Maintain erection

Can we make a list of herbs/supplements that help to maintain an erection ?

Its hard for me to maintain one and I lose it fast without stimulation.

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I’m just thinking about going for PDE5s but they’re only a bandaid.

I’ve been looking into Horny Goat Weed, though, it is a natural PDE5. Sadly I have no experience with it so can’t confirm or deny it’s effectiveness.

do you have experience with some supps or vitamins? is there anyone that has some positive experience? perhaps cialis?

Viagra worked for me through my 20s to let me function like I could prior to crashing. I kept the dosing as low and infrequent as possible because it made my eyes bloodshot and sinuses feel puffy.

It’s much less effective now and the quarter of 100mg doses don’t seem to do much except give me side effects.

Cialis didn’t seem to do anything, neither did goat weed.

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For supplements, maybe give l-arginine a try. Cialis may work too, it worked for me.


Did L-Arginine work or Cialis?

Can you buy these over the counter?

EDIT: just ordered some L-Arginine, going to test it …

Viagra/cialis/all those supplements didint do anything for me, you need to able to get aroused for it to work. No libido = dead dick.
And even when I somehow can get it half functioning it only lasts for like 0-3 minutes and the feeling is just not there, feels like a piece of rubber.
So I would say don’t waste your time on viagra and cialis, that’s not the answer.
Also those compounds have some nasty side effects for your eyesight and heart.

I am currently myself trying: Iodine/butyrate (2 kinds)/L.Reutiri. I’ll give it like 2 maybe 3 weeks before moving on to proviron I think.


Probably worth trying to train yourself to maintain by edging or whatever else you can do.

im going to try low dose of l-arginine, I can get an erection its just not 100% strong and hard like pre-fin. As soon as I stand up my erection goes away fast.

Dont want to try viagra though.

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perhaps try it?

what do you mean by edging?

Same here.

I can always get an correct erection if needed, but if I stop the hard sexual focus + stimulation for a few seconds, it fades aways.

If I get up, fiuuuuuuuuu gone in 5 seconds.

**** this

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I had PFS for 5+ years and cured it with testosterone. My ED is mostly gone but I still take daily 5mg cialis. (I mail order it for like 0.50c a pill) fixing my estrogen to testosterone ratio on TRT was the biggest thing. I’m sure you have probably checked your hormones but if not, your free testosterone may be low or you have low estrogen. In the past Viagra gave me headaches and was not always sufficient. I switched to cialis which was a lesser headache. During my worst years I started using Trimix. It sounds scary but it’s an actual tiny injection in the side of your penis. You use micro needles and there is actually no pain. Freaks most people out but I personally love sex and Trimix is a guaranteed 1 hour erection haha. If you enjoy sex and have some balls, find a doctor that will prescribe Trimix :slight_smile: if you really want to go herbal. L-citruline and l-arginine will increase NItrous oxide similarly to viagra but it’s not even close

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that sounds like my current issue, how long are you off fin?

im 5months off now, i still hope to see improvementz :frowning:

physically im back in good shape, but i still got ed.

Since when Cialis is fixing estrogen to testo ratio??

Btw my testo is high, estrogen I’ll know soon, and i didn’t test free T but i have so much muscle, low bodyfat, 6 pack, big flaccid penid ect, is it even worth testing it?

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I fixed it with TRT

once you start you cannot quit.

I feel a little bit too young to start TRT