Just had a crash- help?

I’ve been struggling with this disease for over 3 years now, with most of the standard symptoms (most noticeably the sexual sides).

For the last few months, I’ve felt a great improvement and almost a belief that despite the pain I feel and the continuing issues I have, everything was going to be okay. My sexual side effects, while still there, seemed to be getting better. Part of this I think was generally living a healthier lifestyle, going to the gym regularly etc.

However, about a week ago, I noticed the pain I feel in my groin getting bad again, which is sort of a canary for how bad my pfs is getting at a certain time. It was getting so bad I couldn’t sit or stand straight.

I decided to try Vitamin E as I know it’s good for detoxifying the body of a lot of the rubbish that we eat nowadays.

After taking that my symptoms have spiralled to about as bad as they’ve ever been. I have absolutely zero brain-penis connection, and even if I try to arouse myself it doesn’t work. I’ve also got unreal levels of brain fog that I’ve never had before, I can barely do my job properly or think about anything complex.

I don’t know if Vitamin E is to blame, or if it’s just a bad coincidence. But I’m wondering if there’s any possible advice for getting past a crash, I’m honestly getting to the point of desperation and I can’t do my day to day life stuff till it’s resolved

best advice for crashes are to stop taking supplements and just resting/waiting it out

people make things worse with supplements. i dont know if vitamin E made you worse or not but its best to let time do the healing