Just had a crash- help?

I’ve been struggling with this disease for over 3 years now, with most of the standard symptoms (most noticeably the sexual sides).

For the last few months, I’ve felt a great improvement and almost a belief that despite the pain I feel and the continuing issues I have, everything was going to be okay. My sexual side effects, while still there, seemed to be getting better. Part of this I think was generally living a healthier lifestyle, going to the gym regularly etc.

However, about a week ago, I noticed the pain I feel in my groin getting bad again, which is sort of a canary for how bad my pfs is getting at a certain time. It was getting so bad I couldn’t sit or stand straight.

I decided to try Vitamin E as I know it’s good for detoxifying the body of a lot of the rubbish that we eat nowadays.

After taking that my symptoms have spiralled to about as bad as they’ve ever been. I have absolutely zero brain-penis connection, and even if I try to arouse myself it doesn’t work. I’ve also got unreal levels of brain fog that I’ve never had before, I can barely do my job properly or think about anything complex.

I don’t know if Vitamin E is to blame, or if it’s just a bad coincidence. But I’m wondering if there’s any possible advice for getting past a crash, I’m honestly getting to the point of desperation and I can’t do my day to day life stuff till it’s resolved


best advice for crashes are to stop taking supplements and just resting/waiting it out

people make things worse with supplements. i dont know if vitamin E made you worse or not but its best to let time do the healing


I’ve been dealing with symptoms off and on for almost 8 years. Have you tried a cycle of celery juice to help detox and/or fasting? This has helped me in the past.

I don’t do water/juice fasting, mainly because I guess I’m worried about losing too much weight. But I’ll check out the celery juice cycle! What benefits has it brought you?

Over the years fasting and celery juice detoxing seemed to help with erections, libido over all feeling good. I only lose 3/4 lbs a day from fasting but am also conscious to not want to lose muscle.
I can definitely see the difference when I get tired/sick vs being rested and healthy with sexual performance. I also find lots of peace in prayer and the Bible.


I think I ought to try this, thank you. Do you combine it with any supplements? I relate to reading the Bible, my faith is one of the only things that has stopped me doing harm to myself at this point

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Currently, I take Opti-Health T-Booster, Berberine, Shaklee mens multi, zinc and vitamin D.
On days of being active with wife just recently started taking HGW and Tongkat Ali / L-Argenine and.Citruline which is working.
Good to hear you are a believer. That’s the most important decision we’ll ever make and the Lord we’ll get us thru this…

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Don’t go too hard on the Vit d
Just trust me

Really? Huh, first I’ve heard that. I take 2K iud a day now. What was your experience?

Search the forum. Plenty of vitamin D crashes

I won’t go into it right now maybe later when I’m up to it

Just scale it back
You don’t need nearly as much as they say

Not worth it

Anyone tried PT 141?

Nothing - Checking in to see how you’re doing?

I’m still here! Thank you for checking in.

I’m still struggling with the stuff I mentioned prior (and some more bladder and gut problems), however I’ve started trying to cut gluten from my diet and I’m noticing some improvement there.

I know it’s probably said a lot, but it’s clear that with all the low T symptoms but actually having decent T levels, I need to find a way to get the T working better. I’m wondering if anyone has some suggestions?

Meant to reply like this sorry!

Intermittent fasting is having a great effect on my body. also been cold plunging.
Have you tried tether?

That’s reassuring to hear! What is tether?

Man, I’ve got be quicker with my responses…sorry for delay.
I’m doing ok. I started having problems w/ erections again and my blood work came back w/ high estrogen so my doc put me in arimidex which worked well. Fast forward couple of months and I got a bacterial upper respiratory infection, which I took an antibiotic for. Since then having erection problems again, but hoping body will bounce back. Getting my blood work done next week to see where estrogen levels are after being on Rod a few months. How are you doing?

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It’s okay man, I’m terrible at replying too!

I’m sorry you’ve been struggling with more hurdles, I’m in a similar situation. Went to the doctor with prostate problems and all the tests came back with nothing (predictably) so I’m due to get an ultrasound soon, and I’m hoping they’ll at least give me something like an alpha blocker to help.
I’m struggling with muscle/bone problems and weakness and I’m trying to go to the gym as much as possible, but can’t seem to get much progress. Do you know of any ways around this?

I’m glad the low estrogen is being treated for you. All my hormone tests seem to come back normal, so I’m not sure what to do?

Thanks. That’s odd your hormone tests all come back normal. Have you tried cold plunging and hot sauna, or fasting? Maybe put your body thru some natural stressful environments to see how it reacts. I’ve read about how fasting can reset the body.