Just 1 Pill need your help guys

Guys please help me i took 1 mg propecia next morning i noticed my penis was flat dead i use to have morning wood every morning its been 5 month i have zero libido no sex drive very soft erection my life is turn to hell how can 1 pill destroys a life just 1 please help guys .

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Hi Ahmed - sorry to hear you’re going through that! Try and stay as calm as you can, you’ve been through it for 5 months but that’s still quite a short time and recovery could well still happen.

When you get chance could you introduce yourself? List your symptoms and tell your story, we’ll have a read and welcome you properly: https://forum.propeciahelp.com/c/member-stories

Let us know if anything HAS improved over your 5 months too.

We’re also running a REALLY important survey too, which I’m sure someone will point you to. When you can, fill that out too - that’ll help with the research side of things the mods are doing here. :slight_smile:


Hey Ahmed, sad to hear you joined the boat buddy… As Jinstewart said, 5 months is early. I am exactly here too and despite some shitty moments I try to do my best to enjoy what I can.
Stay strong brother and PM me if you need.

I only took a pill man it’s completely wrecked me.

Stay healthy as possible man. No carbs, no sugar. Fresh healthy foods and meat. See how it goes.(the diet is really important, google the science) You can also do some waterfasts to see how you react. First things first, you should try natural ways to correct your body.

I have got erectile dysfunction apart from it thank God i am OK but this is the min concern of course your manhood is 5 month less how long could it takeosnt there any thing which cn bring ppl who just took 1mg ?

how are you doing bro any improvement ?

Hi guys any suggestions there is still no improvement )-;

Hey @Ahmed1960, I’m really sorry to hear that you’re struggling still.

One thing that you can do to help both yours and everyone else’s situation is to take part in our projects.

These are detailed here:

Please take our survey as soon as you are able.