Just had a crash- help?

I’ve tried a water fast before and I did see some physical improvements aesthetically , but I’m not sure if that’s just because it cut my stomach fat down.

I take sauna’s quite often and they’re pleasant but I’m not sure how much they help. As for cold plunges, I would be up for trying that if it helps, though they sound unpleasant haha.

I had a question about crashes I’m keen for someone to answer: is it possible a crash (either random or caused by something) can be a necessary part of the healing process. I’ve heard some say that they had to feel worse before their body felt better.

I’ve been going to do gym and working out more intensely (along with occasional creatine) and I feel bad genital pain and prostate discomfort, but I’m wondering if that’s just a temporary thing in my body adapting to the pressure

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This may not answer your question directly, but I’ve read this forum for weeks and studied success stories.

Our bodies require a unique homeostasis, throw one out of whack and the rest can go with it.

Finasteride suppressed 5ari enzyme, suppressed 5ari means poor androgen reception. There are lots of androgens (testosterone, estrogen, DHT).

5ari functions in Androgen receptor pathway.

All parts of your body have androgen receptors (ARs), it’s on the x chromosome. That’s why our symptoms manifest all over - skin, muscles, bones, etc… You need to put your body in a place where you can generate 5ari expression (like eating a high fat diet - lots of people on here do carnivore) and do things to stimulate ARs

Saunas, ice cold showers, resistance training, high fat diets and mostly importantly - time. You need to put your body in a situation where it can recalibrate to some homeostasis. How long that takes is different for everyone and unfortunately outside stimuli can knock you back.

So many people on here are trying to hack their recovery. Some of them have such debilitating symptoms, I get it.

But so far I’ve found some relief in carnivore diet (cleared my gut, alleviated neurological sides like muscle twitches), sauna and cold shower 2x daily to calm my central nervous system (no longer flight or fight).

Diet - resistance training - time.

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This is a great answer thank you, and a lot more reassuring than you might think. I’ve been struggling with the idea of requiring prescribed pharmaceuticals to heal myself (like HCG or steroids) as they’re just not available for me.

I was wondering, are you getting progress physically with your resistance training. I’ve been going to the gym a lot recently, but I feel I’m struggling to improve myself in strength/fitness because of my PFS and broken AR’s. How are you finding these things, any advice? I’m also trying to eat cleaner and go to saunas when I can, I’ll look into a high fat, possibly carnivore diet as well!

I do no more than 30 min of exercise per day. I do body weight and light resistance training. I don’t feel myself getting stronger but I have felt some of my symptoms alleviate this week.

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Hey guys,
Checking in to see how everyone is doing.
My recent blood work shows highly -T, high SGBH is high, free T is low. Anyone have similar symptoms with any good recommendations?
Nothing - How are you doing?