Masturbation once a day or once a week?

Hi guys,

It seems that orgasm has a huge effect on our system. I’ve reached a point after several years after my crash where I could potentially masturbate once a day - if I forced myself.

I just can’t figure out if masturbating/having sex regularly is good for the recovery… or if it should be kept to a minimum (once a week).

What are your experiences?


Personally, I don’t. Been better sexually since off pmo. Try to stimulate erection about EOD to ensure proper blood flow.

A week

Forcing yourself once a day doesn’s sound like a good idea. For all I know the norm is 1-3 per week(could be more, I guess, but if you really feel like that). Also regularity seems to be the key.

I have recently had an ultrasound prostate check and my urologist told me he noticed some changes in the organ associated with the lack of regular sex life. Tbh I was a bit surprised as I haven’t really long breaks (maybe a month or a bit more).