Joe Rogan Podcast #1589 - Dr. Mark Gordon & Andrew Marr

In Joe Rogan’s latest podcast, Mark Gordon discusses PFS briefly and apparently treats the patients with a brain injury protocol. At 44 minutes in, he starts talking about it. As a summary, it seems like 25 mg DHEA before bed and 100mg Pregnelone after dinner is what he uses in addition to his “Tri-Pack” of supplements which includes multiple vitamins, DHA, NAC, and some other stuff.


Can you send the youtube link please.

Please note that DHEA and Pregenelone should be used according to bloodwork and started off in small doses, as with anything that directly influences hormones. If I recall, Rogan signed a 100 million dollar contract with Spotify so that his content would exclusively be on Spotify.

Here’s the link to the entire interview. Go to exactly 44 minutes where they talk about PFS.

I’ve seen his name talked about around here, has anyone had this treatment via Dr Gordon?

This is huge news. Now that a legitimate doctor has discussed this with Joe, Joe will be more likely to discuss the concept of PFS on the show in the future.


Agreed. I don’t think people understand how big this is…

Gordon has talked about this for years on Rogans podcast…Some much better and more detailed than this back in 2014 I believe…

I spent thousands on him anyway he can’t treat pfs very well from my experience with him but he can treat your bank account as he’s extremely expensive prepare to drop 5k plus for enrollment with Gordon.

In my opinion, 99% that the primary cause of PFS is not in the brain. True, that many people have symptoms in the brain, but that is not the primary cause. Just domino effect.

I don’t think talking about treating individual symptoms is any help for us. But still, better than nothing.

this video is inaccessible from copyright. wtf ?

pregnenolone and dhea anyone tried ?

It is a little different if he’s talked about PFS on the show before but every additional repetition further cements the idea.

Has anyone reached to Joe? He mentioned that he suffered severe side effects while taking the drug as well. He may be open to either providing funding or exposure.

Joe Rogan has been on hardcore HRT for years. Probably HGH as well.

My main complaint about it is that Dr. Gordon talks about the damage Finasteride can do, how it’s poison, but goes on to talk about his treatment protocol. He doesn’t mention the fact that nobody has figured it out yet and it really screws up a lot of men, possibly permanently. The way he words it and the tone of it indicates that PFS is a real thing, but he knows how to treat it. Which is obviously not the case.


This is one of the forum’s favorite shortcuts to a cure unfortunately. I won’t comment on the likelihood of Mr Rogan wanting to help, but the likelihood of getting a message to him or his producer unsolicited / without a connection, is probably quite slim, so even if people have attempted to contact him, there’s a high chance that he never heard anything about it.

I would try whatever it is he’s taking, if we knew his substances and dosage. he’s definitely not suffering now/ or maybe anymore.

It’s extremely rare for a doctor or any paid expert service provider to admit when they can’t or don’t know how to do something. It shows tremendous character and strength when they can, but that applies to very few.

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