LSD completely cured my sexual side effects.. for 1 day

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read the EDIT at bottom for my first sex related LSD story
English is my third language so excuse my bad grammar sometimes.

I have sexual anhedonia,
hard to get proper erection,
low penile temperature even while sexual intercourse (especially head of penis),
penile numbness,
low libido,
no penis-brain connection,
orgasms without sensation(sometimes better, sometimes worse but never as good as it used to be)

These are just the ones I can name from the top of my head. I think I literally have the whole spectrum of sexual sides and I feel like they hit me particularly hard. and I got neurological ones too (anhedonia, depression, more)

because of finasteride (I only took it for a month when I was 17 and naive)

I’ve had it for years now. Years of not enjoying anything related to sex, but I still masturbate every couple of days. I don’t know why, maybe out of routine. I just do it. I never really get horny and then go look for porn like I used to. I go look at porn first to just get kind of “horny” (no actual stimulation, feel emotionless while I do it) and jerk one out. all routine. My brain thinks it will get something better than it’s actually getting.I probably subconsciously remember what jerking off used to be like before PFS and that’s what I’m chasing probably. I could really live without it. When I ejaculate I almost feel nothing in my penis and my brain.

Now to the actual story.


With that said: I took 150ug of LSD and had a really bad experience. Unfortunately I had a bad trip.

At some point I fell asleep and the next day, when I was “sober” (still didn’t feel sober of course, but no more direct “tripping” effects from the LSD), I decided to jerk off to some porn and I couldn’t believe what it felt like. again: wasn’t tripping anymore at this point, this was in the all in the morning after the trip, I could still feel some effects but not the extent I did in the evening before

It was actually m-i-n-d-b-l-o-w-i-n-g (can’t find a better phrase to describe it lol. I was actually baffled). It felt like I was cured of all sexual anhedonia I was plagued with for the past years. I’ll go a bit into detail.

I had it all back:

  1. penile sensitivity felt like it increased 5 fold. It was intense I’m not even joking (almost couldn’t jerk off 10 seconds at a time because I’d ejaculate lol) My penis was really warm and I don’t know how to say it …I just felt all the warmth in my dick and all the sensitivity… really don’t know how to word this… even a bit to sensitive at the head!!. (never thought I’d say anything like “too sensitive” in correlation with my dick ever again lol) but I wasn’t mad about it.
  2. brain-penis connection was finally back (really important!!!), porn did something for me it hasn’t done in a long time. I felt aroused and I could finally get horny again. Not the superficial type of horny you get when you just jerk off because it’s your nightly ritual. I felt like I was 16 year old me again, high off my ass, the way I was switching from video to video lol. Just really stimulating, can’t put it into words. I felt like an animal lol. just felt extremely fucking horny again since a LOOOONG time. like damn. really imaginative, really awesome. It felt like my hand was almost moving by it self, I legit couldn’t control my self.
  3. extremely pleasurable orgasm (I’m saying extremely for a reason here. I literally felt EVERYTHING, like when I didn’t have my condition at all. I didn’t think I’d feel a pleasurable orgasm ever again in my life.) I felt the orgasm in my dick and my brain ( important!!)
  4. rock hard, big, warm erection my dick looked the biggest in a long time. absolutely no problem maintaining an erection. It worked by it self. I could just think about something stimulating, like a naked girl, and instantly I could feel getting a erection. No need to even touch my self. I could get a boner with thoughts. I was gassed. still am.
  5. Libido higher than in years. had sexual thoughts again. Went back to back.

Everything just felt right. Like there was actually nothing wrong with me. I couldn’t believe it. Still can’t.

Some bad news: I don’t know if I will want to try to recreate that experience again. The risk of having another bad trip on LSD is not worth a day of these orgasms. I think… I don’t know.

I have to remember that these feelings don’t last. Orgasms can’t make you happy forever but one too many bad trips can mess you up for a while.

I’m making LSD sound prober bad right now… I want everyone to be safe I’m kinda biased because of my bad trip. I shouldn’t have tripped in the headspace I was in the first place. But I feel OK now.

Do your own research and if you feel like taking it make sure you feel safe, are in a good set and setting, etc. then take it. I know some of you are now interested in trying LSD but if you really want to take it. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH. I don’t want to demonize it but I also don’t want some young kids jumping heads first into an LSD trip without proper knowledge on the drug So yeah…

my orgasms felt the same as they used to the next day but I wasn’t suprised. I was more grateful that I could experience this feeling again in such a long time rather than being mad that it hasn’t completely cured me.

It also gave me something else and I know this sounds corny but:


there is still the possibilty of pleasurable fullfiling orgasms (and I believe for everyone). I’m not unsavably, permanently fucked like I thought. I thought I’d never experience a normal orgasm again. But I did. and you best believe I jerked off as often as I could that day. Every time was incredible but of course always a bit less than the time before. But the first time was really just… fucking hell…

Kinda regret not banging a hooker that day LOL. Sex would have been so amazing probably.

(sorry for being so descriptive btw, but I hope some of you understand my excitement, can’t get that feeling across another way. I’m really not over-exaggerating here.)

Anyone got similar experiences? Anyone know why that even happened. Have you ever experienced this? I want this forever for god sake.



EDIT: I forgot to mention this is the second time I’ve tripped on LSD and had positive sexual effects but the first time I jerked off while I was still fully tripping on 100ug. But back then I didn’t know what exactly was wrong (PFS) with me, so I didn’t reflect as much as I did upon this time.

I vaguely remember that it was realllly nice also and really similar to the time I described in this huge text just now, but it got a bit blurry. This new LSD experience kind of refreshed memories from that old jerk off session. I can remember that I felt really aroused by the porn I was watching (that shit really doesn’t happen to me normally, I swear.) but I was also kind of weirded out by the porn acting. I could see all the fakeness because I was just full on tripping on LSD haha. I remember that vanilla porn got me really aroused. And the fetish stuff even more.(nowadays I don’t really experience that anymore, every porn feels the same)I remember I was watching completlely random bondage videos (and that stuff isn’t even on my fetish list) but I liked it so much I just kept watching the whole video. I even still have a clear Image in my had from that video. I was really invested. i don’t have that anymore (nowadays I just want to get it over with) but I can say that was my favorite sexual experience I had while suffering from PFS, right after the one this text is orignally about.

The thing that made it even more special the second time I was tripping was that additionally I hadn’t jerked of like 5 days prior. The first time I was just in the normal daily routine. I have often not masturbated for many days and then when I jerked it again, let me tell you it doesn’t feel the same as I described.


Had sexual anhedonia, penile numbness, low libido, no penis-brain connection, orgasms without much sensation(sometimes better, sometimes worse but never as good as it used to be) because of a anti hairloss medication called finasteride for YEARS.

Took 150 uq of LSD and the day after the trip I had an amazing orgasm that felt like I had no sexual anhedonia AT ALL. felt like I was 16 again, high off weed and just jerking it like there’s nothing else in the world. Everything was back to normal for that day. The feeling subsided but it gives me a feeling that there is still hope for us.


Interesting. Thank you very much for sharing. Yet another indication that our numbness is rooted in the brain rather than in peripheral nervous system. In other words, that even though it feels like we have the kind of numbness that you get from something like Novocain, in fact those nerves are all firing just fine. The dysfunction is within the brain.

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I also took LSD 1 year ago. At that time my libido was already cured a long time ago but my orgasm was still rather shitty.

It didn’t work. My orgasm actually was worse on lsd. But at the same time I was somehow even more aroused than normally. My mood was also off the charts. Also strong romantic thoughts and feelings about a girl I know. But the orgasm was crap. It’s literally the only symptom I can’t fix. Very frustrating.

This year I recovered at least the good feeling in my dick during orgasm. But I feel zero good feeling in my brain.

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Very interesting. Maybe try a low dose of DMT to see if it replicates these effects, duration is only 5 minutes.

I intend to try high dose DMT and Ketamine for emotional blunting if I don’t get better and hopefully restore some brain connection in places that may have lost it.


Another example how PFS is most likely neurological

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I’m not fucking with DMT but I took a bit of 2-FDCK (ketamine like research chemical) and smoked just a tiny amount of weed.

I went on to rewatch rick and morty and I was the most satisfied I have felt in a long time. not completely cured of my anhedonia but I felt really content to be chilling at Home and be watching that show. normally anhedonia prevents me from enjoying anything.

gonna try to recreate this when I can get my hands on real ketamine.

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I’m no expert but after dabbling with mdma and researching what lsd does, it could’ve definitely been just a seratonin fix for a period of time. I know after raving having an afterglow effect libido has returned for almost a week straight and then back to normal. which is strange because an increase in serotonin usually leads to sexual complications than fixes.

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Before I had PFS I used to binge on ketamine and watch Rick and Morty lmao, quite funny that you said that. The reason Ketamine immediately come to mind is because I remember a few weeks after taking it I’d feel an afterglow, it would just be a general good mood a lot harder to feel down and upset and like life is generally just more enjoyable.

Anyone who is interested in Ketamine treatment, not even to take it but just curious, I heavily recommend this video. It shows the power of this new and amazing medicine that is coming to the general public soon. It also provides us with an option to treat depression without having to give out SSRIs which is something we should all be happy about, less sufferers have to be made.


Psychedelics are weird. They kind of look exactly like the serotonin molecule and work on the serotonin receptors. They’re not really blocking the reuptake of serotonin so there is more of it kind of like SSRIs are. Brainscans show psychedelics make parts of the brain communicate and light up that normally wouldn’t in certain situations, thats promising as it might restore some lost connections in us.

MDMA is also shown to be super effective in PTSD patients, PTSD occurs due to epigenetic changes as a result of trauma, this could mean MDMA might induce epigenetic changes that are positive rather than negative. Offsetting the damage done by bad epigenetic changes. It is neurotoxic though so once every 3 months is maximum I can recommend it, consult Rollsafe.

MDMA floods the brain with serotonin and blocks the reuptake but unlike SSRIs you’re not in a persistent state of reuptake blocked serotonin for months, which I personally believe is what makes antidepressants so bad.

Remember guys, if bad epigenetic changes can fuck us over who is to say good ones can’t improve our quality of life? Theres people who got their emotions back through shrooms or so I’ve read. And Mike Tyson claims he was a sociopath with no empathy before DMT lol, I always felt extremely compassionate for a while after psychs.

It might be possible to bring compassion and other emotions back with recreational drugs.

Only time will tell, I do intend to test a lot of these theories out in the future.

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nice dude. you’re doing gods work :slight_smile:

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Don’t those drugs drain your serotonin not increase it?

Psychedelics absolutely help me in terms of general mental health.

I have a good strong batch of LSD I take from time to time.

Does nothing for sexual sides, but it absolutely helps you have a better perspective on life.

Its really surprising how much the modern world is a cancer and this kinda stuff helps you see that

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Can say I did ketamine this weekend and I can report positive benefits:

  • Acceptance - I’m no longer beating myself up over taking fin, I’ve acknowledged it happened and I was always gonna end up on it one way or another. Regret isnt constantly flooding through my mind anymore

  • Emotions - This may be completely unrelated given it’s been a month off fin but since doing ket last week I feel like my empathy started to kick back in, ibe always been incredibly over empathetic to the point of it driving me suicidal (I hated seeing animals suffer etc) and that had completely depleted and empathy stopped fueling my life. However after ketamine I’m no.lomger a psycho robot who’s fuelling on no emotion, there is a glimpse of sympathy and compassion that steers the way I act again. I hope one day I can wallow in regret/sadness due to my extreme empathy but who knows if it will return. Once again this could’ve been natural recovery but I do think my psychedelic drug background has contributed to developing my empathetic personality in the first place so who says it couldn’t bring it back?

I almost certainly have PFS because nowadays I smell completely different, my pubic hair is greying and my dick is definitely dysfunctional so please don’t dismiss this as “oh he didn’t have pfs” I assure you what else would cause these physical changes?

This definitely needs more looking into by me before I’ll recommend it, firstly I did only moderate doses I’ll need to test higher doses even up to khole for true understanding. Plus I only had a session for a few hours, it would be more optimal to increase this time. Finally the setting was a fun hotel watching films with friends not a reflective sit down and think (even though I did mildly), I think if you sit and think about your problems you’ll get better results on ketamine.

Far from a cure but better than nothing. Really hoping blunted emotions isn’t something I’ll have to permanently deal with, I really liked the old me :confused: It’s still there under a shell (I act the same way and behave the same way) but now as stupid as it sounds I can turn off emotions and ignore them rather than act on them. I will consider my emotions recovered once they become strong overwhelming urges again. I think mild progress can be accomplished with ketamine but true psychedelics like DMT might be a more optimal answer.

In the world of neuroscience. Nothing is known, it’s the beginning of neuroscience. These chemicals may full well have healing properties beyond our comprehension. Consciousness may only exist because animals at some point at a wacky psychoactive leaf that changed the way their brains would develop.

I believe if someone does enough psychs they can prime their brain to enjoy life/experience things and emotions more than the average brain can

But hey, I’m just some random guy on the internet who takes drugs. Maybe this project will give meaning to my pfs, help others.

Full threads will come when I experiment enough. Once again be skeptical and DO NOT take anything without proper research and precaution. I would advise not doing anything I’m doing at all (EDIT: There isn’t a big enough sample size to be honest to know whether people will crash from these drugs, I recommend ignoring what I have edited to be in italic) but I don’t see people saying they crashed from ket/md/LSD where as some of the stuff recommended on here is 50/50 you might crash.

Merry Christmas and happy new year you beautiful bastards Love JA

Dude this is amazing, what kind of lsd you have used? I used 1p-lsd but never experienced anything like this. Did you also gain back your flaccid and erect penis size to pre-pfs levels? Like no shrinkage, smaller penis or whatsoever? This sounds good because our issues may not be permanent if you really felt 100% back…
Most important how long you have been suffering? And are you sure you took pure lsd?

Man I wish I knew how to get these drugs
I’m such a nerd I would not even know where to begin

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You can buy just about anything on the dark web.

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It is very unlikely it will work on you. And i also recommend Magic Mushrooms over LSD. Magic Mushrooms have been studied for its health benefits. You can order a grow kit from Amsterdam to grow your own mushrooms.

I know it works for me because I ordered some magic truffles from the Netherlands and took .1 gram

No trip or side effects, just three days of no pfs and feeling like a million bucks

I tried to reorder but customs keeps seizing my packages

I’m so pissed.


dude do you have mental side effects like anhedonia from pfs? Did it help you with that?

Nice that it worked for you :slight_smile:

For me the mental side effects have also always felt worse than the sexual ones.

It really sucks when you go from an overly empathetic person like us to having no empathy at all. I couldn’t even force myself to be empathetic if I wanted to and back then it was just something I couldn’t stop.

We should do drugs together some time lol

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