Just got my 23andMe data reviewed by a third party DNA analysis company

I visited a Naturopath today and gave her my DNA results from 23andMe. She sent me these interesting results using this company (www.puregenomics.ca):

COMT - You may have difficulty metabolizing estrogens and certain neurotransmitters.
FUT2 - This SNP may reduce risk of B12 deficiency, but it may also reduce the numbers of friendly bacteria in your digestive tract.
BCMO1 - This SNP reduces the body’s ability to make vitamin A from dietary beta carotene.
GC -Studies have linked this SNP with lower vitamin D levels, even with adequate dietary intake and/or sunlight exposure.
ANKK1/DRD2 - Associated with lower dopamine receptor activity and increased susceptibility to reward-seeking behaviors
DRD2 - Lower dopamine levels *for this gene they listed 3 other DRD2 genes (rs6277, rs1076560, rs2283265) and they all listed lower dopamine.
FAAH - Use caution with THC use, which is more likely to become habitual in carriers of this variant.
TNF alpha - The A allele is associated with increased TNF-α expression.
IL - 6 - The G allele is associated with increased cellular production of IL-6
CYP2R1 - The G allele (a red or yellow result) is associated with lower circulating vitamin D levels.
FADS1 - Reduced ability to convert omega-3 fatty acid precursors (linolenic acid from flaxseed oil and other plant sources) to active omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).
Intergenic - More likely to benefit from higher dietary vitamin E intake
SLC30A8 - The A allele may influence glucose homeostasis. Zinc has been shown to modify this effect

These were all of my yellow and red genes. Red meaning +/+ for the gene expression. DRD2, FUT2, FAAH. IL-6, SLC30A8 and CYP2R1 were all Red for me.

What do you guys think? It looks like a lot of these issues look PFS in nature. Low dopamine, high estrogen, increased inflammation, altered gut microbes, intolerance to b12, low vitamin d, low vitamin A.


Your data is very similar to other PFS patients I think.
But these data is just a symptoms from PFS. not cause.
very interesting data.

Does understanding the exact pathological chain that led to the dysregulated genes really matter?

Wouldn’t it be more important to understand what damage has been done, then try to fix that damage?

Even if we understood this so called “root cause” that everyone speaks of, how would that do any good in treating the end point damage?

Unfortunately, when a bomb goes off like has happened to us, repairing all or even most of the damage I would think it nearly impossible, but all we can do is hope I guess.

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Thank you

@Stronguy I made this post a while ago Low COMT activity?

I work at a lab that does some snp testing so I was able to do it for free and I tested for homozygous recessive showing I have impaired COMT activity as well. When I get back in to work next week I can see what other snps I had. I also asked for the 23andMe kit for Christmas so I’ll have the other ones soon

I wouldn’t be surprised if I at least had the vitamin d one as well as I’ve had D deficiency since I was 18. The vitamin A snp may also show why some people were getting sexual improvements with A supplementation

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I think our genes played a role in why we were susceptible to getting PFS.

This paints a good picture for now.

I noticed good results with mucuna pruriens in my mood and brain fog and libido. It is a dopamine agonist and Moa B inhibitor. My genes show that I am naturally low in dopamine and receptors. Exercise also increases dopamine receptors and I feel good when I exercise.

When I take b12 I feel bad, when I take probiotics my balls grow and I get morning wood. This tests proves this makes sense.

I have naturally high shbg and it is probably because of a vitamin D deficiency

The naturally high TNF alpha can account for methylation of the 5ar2 promoter.

I may have asked, but which probiotics do you take?

Lactobacillus Reuteri and lactobacillus rhamnosus

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