Finasteride could lead to kidney damage

It was shown that finasteride treatment affected steroid hormone homeostasis, altered the expression of AR and intracellular junction proteins, changed the ratio between cell apoptosis and proliferation, and caused lymphocyte infiltration and an increase of IL-6.


Eating organic baking soda helped me more than anything so I kinda assumed it could be because of improper function of kidney or liver but Idk…there seems to he no rhyme or reason to all the different symptoms of Pfs…I’d like to try dialysis to see if it would help

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“Because finasteride affects the hormonal homeostasis, it could be compared to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC) with estrogenic/antiandrogenic activity.”

hey that reminds me of something


Wow its almost like you guys are ahead of the curve! /s :smile:

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I wonder if this is the reason some of us suffer from frequent urination ?

IDK…But posted this years back assuming it could be kidney damage, all the physical symptoms I was and am still having…And heat and exercise making it much worse, all the fluid gain and fatigue, mind numbing headaches, changes in skin and hair…Whatever it is now I think it should be a blank statement to say that reducing androgens in the body for any reason with any substance can cause catastrophic side effects that can destroy a normal persons health…

I wonder if could get testing done to see if this type of damage has been done in kidneys?? All those symptoms I have

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