Massive improvement AFTER stopping DHT gel, need advice

Hello guys,
after taking a DHT gel (“Ultra Hard” from Iconic Formulations) for about three weeks, I have a massive improvement at 3rd day after I have stopped. I also do a ketogenic diet and DCT. The Pelvic floor pressure, flaccid scrotum and numbness are better than ever since this has started. Sperm count is increased, libido and morning erection coming back, even my respond to alcohol! I have this windows now one week and can’t believe this after nearly three years of suffering.
I think about to let it like this or to start another cycle, what do you think?


Happy to hear that and I hope it will improve even more. Could you tell me your hormone profile before starting UltraHard?

It was “normal” the doctor said. But my testosterone was dropped from something with 900 to something with 300, DHT even slightly increased.
But the lastest test is from late 2019.

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how about cognition ?

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Testosterone dropped significantly,
DHT stayed the same or even increased right?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Definitely better I would say. My brainfog was one of the few things that healed by itself, it took just over two years.
But I would say that I am not so fast as before, especially when it comes to calculating.


what does that mean ?

These hormones on paper means NOTHING for pfs/pssd. Its not an indicator of anything.

Ok sorry for asking guys… I dont know I was just asking?

you only took for 3 days? Cycle is meant to be 6 weeks?

How many pumps per day did you use?

I am on day 8 with only 1 pump per day. If I use more I feel worse. I will use it 3 more weeks and am looking forward what happens when I stop.

If it makes me better I will pause for 4 weeks and start the next cycle afterwards. That’s what I would do if I would be at your place as well.

I think what he was saying was that he really started feeling big improvements 3 days after stopping the cycle.

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ah right, thanks man

Im finishing 6 weeks on friday so will report back

Still lots of ups and downs but generally positive

What’s the theory on why this helped him?

@Trazohell What is DCT?

That’s good news. I hope this recovery continues to improve.


Dynamic contraction technic

Sadly, the improvements goes slowly back to my baseline on the eight day. But now I know it’s AR and has nothing to do with neurotransmitters. The PSSD people will still looking for a cure in 100 years if they continuine with such kind of theories, but these idiots banned me from their forum anyway :smiley:


Do you plan on taking another course of Ultra Hard?