Joint pain

My hips make me scream in pain. Can’t even use the stationary bike anymore. The pain is easily made worse by even going for a walk.

I should have gone for Medical school because I have a sea of knowledge regarding joint pain :stuck_out_tongue: ok so there are several possibilities, among which:

  • Low E2. Check your T and E2 levels because low estrogen can cause this issue.

  • High Uric acid. Check renal function via SMAC-20 test.

  • Immune system disorder. This usually causes inflammation in form of rheumatoid arthritis or allergic reactions resulting in joint pain. You may have Th1 / Th2 shift.

  • Low Cortisol. It leads to further inflammation. Check your Cortisol & DHEA levels.

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I’m pretty sure I’ve problems on Estrogen Receptors. My joints are clicky and weak. I feel pain every time I try to move. My skin and my eyes are very dry.
But worst symptom, for me, is brainfog. I could live with all my symptoms (no libido, no erection, joint pain, muscolar pain, dry skin, penile shrikage), but I can’t live without my cognitive abilities. I can’t remember how I’m dressed or shaped. It’s the hell.


You should try transdermal DHT or Proviron. This is what keeps me joint pain free. I also posted a paper which explains the putative mechanism behind this:

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How could I even get these things tested during the covid outbreak and the impending breakdown of the healthcare system? My doctor wasn’t even willing to help me get a basic hormone panel done before. Now all doctors visits will be done over the phone. Soon they’ll all be marshalled to work in hospitals.

I did read your highlights of some of these studies but without the ability to test my hormone levels, I am wary what could go wrong. Especially after reading that you crashed from stopping DHT cream. Have you recovered from your abrupt discontinuation of transdermal DHT?

Question, though. I have pretty severe shifted circadian rhythm/delayed sleep phase disorder and I regularly dont get any sunlight for months despite still supplementing with D3. I am pretty sure that would be a large contributing factor for me, right?

Tell me about it. I too was scheduled for a surgery to have titanium screws removed but it got cancelled. Thanks to Covid-19! We’re at the bottom of the list on normal days let alone during these times.

I have not recovered at all but such a crash is unlikely to happen with smart systemic administration for two reasons.

First you will increase serum concentration only slightly with the transdermal formulation. My DHT rose from 175 pg/ml to 600 max (Ref: 300-850) and currently it is most likely 450 max. You don’t need to use too much to get an effect on joint pain.

On the other hand, local tissue concentration is supposed to be ten times higher than in serum so most likely my values rose from close to zero to many thousands of pg/ml equivalents when I used it locally.

Second, you are not going to stop abruptly like I discontinued the cream…


You could try with AndnroHard. The main component is Androsterone, which is a 5a-reduced DHEA, which will convert to DHT.

You can also get Androsterone from here:

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I have the same but this is not a disorder. It can be fixed.

Before you take anything, check your hormones! You wouldn’t want to take DHT cream if you DHT is out of range high, also check really good how the other meds, you are being offered to try, are affecting the body as you might have really low E2 which results in join issues and the medicine you tend to take lowers the E2 further, which can fuck you up further, but you wouldn’t know it if you don’t run the tests for that…

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Thank you. I was just about to ask about needing prior bloodwork to messing with exogenous hormones. Androsterone is also a potent aromatase inhibitor so wouldn’t that potentially cause serious worsening of joint pain?

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If you have really low E2, you might end up like QuantumFaight, RIP. Messing around with the hormones, especially when you already have PFS, could put you in the grave. Be careful what are you doing and do your research prior taking anything, or consult with a doctor who knows what is about, more or less. Don’t take any advice on this forum as granted because a lot of people here think they know what is about but they don’t know shit about this condition if you ask me! So, yeah, run your tests before taking anything and God bless you!


Wanna keep this thread alive to ask how people are managing their joint pain besides taking exogenous hormones.

Lots of things seem off the table for us. Thinking of trying glucosamine out. Is collagen at low doses tolerable for us?

I’m currently on collagen peptides and it does appear to be helping. I had a persistent knee ache from a previous injury and it feels better. My achy elbows are also less troublesome. That said, collagen seems produce temporary nervousness, depression, and soft frequent bowel movements. I looked it up and it turns out it does so via blocking tryptophan conversion to Serotonin. Lower doses (sub 5g) seem to do the the trick.

There’re other potential causes for joints pain including low estrogen and increased inflammation. G’luck @Mercked

Thanks. There’s no way for me to check my estrogen levels at the moment. Maybe it’s inflammation secondary to low androgens in the tissue. I developed intense shooting pain in my knee from squatting with really light weights. Seems like my joints can’t take on any weight at all.

Are you taking this one? I am curious about taking collagen, but stories of people having gotten worse or permanently worse from taking collagen supplements have me scared. @Ozeph, @Dknighten, @LazarusRy

I use vital protein collagen on Amazon, which is of similar price and ingredient list to the one you linked. Collagen peptides and gelatine are both collagen products but it’s said that collagen peptides are the more digestion-friendly form. I consumed bone broth for a while but stopped due to its high lead content (there’re studies done). Didn’t want to risk lead toxicity.

If you scrutinize the typical amino acid profile on the back, you’ll notice there’s zero tryptophan (precursor to Serotonin). About 70% of Serotonin is made in the gut and with low levels, one would feel depressed/anxious. Like I said, I can tolerate doses of 1-5g/d. Any higher and I feel like crap. I’m also using it becauee glutamine, proline and I think threonine are necessary for repairing gut lining.

@Mercked I was taking collagen daily approx 3 years ago and I was pretty good physically. Unfortunately if i try it now I get stomach issues, a brief uplift in muscle tone and wellbeing which is then followed by what I deem as a mini crash. I’ve lost a significant amount of collagen in the last year and can only assume my receptors have become very sensitive to it. It may help you give it a try sparingly. If you haven’t suffered collagen loss you may be ok. Just my take on it from personal experience. Good luck

Very sorry to hear that. Where have you lost collagen? How would you describe your mini crash and did you make a full recovery from it?