Man I hope I didn’t change my life

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    5’4 165
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1 mg ( 4 days )

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4 days

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Jan 26, 2024

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JAN 30 , 2024

Age when you quit?


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Cold turkey
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First night

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Felt a very weird sensation in my penis and bladder area
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Time, and prayer
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I know this might be premature to write this, as I’m not even 3 months off the fin. I have been very insecure about my Hair for a while. I finally caved, and tried keeps out ( biggest regret ) The doctor told me the risk of side effects were minimal, given that in almost every case the side effects are “ reversed “ Man I wish I didn’t believe him.

I tried the Oral fin, and felt great discomfort in my penile area and bladder. However, I gave fin the benefit of the doubt and thought it would be mental. Over the next 3 days I had issues feeling sensation, and ejacuating. I was then struggling to get an errection, and I flushed the pills down the toilet.

I then persisted to have bad brain fog, and major anxiety. These symptoms have improved. However all the sexual ones are still persistent 12 days off. I can only get hard if I stimulate my John aggressively, and even then if I don’t, it immediately revert back. I then notice some shrinkage in my testicles, or at least suspect. Never really felt my balls in the first place .

As most would be, I’m very concerned about never being able to create a family, and find a partner that would accept me for being sexually disabled. There are days I can ejaculate a good load, and days I can’t get much out at all. I have slight improvement in sensation, but orgasms are very awkward in the feeling.

I’m very frighten about my future, and have been trying to stay as positive as I can. I know I’ve only been off 12 days , and am aware that there are many out there in worst circumstances, so I apologize and sympathize with those who may feel offended by me posting this. All I can think to to do is stay as healthy as I can, as I quit smoking weed, and am praying to the man up stairs to show me mercy.

I’m so sorry this happened to you. It’s early like you said, so just try to ride it out and hopefully it’s just the worst few weeks/months of your life. I would just caution to not try anything rash in an effort to get better and accidentally make things much worse, because as you’ve alluded to, with PFS there is ALWAYS a worse.

Quitting anything that might affect your brain chemistry is likely a good idea, it’s what I did, and see how much you recover naturally. There’s also many here working on important research for those that aren’t lucky enough to recover naturally.

Just be aware that recovery will take time if it comes, and you may fluctuate wildly. It may get much worse potentially, before it gets better. I don’t say this to try and scare you, I just want to help you to mentally prepare yourself.

Good luck.


Thanks a lot, I hope you’re in great health. I pray we all can make it out of this

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Noticing more erections lately, sometimes they’re strong, sometimes maybe 60%. I’m hoping this is a sign.

Still have low semen, if I jack off, I can get a good load out, but the 2nd time won’t be anything but a blank. The sensation is like maybe 50% orgasms still feel ackward.

Nothing a little bit of irritation around the balls too.

Not sure if anything means much. Went from not being able to get my John up, to getting up, still can’t masterbste consistently.

Going to take a break from fapping for a bit.

This is day 16 and am just praying this nightmare ends.

I suggest no masturbation or few these days,just wait a couple of months.


26th day sense my last pill.

Wish I could say I was doing better

My erections don’t last long, semen volume is still low asf, and insomnia has been rough only getting 3-4 hours a night.

Can’t really confirm if my balls shrunk, I would have to wait for a eruo to tell me tbh.

Almost a month off, and I’m feel like I’m flirting with having PFS. I feel like in general sexual symptoms will take a long time to recover if I’m lucky enough that they do.

I still get morning wood, if I were to have sex, haven’t in a very long time, my dick would have to constantly be stimmed to make it through.

I’m very worried about future, and this is the hardest thing I ever had to go through.

Even if im fortunate to make it through this, I won’t leave you guys, I will donate and help the cause. I just pray these symptoms can subside one day

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Hey man, first of all, im so sorry youre not doing well. Most people with adverse side effects get better, so the numbers are on your side here!

Do not reinstate fin, or try minoxidil, take saw palmetto, acutane, an ssri, or retinol, nor should you take large doses of vitamins, especially zinc.

Try to do deep belly breathing for at least 20 mins a day, and stretch using the methods outlined in A Headache in the Pelvis. If you exercise, do moderate intensity (dont go overboard), and if you want to engage in sexual behavior, maybe just wait a bit. Testing your dick out of panic doesn’t exactly facilitate an arousing state of mind.

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Thanks for your kind words and support, I hope you have made a lot improvements In your recovery.

I think the hardest part is just knowing that this was self induced. Tomorrow will be day 30, my 1 month anniversary of persisting sides.

Hard to find hope, when I see people on this forum with years of no improvement. Now when I look at women, 90% of the time it’s like looking at fucking tree.

I’m now starting a strict diet, most going to drink water and diet, crab-pomegranate juice. Will probably start getting back to my work out regime, as it’s been hard to find the motivation to do it rn.

I’m only ever horny like 10% of the day, where Ill stimulate an erection and the cum out very little semen of poor quality.

I’m talking to a girl rn, and I think she’s a virgin, so I’m a little safe from the bedroom rn. But shit it’s tough, I was aware of ED, as a side, I was also told that in almost every case, they get reversed.

Which, judging by this forum, is CLEARLY not true.

My heart goes out to all your warriors that have put up with this shit for years, and probably are rolling their eyes at my 1 month.

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Hey man, I know I can speak for everyone when I say that no one is rolling their eyes at you saying that youre one month into pfs. Moreover, I also know that everyone here wants you to get better. If you only have sides for a month, so much the better.

The good news is that most people do recover before three months, so it’s still way too early to say if you have PFS or not. For now, all we know is that you have post cessation side effects which are persisting. Furthermore, there’s still hope after the three month mark. Why?

Most people on fin don’t get sides. Most people who do get sides see them resolve upon stopping, or see them improve while on fin. Most people who have persistent sides see them resolve before or around three months. Many people with PFS after three months get better, but it takes time. After that, it appears to be much more long term in nature, but even still, I’ve read stories of people who get better after several years. Even the people who don’t get better after several years usally stabilize in their condition and find some way to live, albiet in a different way than before PFS. It’s not easy. But time and numbers are on your side.

It does hurt that this was self inflicted for many, you and myself included. There are also no obvious solutions once here. If you try some protocol to improve your condition you’re rolling the dice again, just like when we took fin, in that it might work, or it might not, or it could really crash you. Not doing anything is also a choice, but that has disadvantages as well. Time not spent acting could be time spent moving the needle towards recovery somehow. However, the vetiginous truth is that we are painfully, radically free to either act and try random protocols, which have largely gotten the community nowhere over 20 long years, or wait, donate to research, spread awareness, and together lift ourselves up and out of this horrible sorry state while finding ways to stay optimistic and grateful for the small wins in life.

We were delt a bad hand, but we have no idea what the future holds. Stay in the fight, dude. We’re all rooting for you.


If I were to get to 70-80% of what I once was I’d be estatic. I’ve seen how you only took .5 and got recked.

I took I think 3-4 1 mg pills, and my sexual function is crippled. I been striving in life before, with fitness, investments, working a dream job ( special ed educator )

And dreams of settling down and starting a family, I appreciate your words of inspiration.

I do find that the ones with sexual sides, usually are the most long lasting ones. I dunno I just been reading a lot of post, of people with zero improvements after years, and am just preparing myself for what can be my new reality sadly.

Regardless, if I beat this thing, I’ll donate and fight the cause.

Though I just wished I was warned that sides could be life lasting ,

The Dr on Keeps told me in extreme cases there were prolong side effects, but me being me, I figure that was a couple weeks or months, nothing permanent, or it wouldn’t be sold or available. Learned the deal side of the big pharm world.

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Even in a very bad case like mine where i felt negative side within hours and had a severe crash that left me bedbound, I’m significantly better than before.

I don’t have constant full body paresthesia, nor do I have muscle twitches, seldom ever really, and when I have a frequent urination day its maybe once every 2 hours instead of every 20 minutes.

To your point about sexual sufferers being the long haulers, I read a post of a guy who was fully impotent for quite a while and resigned himself to living as a eunuch, then fully recovered without intervention.

We can’t know what will happen, and so I agree that it helps to have a contingency plan in case things take a turn for the worse down the line. There is still a lot of hope, however.

Fin doesn’t appear to affect or mutate sperm, so even in the absolute worst case sexual function wise you could still have a family and children too.

Even if we don’t get better, we should donate. I still haven’t because I had to settle for a much lower paying job and am slowly losing money at the moment.

In any case, let me know if you ever need to talk. We’re all here for each other.

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For sure we can exchange info in the PM

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I’m pretty sure fin has been connected with fertility issues btw brother

Also after searching for sexual recoveries on this forum, very slim to none, and most with my sides are suffering after years.

Seems like hope is bleak, I know a member named like m_81 took the same dosage was me and he didn’t feel better into 5 years later.

Also all these recoveries are all different with a million supplements and diets. Just lost, morning the loss of my dick.

Could always adopt, but then again, hard to adopt as a single man, cuz what women wants a dude with a noodle dick.

Probably will take time away from this forum as I’ve been too obsessed with it sense my condition.

Too anyone that comes across this, best wishes and hope you’re well.

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It’s getting worst,

I have rumbles around the bladder area, and I’m pretty much completely inportent. This my 31th day off the drug.

Has anyone been through something similar, I feel like I’m just getting worst as time goes on

My life was going so well before these 4 pills.

I’m now render impotent, I can only sleep 3 hours a night. My bladder keeps making a rumbling noise. My brain gets foggy from so little sleep.

I can’t live a life like this, this drug has TAKEN so much from me, my dreams and aspirations.

My doctor told me he’s “ powerless to help me “

There seems to be no hope. I’m thinking of taking my own life. I can’t live knowing that I did this to myself. I know it’s only been 31 days but nobody seems to recover from the sexual sides. I checked out the survey and seen so many people not have just recovered after 1,2,3- 12 years.

I lost my mom when I was young, and honestly I just wouldn’t mind joining her right now. I’m sorry I’m not as strong as the warriors in here that have been dealing with this for longer.

hey man im in a very similar situation to you, where I only took 4 pills 3 months ago, and things haven’t changed much. For me its the mental symptoms that bothering me the most, where at this point I’m basically bed bound, and obviously destroyed every part of my life.

I too have definitely thought of ending things. But I’m giving my self around 18 months. If I don’t have any improvements I will most probably end things.

I’m here to tell you that you have to keep pushing for atleast a year before deciding anything. Who knows maybe you could improve substantially during that. There are definitely cases where after first 2 months or so things improved quiet alot.

I also believe your suicidal thoughts are due to lack of sleep. Humans can’t survive without sleep. So I would take medication to atleast help out your sleep. Maybe melatonin or something like that. I remember when I had insomnia and caused me to go to psychosis. So sleep would atleast help you in that department to help think more rationally.

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Could we talk ?

I started finasteride 10 years ago today…It’s still getting worse…

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I’m sorry brother, I pray god heals you