Maximum milk thistle

Has anyone tried Maximum milk thistle? I have been on it a week per Maria’s recommendations and this supplement is just EPIC. I have tried other types of milk thistle and they have made me sick but there is something different about the way this particular brand is compounded. I felt much better hours after taking it and I have literally tried everything. Vitamin d, tongcat Ali, ashwaganda, turmeric, maca, HCG injections, pregnalonone, dhea supplements, t-gel, etc. none of this stuff helped like MMT.

I think PFS is a liver problem. There is something wrong with the way our livers are working. I recommend everyone try maximum milk thistle, report your findings in this thread. You will not be disappointed

Hey joetz good to see you back. just wondering what specific benefits are you seeing from maximum milk thistle?

what benefits have u seen please?


I am glad to hear something is making you feel better. I know you have been going through this for a long, long time now.

I was hoping you could provide the exact name, drug manufacturer etc. of the Maximum Milk Thistle. I am going to try this and I just want to make sure I get the exact one and do not take one that will knock me down further. Thank you very much.

Everything. PFS has been kicking my ass for YEARS
Better digestion
Clear thinking
Better sleep
More energy
Zest for life
Better sleep
Better libido

The company is called natural wellness
Be very careful. Other brands have made me feel worse

I am confused - all that I had read early said stay away from Milk Thistle.

I have been looking for something to aid the liver - for me this could be a key to reducing excess estrogen/etc.

I know what you mean. 99% of all milk thistle product will make you feel sick as a dog. I know because I tried some of them. This product is different. It’s some kind of extract, only part of the thistle.

“Milk thistle, Silybum marianum (Cardius marianus) (Fam. Compositae) fruit contains silymarin, a mixture of flavolignans including the isomer silybin, silicristin, and silidianin, of which silybin is the major component.” ~Drug Discovery Today Volume 14, Numbers 19/20 October 2009.

Maximum Milk Thistle have managed to patent its compound because they have done something that increases absorption by a ten fold. In addition, in contrast to other brands of regular milk thistle, which include ALL of the flavolignans, Maximum Milk Thistle only contains silybin.

Does it not raise estrogen?

what benefits has anyone seen. libido rise or sensativity improvements?

It seems to help with every single PFS symptom across the board. Even my blurry vision got better

Guys we need to get a few more people on board here. It’s not an expensive supplement. If we can help 5-6 people we’ll know we have something here. I’m amazed that people will spend thousands and get on a plane to let a foreign doctor poke their prostate with his finger but everyone is so skeptical with this.

im game. just finding where to get it

I thought Awor took some and it really screwed him up for a bit.


I ordered mine last night. The website is called:

It came to about $85 for a three month supply (less than your typical PFS blood test)


I am very happy to hear you sounding happy about your results. I know this is a long time coming for you.


Maria pointed out that this is the only brand which worked for her. All others made her sick, just as AWOR stated. Personally, I find AWOR to be a very legit source of information, but Maria explains why this one seems to work and I will be trying it shortly.

A huge thanks to Maria for pointing this out!


How does it affect estrogen?

Effects of silymarin flavonolignans and synthetic silybin derivatives on estrogen and aryl hydrocarbon receptor activation
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Received 2 June 2005; revised 13 June 2005; Accepted 23 June 2005. Available online 1 August 2005.

Silymarin, a standardized mixture of flavonolignans, or its major constituents could be effective for prevention and treatment of hepatic damage or skin cancer. However, their potential side effects, such as modulation of endocrine functions via the disruption of estrogen receptor (ER) and/or aryl hydrocarbon receptor (AhR) activation, are largely unknown. In the present study, we investigated impact of silymarin, its constituents and a series of their synthetic derivatives on ER- and AhR-mediated activities using in vitro reporter gene assays. We found that none of the compounds under study affected the AhR-mediated activity in rat hepatoma cells. Contrary to that, several compounds behaved as either partial or full ER agonists. Silymarin elicited partial ER activation, with silybin B being probably responsible for a majority of the weak ER-mediated activity of silymarin; silybin A and other flavonolignans were found to be inactive and potent ER agonist taxifolin is only a minor constituent of silymarin. To our knowledge, this is probably the first time, when receptor-specific in vitro effects of separated diastereomers have been demonstrated. In contrast to silymarin constituents, the synthetic silybin derivatives, potentially useful as chemoprotective agents, did not modulate the ER-mediated activity, with exception of 23-O-pivaloylsilybin. Interestingly, 7-O-benzylsilybin potentiated ER-mediated activity of 17β-estradiol despite possessing no estrogenic activity. In conclusion, our data suggest that estrogenicity of some silymarin constituents should be taken in account as their potential side effect when considered as chemopreventive compounds. These results also stress the need to study biological activities of purified or synthesized diastereomers of silybin derivatives.

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I would be interested in trying as well. I have looked for something to help liver and had looked into the Chinese bitters as well. However, I had seen warnings similar to Boston332 to stay away from Milk Thistle.

Also, looked like all Europeans who are trying…In the US this is sold by Amazon but seems to have been updated by a new product called UltraThistle which looks to be the same product but in a higher dosage:

Maria et al what do you think of this?