Making the use of cosmetic drugs like Propecia and Accutane shameful and embarrassing

I’m beginning to wonder if the best way to combat future finasteride and accutane use is to socially stigmatize them, the way pharmaceuticals in general used to be shamed. Certainly we can’t expect much from the government or the FDA. Maybe this would involve going on hairloss subreddits and forums and trolling them, among other things. And not to be transphobic, but perhaps strongly associating the drugs to gender transitioning would discourage heterosexual men from using them. Not a lot of people know how fin has been used as an anti-androgenic drug for trans women.

The most ideal solution is to ban them outright, but that’s probably not happening anytime soon. One other tactic might just be to make it taboo to take them in the first place. Anyone on board with this idea?

The only way to create an artificial social stigma is with media influence. But only those already in power have control over that.

only those already in power have control over that.

I disagree. Media influence is easier to obtain today than ever. Anyone can create a video. We are seeing more and more DIY videos from users here. We are also seeing mainstream media appearances - from brilliant people like @luckydevil. There is growing interest in our cause and we are making a bigger push now to get the necessary attention.

I don’t think this would be an effective strategy simply because you cannot socially stigmatise that which isn’t overtly visible to others. People use finasteride “privately”; many do not disclose to others that they use the drug.

The best way to discourage potential users of the drug from taking it is to express what has happened to you and to share the studies, some of which prove molecular level differences between pfs patients and control groups. Sharing one’s story can be done through our YouTube project

or even making a thread on an active hair loss forum stating what has happened to you is valuable. Be aware though, It’s generally a waste of time trying to argue with hair loss forum posters about pfs. Just posting your experience is enough. Trying to stigmatise young men using FDA approved treatments as using “tranny drugs”, which some already do on hair loss talk, is a bad look and probably just makes people take you less seriously.


Absolutely not. This is actually a horrible idea for a number of reasons. And it won’t work anyways, we don’t have the influence over media and culture in the way large corporations do.

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Another thing, it’s only a very, very small percentage of people that get these side effects. As much as we may not like to admit it, there’s simply no getting around the fact the majority of patients have no issue, and are even helped by these drugs. So, we’d always be outnumbered by a large number of users who have been successfully helped with their hair loss and acne and won’t be receptive to this. And they’ll have the backing of big pharma if we were to try to wrongfully shame them, the innocent users of these drugs.

Secondly, even if it could work (it can’t), there’s nothing in it for us. I mean, we already have the permanent side effects, so simply stigmatizing Finasteride use or banning it wouldn’t even do anything for us. We now know that other drugs may cause this as well, or even natural supplements, such as saw palmetto.

So, a better option is to simply push for research to find a cure, that is, to actually find out what causes this syndrome and how to treat and prevent it.


I’m surprised at how many people think isotretinoin sides are rare, isn’t that why they try to give lowest as possible dosages?

Was fin for trans women? OMG

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I’ve been thinking a bit how best to bring this up on social media.

Again, remember that only ~1% of people get PFS. Perhaps it’s more, but we’ll always be outnumbered by people who don’t get it.

Instead of coming across like some of these alternative health people, ranting about toxic pharmaceutical drugs, or emphasizing that it’s intrinsically immoral to take cosmetic drugs, it’s better to evoke sympathy from people who don’t have have PFS.

Respect that they may not have side effects, but let them know we’re available should they get them, or PFS, and that research on PFS is in their interests as current patients even if they don’t have any issues with finasteride or accutane at the moment.