Kidney disease - any help?

Hi guys

I was wondering this forum had any more to offer on the kidneys

My uric acid has come back sky high

Aside from all the other standard pfs symptoms I urinate 10 times a day/night, have extreme fatigue and also swollen trunk and legs


I been trying to get help for years and been posting all my symptoms and theory of kidney problems…So far nothing from nobody.

Have you had tests from your GP done etc?

Everything I could from mark Gordon and what my gp would do…They won’t go along with much not even a prescription for clomid…Gordon helped some with try read my blog posts here…I got more help eating baking soda which lead me to the kidney…

If j were to go outside and mow my yard right now I would swell up like a balloon with busting headaches etc…I have gained 100lbs of fluid…

That’s why I am wondering if this as actually been observed and documented in rats in the above thread couldn’t it be checked in humans kidney? What would the side effects of such damage of kidney from finastride consist of?? Because so far a Ton of listed kidney disease symptoms I have…

This is insane- I’ve had clear urine for quite some time now since I’ve been dealing with pfs- I can literally drink nothing for 16 hours straight and my urine will still be clear. It takes extreme dehydration to even get a bit of green/yellow on there. I recently experienced a brief almost full recovery and immediately my urine color changed to normal. I don’t think they’re permanently damaged per se- if they were we’d have much more obvious signs (although pfs has affected people to different degrees of course)- it’s more like there’s just some kind of signal missing that needs to be supplied…


I’ve had one instance where my egfr went from 56 then up to 98 in a span of 5 days.

Sorry to hear all this, gentlemen. Hope things change soon. I seem to be the opposite. I recently had to track urine/bowel movements for 2 days (Pelvic Floor Therapy Survey) and I seem to be peeing every hour or two. Large amounts too. I filled just over two containers on latest 24 Hour Urinary Cortisol Test. Out of curiosity, did you start like me then start retaining water? Or, did you start retaining water from the get-go? I assume for all of us, whichever end of spectrum, this is Kidney related. I have occasional lower back pain as well.

Sorry to hear that, but glad you had the recovery (however fleeting). Again, you appear to be the opposite of me. I hope to have urine clear or mostly clear soon. My pee is always a darker yellow and bubbly/fizzy (and I mean for a long time!). P.S. All I drink is regular water. It makes no sense. Anyone else have this?

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Was it calculated with Cystatin C or Creatinine though?

Both were calculated with creatine

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My urine is dark yellow and I need a piss all of the time and it’s always in large amounts in times of brief recoveries it would return to normal this side has been with me 8 years now. I tried t gel for 2 days 18 months ago and it worsened this side urine can now turn brown this is despite drinking lots of filtered water throughout the day.

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I have this