Labs and 5ar tests

Has anyone heard of or used this lab before? Would we expect to learn anything new from taking their test?
Are they unique in what they’re doing?


Looks interesting and certainly the most relevant laboratory company that I’ve seen yet.

We need a patient to approach this company and ask for the tests.

Anyone live close to Seattle and willing to go see them?
I’m willing to contribute $25 dollars towards the costs (ideally paid for by the foundation if other people want to contribute too).

If we can get even a small number of people on this forum to contribute, it may be enough to get the ball rolling.


I live in Portland Oregon and I’m about 2 1/2 hours away

Would be nice if someome can make thlse test I can contribute also via paypal

I’d contribute $25 as well


Woah, this could provide major insight into our issue. Willing to contribute as well. Does one need to actually be there physically or can labs be mailed in? Anyone know what the cost is?

I’ve reached out to them to provide the name of any NYC local doctor or collection service where I can go to leave a specimen for analysis, and to find out what the labs cost. Hopefully, it’s not in the thousands, and that they provide something beneficial.

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Thanks for reaching out. I’m serious about contributing if it turns out to be beneficial

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I may be mistaken, but isn’t this test simply testing a series of commonly testable hormones and attempting to predict the degree of 5ar activity rather than measuring 5ar directly?

orthogs, you may be right.

I was more interested in the test in the metabolites profile

I was hoping that the lab conducts molecular genetic analysis tests, rather than blood tests/urine tests. This would need checked

Some related topics:

There was once a big thread on this site where many posted results from a 24-hour urinary steroid assay offered by Rhein Labs showing abnormally low 5-ar activity among PFS patients and myself (PAS patient) but I can’t seem to find it now.

It’s too bad supplementing DHT doesn’t fix this. I remember back in the day when this was believed to be a possibility and I believed I had finally found a way out.

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For some reason, they have no doctors performing these tests is NY. The nearest is several hours away, in Pennsylvania. It may be faster and cheaper to fly California and do the tests there. Can anyone from the foundation reach out to them to see what the challenges are in having a test taken and samples submitted in NYC?

Did anything come of this? I live a $2 bus ride away from this clinic.


This sounds intetesting if someone could visit here and make a summary on what they have to offer.

@ihatefin I’m still willing to help with costs if someone gets this test

I will get in touch with them and report back

We had a thread a few years ago about 5ar levels. They were all over the place.

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Spoke with the lab and I am willing to schedule a draw and pay for it, if it will help us at all. Here is a copy of the sample report… I guess perhaps some of the metabolites would be interesting to know?


Yeah I think this is very interesting, please do and let us know more.