Man I hope I didn’t change my life

As a seven month old (and short term victim), I can give you some advice, don’t let your brain rule your life, approach exercise and orgasm appropriately (lift weights when possible), based on how you respond to them Adjust in moderation but never stop, force yourself to go to the gym, don’t take antibiotics if possible and don’t take probiotics, low dose vitamin D and carnitine can help a little, maybe try creatine from the lowest dose (1g) Not a bad idea (but I had a very very bad reaction to taking 5g), stay away from fucking herbs and any sleeping pills, melatonin is allowed, I think moderate alcohol is allowed, don’t focus too much on food, eat anything normally (Pay attention to the dosage, but stay away from dangerous foods often mentioned in forums). Stick to it for a year, record your situation every month, and closely detect changes in hormone levels. If there is no progress in a year, undergo hormone treatment (hcg is the first choice).

If you don’t have depression and fucking anhedonia don’t even think about suicide , everyone suicide on this forums has these issues. I would address your sleep issues first consider low dose meds and throw the dick in the trash first , if you still have mental problems after the sleep problem is solved, continue to solve it until only the dick problem is left

Consider killing myself?

If you’ve tried everything and nothing gets better I think this is an option but until then it’s a capital NO, don’t put yourself out there by reading other people’s stories, it’s your story and no one knows you Will there be a sudden and miraculous recovery? Besides, I’m not that optimistic. If you really can’t accept your complete impotence, when even living is a pain for you, I think this may be an option.

Dam man, non faith at all I can get better ):

Any advice on what you’ve taken to get better. Look, I don’t want to die, I was in a dark place last night.

Sorry, did not see your previous comment about advice

Now I have the screech tinnitus in my ear,

Does this go away anyone ???

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It definitely can go away or lessen in severity

I’ve had mine literally all over the place

Unfortunately anxiety makes it worse however of course it’s difficult to relax in that state

But yes of course I can’t tell you that it will definitely BUT for me and others there’s definitely improvements that are possible

So at least there’s good hope for that my friend

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Yeah I went to sleep and it seems it has gone away for now. Thanks for the insight

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And it’s back….

At least it quieting down showed you it can fluctuate which means over time maybe even short that it will get better

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Seems loud right now, this is my 33rd day off and this just happened, giving me less hope that I’ll have a natural recovery

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Some guys takes months

Everyone’s different

Me? I took about 6 weeks to get back to normal ish
Then maybe 5 months to go from say 80%
To about 95-100%

I can’t tell you all the ways I was fucked yo
I begged God to make it go away
Eventually it did
Tumor gotta be strong very very strong in this time and don’t let self doubt take you out my friend

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Back to normal from PFS or just the timmitus

I was speaking about the tinnitus

But it can also be about that as well
Just take it easy on yourself

Watch comforting things
Go for walks
If you need to sit and talk with someone do so

It’ll get better
And don’t experiment and watch what you eat

Keep it as clean and boring as possible if you can

I would HIGHLY recommend to stay away from creatine. It had extreme effects on me, even in small dose. There are many cases of people taking creatine on this forum and having negative effects with one user, westside, describing it as “his worst mistake other than finasteride”.

Will be at 2 months off my 4 doses.

An update

I stopped smoking weed throughout the 2 months off. This week I just started to cut back on sugar and am trying to eat natural foods, nothing from a fast food joint.

Sadly during 5th week I developed tinnitus in my right ear. The levels of volume changed throughout the day.

There are days I experience so bad prostate pain.

My scrotum sags a lot and my testicles change in size and fullness throughout the days.

Libedo has increased a bit, I can think of attractive women and have an urge.

Errections have improved somewhat, they come up without stimulation. Still get working wood, not as strong as pre fin.

Errections do go away faster, especially if I stand up.

Semen quality has improved a little, still watery but I’m notice a lot more white and thickness in it.

However semen is still low, if I ejaculate a 2nd time through out the day the semen is very low. Might be issues with my prostate.

My body has some time type of panic attack shock at work the other day. Could have been anxiety induced, I’m not too sure.

Sleep has improved, some days are great, others not so great, but have been probably getting 4-6 hours more frequently instead of 2-3.

Numbness is still present, but I I’m sensitive enough in the tip to enjoy some pleasure, albeit not to pre fin standards.

Still pushing and trying to live as healthy as possible, low and slow exercise, with water, coffee, and diet soda.

Anyone reading this I hope you recover from this drug

Well it’s been 2 months.

Tinnitus has been bugging me more lately.

Sex sides have improved maybe very slightly.

A very slight increase in libedo but if I wank once or twice it will go away til the next day.

Penis feels lighter than pre fin.

Sperm has maybe improved very slightly but is still shit.

Numbness is still there for the most part

Sensitivity maybe has improved a tiny bit.

Insomnia, the quality of sleep isn’t great, I’m always having lucid dreams. Can probably get 5 hours in a night, but that’s after waking up in the middle of the night.

Errections maybe have improved a tiny bit,
They get real soft after I fap, and they’re not really strong unless I go days without fapping.

Trying to hang in there the best I can, this disease is horrible, but I don’t want to submit to it, despite losing a lot of motivation.

In 30 days it’ll be official that I have PFS, although I’m very sure I do given the severity of my symptoms already to this point.

Best of luck to all those that read this, I keep you all in my prayers every night.


Wish I could give better news but a couple days a go I made several attempts on my life.

I stabbed myself multiple times in the stomach, and try to suffocate myself.

The pain of this disease, the regret, it all got to me and so as much as the anxiety attacks.

I sense have seeked help, and am receiving it.

My eyes got red recently, I’m pretty sure it could be from the stress and from trying to suffocate myself.

My penis is wrecked though

I can’t sleep

Tinnitus is tolerable.

But this is just hell, a couple pills of fin and January and my life has been hell ever sense.

I hate my life

The first 3-7ish months were unrelenting, but now at 13 months out im like 80% recovered. Please hang in there. There is a lot of hope for positive change.

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