) I can’t sleep at all, so there is a fine balance. I gave some baking soda in water to my mom for her IBS a few days ago. She sad that it didn’t help her stomach noticeably, but it switched her into the best mood in half an hour, like the flick of a switch.

this link is for ultra thistle yet you used maxi thistle. is it the same thing?

It is the exact same stuff, both produced by Natural Wellness. The only difference, as Joetz explained above, is that Ultra Thistle has more extract/capsule and each capsule is therefor a bit more potent. I think Joetz actually called the company to confirm this.

Natural Wellness’s website is the following:

As you can see, they sell both Ultra Thistle and Maximum Milk Thistle and some other liver support supplements that I’d love to eventually try.

Popped my first dose last night. 3 pills all at once, 240 mg each. I woke up horny as a hound dog to put it bluntly. So far, so good. If any further benefits emerge, I will be sure to post.