It's official.. I'm Covid-19 positive!

Symptoms hit me out of nowhere early yesterday and was tested positive on same day on PCR. Symptoms include headaches, mild chest congestion, body aches, fatigue, dizziness, low grade fever and chills. I feel worse at night because this is when cortisol is low and inflammation is rampant.

Btw, I’m not vaccinated and is on the following protocol:

Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Royal jelly
Anti-inflammatory probiotics
Green tea
Dark chocolate

I’m a bit concerned about sex drive and physical performance, though. Long covid is also concerning but I’m hoping for the best :v:t3:

I just tested negative this morning after my brother found out he was positive.

Get well soon, man.

Look into hydroxychloroquine, it could be something worth considering, along with other compounds succesfully used in Italy like azitromicine (combined with hidroxycloroquine), lactoferrin, corticosteroids, quercetin (this is AA, mind).

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Thanks for chiming in, man @TFD Yeah I recall reading on hydroxychloroquine and zinc treatments increasing coronavirus survival rate by almost three-fold. Fortunately, symptoms are manageable at this point. The doctor wanted me on azithromycin but I said no. I’m not experiencing stomach issues probably because I’m on a bunch of probiotics as well as colostrum and royal jelly.

This is worth considering:

“The specie of bacteria most commonly associated with COVID‐19 is Mycoplasma pneumoniae, followed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Haemophilus influenzae, and Klebsiella pneumoniae. Furthermore, some fungal pathogens, such as Candida albicans, Aspergillus flavus, Aspergillus fumigatus, and Candida glabrata, have also been identified in patients infected with SARS‐CoV‐2 (Lansbury et al., 2020). In this regard, jelleines has shown high activity against K. pneumoniae (Jelleine‐I: 10 μg/mL; Jelleine‐II: 15 μg/mL), P. aeruginosa (Jelleine‐I: 10 μg/mL; Jelleine‐II: 15 μg/mL; Jelleine‐II: 30 μg/mL), and C. albicans (Jelleine‐I: 2.5 μg/mL; Jelleine‐II: 2.5 μg/mL) in vitro (Fontana et al., 2004). As shown by Lansbury et al. (2020), those are species frequently recovered from patients hospitalized with COVID‐19, thus suggesting the benefits of royal jelly in preventing co‐infections.

Here in Italy, the common knowledge is hydroxychloroquine is mostly effective in the early stage of Covid, especially when combined with azithromycin.

Out of curiosity, how much Vit C are you taking these days?

On normal days I take 150mg (Ester-C) before bed. I bumped dose to 1000mg since being positive for Covid-19 divided into two doses. Last night I had bad chills, pins and needles all over my body. I took 500mg Vitamin C & 12.5mg Zinc and POOF symptoms vanished.

Azithromycin is, unfortunately, like a nuclear bomb to microbiome. I’ve been working for two years to improve my gut. I’d only consider it if my symptoms are severely bad.

I understand.

Well, keep us updated, and again get well soon :slight_smile:

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Hey man how are you doing?

Thanks for checking on me @TFD

It’s my 8th day and this is worse than I’d have ever imagined and this is coming from someone who didn’t get seasonal flu or common colds in over 10 years. I thought I’ll get over it rather quickly but I was all wrong.

Days 1-3: itchy throat, chest congestion, extreme body aches, chills & low grade fever, unrelenting fatigue and tiredness, loss of appetite, sensitive skin (couldn’t even put on clothes), loss of smell.

Days 4-7: abdominal pain, killer nausea, fatigue, sore throat, mucus, aletered taste.

Day 8: Most symptoms are gone but still fatigue and tiredness especially at night. Most recovery stories mention two-weeks as being the timeline for recovery so I’m hopeful. That said, I didn’t suffer breathing problems so I’m gratful!!

I have a change in heart regarding covid19 vaccine now that I’ve seen what this cursed virus is capable of. I don’t wish these horrific symptoms upon my worst enemy :disappointed:

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For what it’s worth I got covid 7 months ago & still suffer from taste & smell problems. Over all though, I’ve been around people with Covid since several times & haven’t caught it again. Not sure if I have lifelong anti-bodies but there are studies suggesting that once infected, you might be okay. Hope you get well

Terribly sorry about your loss of smell and taste. There’re anecdotes for people who regained smelling & tasting even after 7 months. It’s very individual. I’m also concerned about the prospect of long covid symptoms.

I’ve came across some studies suggesting that those who recover from Covid might develop longterm antibodies to covid. Just stay safe, you don’t want even 0.1% risk to get re-infected @xxdtmxx

Glad to hear you’re getting better.

You used any of substances we’mentioned, aside from your “protocol”?

Keep us updated.

Can you please link the substances? I was experimenting with supplements and foods to alleviate my symptoms. Almost every research I read on Covid-19 leaves me with more questions than answers. My quarantine ends tomorrow so that’s that.

I’ve sent a PM

Sorry, didn’t mean for my post to sound morbid, lol. It’s not. I def recovered from the worst of my symptoms and have regained smell & taste to a certain extent. It’s just not what it was. I’m hoping for more progress & like you said, I’ve read a lot of similar stories. You’ll be fine I’m sure of it. I like how you said you get left with more questions than answers regarding Covid. The same thing could be said about PFS & many drug induced injuries lol. I certainly think experimenting is just the wrong way to go about this & extremely dangerous.

I lost my mother to this. This thing can kill any healthy person, it all depends on luck whether ur oxygen levels go down or not, and ur viral load. Those “only 0.0001 % people are dying” is bullshit. The anti-vaxxers have no idea what they are talking about. Better to take a jab.

Atleast 2 people committed suicide of having post covid complications in my neighbourhood, everyone’s condition is different.

?? I don’t understand your point. I don’t think I’ve undermined or talked down the severity of this problem. Simply giving the OP my experience with covid. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Too depressing! Poor souls. Take this with a grain of salt but I have a theory to long haulers:

Some long haulers may not have fully recovered from Covid 19 and so their immune system (proinflammatory cytokines) never swirch off. This causes all the symptoms from fatigue to brain fog to memory problems. Getting vaccinated may help this subset?

Other long haulers may have recovered from Covid-19 but it’s reported that Covid-19 damages gut lining (since it also contain high ACE2 receptors) and drastically changes the microbiome. This results in elevated zonulin, which is a marker of leaky gut. Even after recovery, there are reports saying that covid antigen remains in the gut for a long time. However, having leaky gut causes this antigen to reach blood stream and triggers inflammation and symptoms similar to having the virus.

This articles explains alot:

Day 9: Last night was hell on earth. I had low grade fever and excruciating stomach pain that just won’t go down all night so I couldn’t sleep at all! This means covid is now in my gut and my immune system is fighting it with ferocity! I had bad diarrhea today. I’m doing everything I can to prevent leaky gut from happening because I know this is the worst outcome!

I’m waiting on the two weeks mark because this is when most of the recoveries happen.

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